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  1. I agree about it being too cold lol. I'd love to see them open up a coaster or two (maybe Trailblazer) but we all know that won't be happening anytime soon. Doesn't hurt to dream about it though.
  2. This was definitely worth the money. I was there last weekend and their light show is top notch. I just pray that Palace keeps this going as it's extra money in their pockets. Chris, the place is alot better than it was in 1997. I'd say it looked no different in 1997 than when I last went as a child in 1994 (except with the addition of Pipeline Plunge). I was was amazed at how much better it looked when I came back in 2008. I never rode the Joust as I didn't know how to feel being an adult on there with a bunch of kids, but I guess that shouldn't matter too much as I'm pretty much like everyone else here...a coaster enthusiast lol! But the Kingdom Coaster, without a doubt, does pack a punch even though it may look tame. I highly recommend checking it out!
  3. What custom scenery set did you get the tipping bucket? I've been looking for something like this forever!
  4. This looks like your best CS park yet! Please let it stay alive this time, unlike your other parks. That woodie also looks amazing. Good luck!
  5. Where did you get the tipping bucket custom scenery? I believe that this is the first place I saw such a thing.
  6. Also on a side note to any Theme Park Reviewers who may be considering a visit to Hershey next summer...I will be getting my very first Hersheypark Season Pass this Christmas and plan on visiting more often next year. If you would like to meet up at any point during next season, drop me a line. I plan on hitting the park at least once a month on any given Sunday during the summer season, so it would be cool to meet some of you!
  7. My friend and I visited Hersheypark Christmas Candylane on December 5th. Other then the cooler weather, the park was dead and all rides were walk-ons the entire evening. The park did a fantastic job with decorations this year. Plenty of light displays throughout the park, as well as on the Twilight Express, one of the highlights of any Christmas visit to the park. Now lets get to some photos shall we.... Let's start at Chocolate World, shall we? Chocolate World is all decked out including this enormous tree in the lobby. Yes, this cottage is made entirely out of candy. Those are little Hershey's bars on the outside walls. What do you think...are you hungry yet? Heading into a chocolate winter wonderland. The park did very well with decorations this year. I must say it looked very pretty with light displays well throughout. The place was dead....rides were walk-ons as I have previously mentioned above. I'm sure Milton would've loved being en-graced in the middle of sub-zero degree water. I'm surprised that the fountain was even operating for this event. I see you back there Storm Runner. Don't worry I haven't forgotten about you, I'll be back to take on the reigns come April.... Some Fahrenheit goodness. Even though you're closed, I can still admire you from afar and up close! Santa's brood, once again, decided to visit again this year. One of the best years for the Twilight Express in a long time. Lots more light displays along the train's route. Shall we take a quick ride? Of course! Can't this guy figure out how not to continuously fall into a pile of snow? I highly recommend the "Home Sweet Home For Christmas" show during a visit to Candylane. Definitely puts you into the Christmas spirit! One of the "moving and heartwarming" touches to the show is the tribute to the U.S. Military. N.O.E.L. (Nights of Extraordinary Lights) is also another must-see. The best place to view the show is from the monorail bridge between Music Box Way and Minetown. Three different shows are presented nightly beginning every half-hour starting at 5 p.m. Can't miss hanging out with some friends! Like I mentioned earlier, the park did really well with decorations for this year. And this concludes my visit to Hersheypark Christmas Candylane 2010. Overall, it was a great evening and can't wait to return in April for Springtime in the Park!
  8. I can't believe how far you've come along with this park! 2002 was the year I graduated from high school. Nice to reflect back!
  9. I think there were plans in the works sometime in the early 2000's to build a larger stadium nearby but those plane became abandoned. WGAL reported about it but it was really short.
  10. You could be right because I don't think there are any stakes in the area of Wave Swinger and such areas. The closest stakes to there (and other public areas) are along the edge of the Comet and behind the Tilt-A-Whirl and the games stand, the rest outline that area that you were able to get pics of back around the creek. Perhaps they are to indicate where they couldn't really mark the ground with survey markers. When I was looking around Comet Hollow Sunday evening, I didn't see anything new in the way of markings or stakes. So perhaps we'll see a change of this come the spring.
  11. Cool! Where did you get the updated aerial photo? (it appears to be more recent). Seems like most of the sites I go to have aerial images dating 2007 or back.
  12. Nice design! Actually you should've had it going around the Comet though since the stakes and markers seem to be set up that way.
  13. What the heck is your problem? Coal Cracker has been (or is continuing to) going through a major refurbishment. sooperdooperLooper isn't going anywhere either. They won't put in dueling B&M inverts when they already have ONE B&M invert. Hersheypark isn't Six Flags you should know.
  14. I get a kick out of how most people seem to want this to be a Maurer ride now that that piece of info from IAAPA was mentioned. To be honest, I would be dissapointed if this turned out to be Maurer. I think we can expect something better than that. EDIT: Fresh off Screamscape:
  15. The way some of the markers are layed out (and with Comet being right there), I highly doubt it would be a design like that. I know everyone now seems to be thinking Maurer but remember, we still shouldn't rule out B&M and maybe Intamin.
  16. Chris mentioned the exact same thing over at Keystone Thrills. I wouldn't rule it out, but then again, it could also be another park. There have been various places that have announced mammoth attractions in the spring of the year prior to their opening. Remember, there has also been discussions on this being a B&M or Intamin...more likely the first with the way the clues of the puzzle were given.
  17. I think what they mean is for Hershey to build a value-priced hotel (similar to the All-Stars and Pop Century) and be able to make money off of it. As CoasterEricHP stated, if they would also open up an indoor water park to go along with it, the revenue would still be brought in after Candylane is over and continue through the winter. They could even offer rates for their Chocolate-Covered February celebration and the indoor water park would be included. Hershey Lodge would be the moderately-priced hotel, and the Hotel Hershey being the most expensive. They would definitely get more money raked in instead of people (like deguy123) who choose to stay at a place outside of town not far from the park, they would stay at their value-priced hotel and get the perks as their other two hotels but for a much cheaper price.
  18. This option may actually be good for HP in the long run. They will now be forced to add more flats over the coming years. Since they took over Dutch Wonderland, how many rides were removed from HP alone? Giant Wheel, Western Chute-Out, Canyon River Rapids, Conestoga, Cyclops, Earthmovers, Wells Cargo, Chaos, and Rodeo). And how many new flats were installed over this period? (The Claw, Frontier Flyers, Mini Pirate & Scrambler, the Howler). I'd say if Palace decided to upgrade DW into more of a family park, maybe attracting more of the older crowd by adding more adult-oriented rides that adults and children can enjoy together, this may force HP into investing more into these types of rides, that they deperately need right now.
  19. OOOh, forgot about that. I'm sure he has it...he has all that amazing custom scenery. You're right, Six Flags did begin adding Hurricane Harbors to alot of their parks beginning around 2000. I know a few of the parks already had them before that time, but the boom with them was at least in the first half of the 2000's
  20. I'm loving all the new concepts! I'm not a waterpark person, but the slide inside a slide concept looks really cool! Wish Hershey would take RECC and do that new videogame technology. That looks like it would rock when whoever decides to get something similar.
  21. What did they do to Lake Compounce? What saddens me is that three of Hershey's rides were moved there and now whatever will happens to them remains to be seen.
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