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  1. Pepsi and coke are the same thing! Anyways, they both suck. Fresca and fanta are the way to go. Do you like Chinese food?
  2. Not at the moment, but it was yesterday. Do you have a fish?
  3. I'm leaving for Miami on the 22nd and will also be headed to Key West. I hope eveything is alright after the storm and I hope we'll be able to do everything we wanted.
  4. Great pictures so far. First off, I didn't know mantis was a stand up coaster, then, a few weeks later I heard that it was. Finally I actually see some close up clear pictures of the people standing on it, thanks!
  5. 2 of them. Do you like smuckers?
  6. Nope, more west. Have you ever been to Cedar Point?
  7. Stamps, but not very recently. Do you drink coffee?
  8. Thanks for the great pictures! I wanna go on a spinning coaster so bad...
  9. No, I'd forget the last little part. Do you play guitar hero?
  10. Aww man.... Phelps beat Cavic... Oh well, silver is still great. My family would've gone crazy if he won gold... (We're Serbian)
  11. Nope. Do you watch Braniac: Science Abuse?
  12. TTD is a launched coaster I've never been to Cedar Point but I think my favourite would probably be Raptor because I love inversions.
  13. Um, this is opening day of the PNE, so the "free ticket" is really for Playland? Where did you get it? Through school? I used to get free admission and ride tickets for the fair, before school ended... "way back when" lol. Just wondering. Yup, we get free entrance tickets through school. They come with your report card thingy every year until you move onto highschool and every kid in Vancouver gets one I believe.
  14. Thanks for the awesome TR! Have fun at cedar point
  15. I get nervous before Everything, but, I usually end up going on. My heart starts beating fast and I start to sweat before the big rides.[/b]
  16. I prefer Milk Duds myself. Do you eat alot of ketchup like me?
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