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  1. I would like to say that I am looking forward to the OFFICIAL total, but I have a feeling that I am not going to like what I see!
  2. ^ I had a feeling that you would go there, that was going to be my next choice if he was available.
  3. With the 2nd pick in the 2nd Round of the 2012 Find the Double Ducky Draft picknyourseat selects... NASCAR Driver Denny Hamlin
  4. Alright, here I go to throw a huge curve ball into this whole ducky contest...16 duckies ! Now go and find the ducks that you missed, or the ducks that weren't ducks that I counted and make fun of me!
  5. Well, I guess that I am gonna take my mulligan and go with 9 ducks this week!
  6. I am going to go with 8 duckies this week...perhaps I can get back on track, it seems like forever since I've guessed correctly!
  7. Well, the Mikestery Card has been located... Picture posted with a semi-Manly Pose that David and Spears hopefully approve of! P.S. - My number will be 35. One found Mikestery Card = One Happy Pollock The back of this card has seen better days!
  8. Well, the Big Mike Big Bad Banner has been added...now to just find that **** Mikesterey card that is around here somewhere!
  9. The 4th ducky is in the left lions mouth in the "Rock Legends Area" picture. Sorry, I have not figured out how to re-post the photos and circle the ducks. Do I get any bonus points if I am correct?
  10. Well...I am pretty sure that I see at least 4 of those little suckers, so let's go with that number! 4 duckies !
  11. Wow Big Mike, I can NOT believe you posted that picture of Megan in her neon green thong bikini !
  12. ^^ Brian, I think that I know which one you were debating over! That being said, as I have been so very much below average the past few weeks, I am going to go with my wife's guess... 5 duckies
  13. OMG! You people with the 7th duck! No matter how hard I try, I just can not convince myself that one is a duck! With that being said, lock me in for 6 ducks please.
  14. I just can not convince myself that the 5th duck actually is a duck...lock me in for 4 ducks!
  15. Train, check the photo of the Escape from Pompeii sign for a duck. Also, I do not think the one you have in the Lochness queue is a duck, nor the one in the Land of the Dragons tree. However, with that being said, I bow to the only person who got last weeks duckies correct!
  16. After way too much time spent studying theses damn ducks,I am going to go with... 9 duckies
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