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  1. I really cant speak of other theme park sites, but I am active at forum sites which pertain to my other life interests. One thing I can say about TPR.....I have not seen a site that incorprates so many of the options available as heavily and as well as what has been done here. Example, TPR has CoasterTube, but Robb uses YouTube as an outlet to create TPR exposure for those on the "outside" of our community who may not know TPR exists, which of course has the potential to make our community grow. I am not a big social-media type guy. I have a lot of interests that I partake in, then once you add in work, family, etc., my 24 hr. days are pretty well accounted for. So Facebook, Twitter, etc., have never been my thing. But having the TPR name out in those medias as well, keeps us relevant, and lets people know where to go when they decide they wanna get "into" what we're about. I myself, found TPR a few years ago because of my enjoyment of messing around w/ RCT games. Thats how I stumbled onto this site. Ol saying goes, "if you dont adapt, you die". Robb, Elissa, the Mods, and the members here is what keeps TPR relevant and evolving, and I'm proud to be part of it.
  2. To my TPR family, After I've had a little time to sit down, drink a couple beers and let all this sink in, I decided I should take a few minutes and put my thoughts on here for everyone. Most of you dont know this, but I was involved with the construction of The Rattler back in 91/92. I wasnt much more than a glorified grunt back then, as I had just gotten out of the Navy, and was learning a new trade. But I knew then that this was the direction that I wanted my career to take. However, it was not in the cards for me to follow this path back then. Like many of us in our late teens/early 20s, I was young, dumb, and full of.....well, anyway. I want everyone here to know that I am taking this job VERY seriously. I'm not getting any younger, and opportunities are gettin fewer and farther between. I will be as forthcoming as I can be with any info, pix, etc., but NOT at the risk of screwing up this wonderful opportunity that God has seen fit to bless me with, AGAIN. I can assure everyone that I will let y'all know how things are going as much as I can, but please remember....If I dont talk about it, DONT ASK. I'm hoping to make this my very last career move(exc. retirement), as it has been a dream of mine all of my life to have a job such as this. My TPR name of CSTRFRK should say it all. I thank all of you who have sent me your support and best wishes, both here in the forum, and through PM. Now lets just hope I dont fall off the damn thing...LMAO. P.S. I get to ride it FIRRRST
  3. Considering this turn of events, I should be able to get way better pix than what I can get from outside the fence. The area I was shooting from is pretty much where all of us who have taken pix have been standing. So I figured I'd wait for the "good stuff". Since there's not much going on in the "helix" area right now, there really wasn't much new stuff to shoot. BTW, it is now 100% confirmed from the workers I talked to today.........station brake run right after the tunnel. I repeat, "NO FLYBY". As disappointing as that is too many of us, it should still be an awesome experience.
  4. .....Oh Yeah, forgot to mention that I was outside the fence gettin some update pix when the call came in. I told the man who called where I was, he drove over and we talked for a while. Justin is a real cool dude, lookin forward to workin with him and his crew. He gave me some info on future scheduled projects, but I'm gonna let y'all squirm on that for a bit.
  5. Just got my call TODAY!!!! I've been hired by RMC to work on iRat. This should be cool. I'll have to check first, but I'm hoping they'll allow me to take some real nice vantage point pix (on my breaks of course) that you wouldn't see otherwise (like, say, from top of the lift hill). Wish me luck, y'all..........Funny thing, I submitted my resume to RMC about the same time that I submitted my resume to SFFT to fill their vacant Carpentry Foreman position (never heard back from SFFT). I've also been told that there's a good chance I'll be offered the opportunity to travel w/ RMC once iRat is complete. Kinda thinkin "Dream Job" here.....LOL
  6. hmmmm........at the current rate of progress, might it be possible for an opening day ride? If the weather holds like it has been, I see it as possible.
  7. RMC installed a "test" section of Topper Track on Rattler a couple of seasons ago. I have to say that the TT retains more of the "woodie" feel than the box track does. It is noticably smoother than standard wooden track, but still has just enough of the vibration in it to let you know your not on a steel coaster.
  8. Wife and I went to the park today to get some coaster time in. It was a beautiful day, and my Cowboys had just pulled out a win, so I figured, "why not?". Here's a few shots from inside the park @ Crackaxle Station and The Gully Washer. It looks like all the work up to this point has been concentrated in the helix area. iRat's soon to be Barrel Roll Nothing happening yet around the station to indicate what may be in place after the "toaster oven tunnel". Gonna be a lot of extra wood after they remove all this from the first drop. The first drop used to go all the way down the the 1st or 2nd row of horizontal timbers......and it will again...SOON
  9. yeah, AMAZING isn't it; how folks can't get a clue? I've always thought that the queue was made "skinny" to inhibit line jumping (which happens anyway, of course). As far as the remaining helix, maybe they figure they can tear that down anytime, but this refurb has a deadline (spring 2013), so maybe they are concentrating on the CONstruction, not the DEstruction.
  10. actually it was lessened from 166' to 124' @ 1st drop...........iRat however, will go beyond the original to 171'
  11. went by the park and "stole" some pix..............everyone say "bye-bye" to the wretched helix of beatings and boredom. There was only about 10-12 guys workin on it today, but with the impending rain storms here, they wouldnt get much done. Maybe I should go apply for a job w/ RMC. That'd be a cool job, yes?
  12. I think the 1st relocation (to my knowledge) was The Rocket at Playland Park, here in San Antonio. The park closed in 1980, and 5 yrs later, Knoebel's bought it and disassembled it piece by piece, moved it to their park and rebuilt it. It was renamed the Phoenix.
