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  1. that means I'm on the 1st train out of the station on Sat. mornin.........YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I'm pretty sure I can speak for everyone planning to attend............................LETS DO THISSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I to belive that Rattler need to be transform. Like make it like it did in 1992 when it had the longest drop, and change the trains. I think it will in 2012 for Fiesta Texas 20th. Thanks. I just rode the Rattler last weekend (after the 4th redo I think). It was sooo much better the 1st year or two. Although they did brace up the run from 2nd drop to the helix, so no more wiggles......................I have ideas to eliminate the boring-azz mid-ride helix if anyone wants to listen.............lol
  4. Georgetown/Round Rock area might be a good stopping point. About 20-30 mins north of Austin.
  5. amen to THAT Brandon......Austin traffic on 35 has sucked since BEFORE the dbl-decks went in.
  6. just checking thru some of the DLs in the exchange(GREAT IDEA btw), and found that one of the coasters (artemis)supposedly for RCT3 is in .dat format, instead of .trk. Is that a goof, or is there some way to convert? Still new at adding customs to my RCT3, so I'm just asking
  7. priceline.com kicks butt, got me a $129 a night hotel room for $60 per. see yall there!!!!!!!
  8. will coaster types be categorized, or one large group? How many entries are we allowed in each category?
  9. Just what i was thinking. Plus I could actually gain some speed for the return trip by losing the extra side friction cause by the helix, and giving a little more hill afterwards. Ya think?
  10. Just thought I'd share a couple of snapshots of my latest project. Blue Streak is 5000+ ft. long with a top speed just over 65 mph. After 3 weeks, I finally have the track layout pretty much how I want it. Now come the arduous task of support construction and scenery. I'll post pics from time to time to keep everyone updated. Support work and station are now complete, along with some scenery for the lift hill, 1st turn, and 1st drop. Here's the 110'+ drop that reaches just over 65 mph. Looking back towards the lift and first drop from the mid-run 45 degree turn. Completelt killed the helix at the turnaround........just wasn't giving the flow I wanted. I felt a more standard turnaround worked best, with the block brakes of course. Looking back from the turnaround, you can see there is still much support and scenery work to do.
  11. Been trying to DL Big Timber's v2.0 supports for woodies, but every link I find is a dead end. Does anyone here have a good link for this CS set, or maybe has it and could e-mail it to me? Thanx in advance 4 all help.
  12. I have just gotten a copy of RCT3, (RCT2 vet of 4 1/2 years)and I am looking for good venues for DLing some CS. Specifically, I am looking for support structure items for use on Woodies (my favorite coasters to build AND ride). I like my rides to be as realistic as possible to enhance the experience. Any help is greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to showing off some of my work here as soon as I can get it "perfect".
  13. I'm still kind of new at the scenery development thing, but how did u get the waterfalls to lay down on an angle on the water tunnels?
  14. I am absolutely speechless after watching this vid. My girlfriend just bought me RCT3 Platinum last week, and I'd just been having fun with "riding" some of the coasters I have been building in RCT2 for the past few years. I had no idea that things such as this were possible. Now I REALLY want to get into exploring the possibilities of this game.
  15. I had the exact same problem occur about 4 days ago. Must be something that's going around. I tried System Restore, and re-installing the game. Didn't work. Just for fun, I went into the Virus Vault of my AVG program, and found all the quarantined "SlntfNT.dll" file references, and deleted them from the Vault. Game now works perfectly, without having to shut down AVG to run the game. Hey Andre8, that 6 flags avatar of yours looks alot like the old "Rocket" coaster that was in San Antonio's Playland Park for years before being sold and moved to Knoebel's in PA., and is now the "Phoenix". It was an awesome coaster. I rode it every summer until they closed Playland around 1980.
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