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  1. Not at all. Do you get scared in haunted houses?
  2. Insects, always hated them. And I'm occasionally afraid of the dark due to watching a scary movie when I was 7.
  3. No. Have you bought the new AC/DC or the new Metallica album?
  4. No. Do you celebrate Thanksgiving in October?
  5. I totally agree with you on your orbiter statement. It was alot better than I expected it to be.
  6. No, not sure though. Do you play an instrument?
  7. No, but a log flume right next to one. Are you scared of the dark?
  8. Crazy idiot right there. I hope this doesn't cause the PNE to change the restraints, minimal restraints own.
  9. Wow, SFMM's halloween event looks great! Employees look really nice and happy to be there.
  10. Yes, but I don't use it. Do you like lots of vegetables on your burgers?
  11. Yup, 2 day soccer tournament And then next weekend gonna go to a themepark for the halloween event. Don't worry, Photo's will be taken. Do you enjoy pickles.
  12. Oh, I wanna see that! Take pictures please. I'm gonna try and get the materials to make myself a schoolboy outfit and be Angus Young with the horns and all.
  13. Today show? I thought it was the tonight show..... Yes I did see it though. Have you ever been on a airplane?
  14. Wow, theming look really, really great! But Jeez, that price seems a little hefty...
  15. No. Do you have a bottle of coke in your house right now?
  16. Yes, Shh.... Are you a nut for nuts? (Peanuts to be exact)
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