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  1. Any chance this could be an up-charge ride to help with potential capacity issues?
  2. ^^^ I believe that the Title Fairy has outdone herself with that one !
  3. **This may very well be a duckie, but I do not believe that it is THE DUCKIE that we were looking for! So, therefore, I believe the number we are looking for is 8.
  4. Alright, after very careful consideration and way too much scrutiny of the photos, I have come to a conclusion on the duckies. My guess is: 8 duckies
  5. Welcome back Big Man...just a little bit too quiet without you around here! This may be the toughest ducky game ever, so I am going to do a little more checking before providing the correct answer.
  6. BeemerBoy FTW FYI,IDK WTF most of this says, but if SFMM opens GL ASAP, then the GP will definitely be "OMG," or even "OMFG," and totally forget about X2. The wait could be longer if the ops go AWOL, or put up a BRB sign. BTW, IIRC, if everyone brings their BFF, then the lines could be huge, and you might need some TLC. You could also check out SFMM's FAQ page, or IMHO, just ask yourself WWJD? I just hope SFMM changes their policy to BYOB next season so I could get FUBAR.....as long as I don't get a DUI. But then again, DILLIGAS? Maybe I'm J/K though.
  7. It looks as if the Carnival Splendor had a bit of a fire this morning: carnival-news.com/2010/11/08/status-update-on-carnival-splendor/?cid=So_Facebook_4841
  8. Does anybody have a hotel recommendation for East Coast Bash? Thank you in advance.
  9. Thanks to everyone who has replied to my question, I certainly appreciate the insight and advice ! Jeff
  10. We are not big drinkers, (especially not Bud Light), so I am not sure this will be for us. I guess the overall thing that we need to keep in mind is don't expect too much, so we will not be let down. Thanks for the replies. Jeff "channeling the Gin Blossoms" J.
  11. Please help a newbie out... A good friend of mine is having a bunch of us go on a cruise to celebrate his wedding this October. We are only going on a 4 day Baja Mexico cruise on Carnival. The ship is the Carnival Paradise and it sails on October 11th. My wife and I have never been on a cruise, and I have read the stories in the forums about Carnival being the least preferred cruise line. So, my question: What type of cabin should we be trying to get for a cruise of this type? Or, perhaps a better question, should we just bail on the cruise and wait for a better cruise for our first experience? Any advice you would be willing to provide would be tremendous. Thank you very much.
  12. ^^ This has gone completely out of control! I am certainly disappointed that I did not have the opportunity to ride this coaster in it's original form, but some people just need to get a life! Jeff "Just hoping to ride it before it's torn down" J.
  13. Living in the Phoenix area, I can verify that this is not exactly a quality area ! I am surprised that this is not a more frequent occurence.
  14. Just registered my family ! Thank you very much for the soft opening...now I don't need to stay up past my bedtime tonight to register !
  15. I am so jealous...saw them last year at a tiny club here in Phoenix (500 people max). I am going to try to make it to Vancouver for the shows up there in May. Best band that most people in the U.S. never really gave a chance !
  16. Be careful what you wish for...the Cardinals just beat the team that a few experts thought would get to the SuperBowl.
  17. Robb, I could not agree more. This entry is both fun and professional and makes me want to send my money in to get one !
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