  13. My wife n I visited yesterday, making our way straight to the Rattler after coming thru the gate. After about a 20 min. wait we boarded, and boy did we make a mistake. I shouldve known better than to ride middle of the red train.......that was the MOST miserable ride I ever can remember on this once great coaster. Our last few visits we've been riding front, usually the blue train, and its been a perty nice ride, even though I hate the trim brakes coming off the lift hill where you can feel it slow the train ever so slightly. I have to agree it's time for a change. One thing I DO know, that RMC will do a fantastic job on the NEW Rattler (nRat). Their Texas Giant (nTaG) project is awesome, it's just a little sad that it wont be a true woodie anymore. I guess wood coasters and south texas weather just werent meant to be. R.I.P. Rattler, my old friend.
  14. Are you sure there? Superman is a floorless coaster by the way and I would say that it is the signature ride at SFFT. MAJOR brain -&$^%, i DID mean floorless. And I had just ridden it the day b4....lmao...not sure about current, but I do know that for a long while the 145' loop was the tallest
  15. I would still term it "woodie". when RMC redid the post-fanturn section of track on the Rattler with TT, I noticed it was still not perfectly smooth. felt very much like a brand new wooden coaster would feel. The major advantage I see is that with TT, the "base" laminated wooden track is more protected from the elements, allowing it to retain its original feel and form for a longer period of time. All that TT does is replace the 3 metal strips of rail on a woodie with one single piece of steel that will hold its shape longer, not allowing for as much track distortion due to the elements........if supports are wood, and track base is wood, it MUST be a woodie......just my .02
  16. I dont know why folks keep sayin SFFT has no signature ride when Superman, has long had the tallest loop. and has been ranked "fastest stand-up coaster"
  17. Im gonna watch the interview again, to make sure my feeble old mind aint playin tricks, but I was perty sure he said both are NEW, one TT, one IH. Is that confirmed about SDC gettin TT?
  18. According by the Alvey/Schike interview at IAAPA, both of RMC's 2013 rides are all new, no refurbs or redos. One is a TT project w/ steel wheels, the other is an IHT w/ poly wheels. So yeah, the word is out there, just underground a little bit. I'm going to the park today and try some snooping around. In other breaking news: SFFT announces that the kiddie coaster in Kidzoplis will be renamed "Garter Snake" in memory of it's big brother....lmao
  19. well, whatever RMC does, i'm sure it'll be great, if NTaG is any indicator. One thing i''m pretty sure of, there's a TPR Bash coming to San Antonio next year.....lol
  20. I'm praying soooo hard right now that this is the start of a refurb, and not the END. TRULY, the 92-93 version was the best of all. Its too bad so many illiterate wusses (read the WARNING signs Y'all) couldnt handle a REAL ride. So many redo's and "patches" to this once exciting and fun ride have really made it worse. The only exception is the Topper Track section in the fan-turn, you can really feel the difference of TT vs. original. I remember we were told on our NTaG trip that Rattler was supposed to get the "RMC Treatment". I just hope that that little section of Topper wasnt it. We've already lost ONE great wooden coaster in San Antonio (The Rocket), would hate to lose this one as well. Gonna go ride this weekend, and every weekend till the 5th, just in case................ P.S. after watching Robb's IAAPA video, I get the feeling that the Topper ride will be the one here. It also just dawned on me that the Wagon Wheel ride which was right next to the Rattler which was closed at the beginning of this season is now GONE. Its location is directly in line with the brake run entering the Rattler's station...........hmmmmmmm.........could be making room for some more/better post-helix elements on the new version.
  21. Ace, I would have loved to "ride" your coaster, but for some reason it crashed my game, some kind of corruption. Proll some CS I didnt have. Congrats tho, man. Good Job. I enjoyed all the coaster entries this week. A little something for everyone. Unfortunately, my entry CRASHED on Saturday, and I didnt have the time or inclination to do it again.
  22. First off, A thousand Thank You's to Robb, Alissa, the TPR Gang, and Miss Johanna and the entire Six Flags staff for making this an event and trip to remember. This was my 2nd TPR event, but Jaime's very first (my g/f). She is STILL (24 hrs later) raving on and on about the blast she had this weekend. We will always remember this past saturday. Second, NOW I have a HUGE problem. There is a 2nd coaster freak in the family. I mentioned the SFOG Bash coming in September, and Jaime said, "Hell YEAH, we're going!!" Our Sunday evening schedule (tonite) is going to be all the "extreme rides" shows on Travel Channel. Think she's hooked???? Now the pennies are being saved to hang w/ TPR in Georgia this fall. Third, I am sending out an e-mail to Miss Johanna and her cohorts @ SFOT, extending my sincere thanks for showing you out-of-staters some TRUE TEXAS hospitality. As a Native Texan, I was very proud to witness this first hand. Those of you not fortunate enough to attend, y'all REALLY missed out. The SFOT staff bent over backwards many times to show all of us a great time, and make sure noone left disappointed in any way, even extending our ERT on NTG to well past midnight. Thank you again, to all involved in putting this Bash together. See y'all in September, J.D. Wiley
  23. I'll be making that drive on the 13th, not sure what time yet. anyone else in San Antonio area leaving friday mid-morning to mid-day?
  24. is it just me or is my banner not showing up in my posts.......lmao n/m, figured it out.....DUH!!!!
  25. Been watching the promo vid from the NTG Rehab thread all day, those banks look wicked sweet. cant wait cant wait CANT WAIT!!!! I'm sorry to say I never got to ride the original, my last visit to SFOT was in 1988. I was out of state for a lot of years and never made it back, but I know I'm gonna love the new version just as good.
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