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  1. Nice update there! This park is really taking shape. Can't wait for more updates.
  2. Thanks to all of you for the wonderful comments! If anyone around here knows Hershey management, I'd love to have the opportunity to show this drawing to them sometime.
  3. I don't know. I guess it comes with the ride's age. I mean the thing is around or over thirty years old. Maybe there is someone who works at HP who is a member of this site who may be able to answer that question for you.
  4. Steel Force - I thought the tunnel was cool because it was long and it began on the top of a bunny hop and ended at the bottom of the next bunny hop (or vise versa). Lightning Racer - I love flying through the tunnel on this coaster and seeing the on-ride camera flash go off, especially at night. Reminds me of lightning, almost living up to the ride's name. The Beast - This was really fun when I saw that "tunnel that is too small for the train to fit in". This was back in 1999, but I still think about it like it was yesterday.
  5. Well, I decided to do Hershey was because of several reasons: 1) It's my home park. I feel at home there, vs Dorney, which is the second closest major theme park to me. 2) Their park map gets lousier on there every season (Storm Runner looks like someone drew a red line with a magic marker on there). They should go with the style Cedar Fair or most Six Flags parks use on their maps. 3) It's been awhile since I have seen a good, accurate, close to scale layout of the park. I have a souvenir map from 1995/96 that has what the park looked like then. 4) I dont know other parks well enough to do something like this. The only one that I could maybe try would be the Magic Kingdom (WDW) but still, that would be a complicated one to try with. I used to visit Dutch Wonderland when I was younger until 1995 when I switched over to becoming a Hershey fanatic. I know where every service gate is, every backstage path, and just every detail of the place by heart. I don't even need a map to navigate through the park itself. I just pick up park maps each year because I collect them. When Giant Wheel was taken out and Midway was modified to fit in the Boardwalk, as well as Western Chute Out coming down sort of frustrated me, as I did not want to remove those items off the drawing. The exact reason why I snap a picture of it before changes like that are made.
  6. Well I originally was expected the whole queue line for Fahrenheit to be full but it wasn't. About a little over half of it was full but it was a good half hour or over to wait there, so I figured since I was by myself, why not take advantage of the singles line since it was open. They tore Coal Cracker's entire final drop down over the off-season and when Alex (my friend) and I went to STITP, it was still down but when we went back for Harley day a week later, it was back up. They completely refurbished it, as well as repainted it, as you can tell there is new paint on it vs the rest of the ride.
  7. Fahrenheit is, indeed, a great coaster. Also I strongly suggest you check out the singles line, should you visit HP and ride FH this year. I only waited approx five min for the third row. And to top it off, they had a group of singers there performing for the stand-by line. I think CP did this with MF and TTD. I walked right past them on my way to the singles line and they were quite good. I thought it was an in-queue sound system at first until I saw the singers there. I was going to ride it again later in the evening but my friend Alex and I were all coastered out by the end of the day (coasters had minimal waits or walk-ons all day, except FH) so we rode flats the rest of the evening.
  8. I thought I would share with you all a project I have been working on for quite some time. It is a pencil drawing of Hersheypark that I have been working on since 2003 and have updated it as the park continues to change. What I plan to do here is show you all an overview of the drawing with a list of the changes and additions that were done that season. I hope this will help bring back the memories of past trips that you have experienced. http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a226/HPC...heypark2003.jpg 2003 Season: -New Music Box Theatre -Frontier Flyers added -Claw added -Mini Scrambler added -Cyclops removed -Conestoga removed -Euro Bungee added -Mixed Grille, Wrustburg Grill, Tumbleweed's Taco added -Frontier Virtual Theatre added -M.S. Hershey statue added -Starlight Arcade removed -Livery Stables relocated -Well Cargo removed -Starship America temprarily removed http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a226/HPC...eypark20041.jpg 2004 Season: -Storm Runner added -Balloon Flite temporarily removed -Get the Picture booth in Carrousel Circle added -Chocolate World awning changed -Trolley Works awning / boarding area outside Chocolate World added -Music changed in Tudor Square / Rhineland to oldies and Hershey-themed music -mamma ilardo's pizza is discontinued -Famous Familgia's pizza is added http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a226/HPC...park20051-1.jpg 2005 Season: -Giant Wheel removed -Nightlights removed (its remains remain in Midway America for the season and are removed at the end of 2005) -Carrousel Circle changes to Founder's Circle -New shade arbors around the Carrousel -Carrousel Cone is removed -Balloon Flite re-opens -Starship America re-opens -Milkmen Show debuts -Trashcan Band relocates to Music Box Theatre -Character Photo Spot debuts in Rhineland -Alpine Arcade is removed -Trailblazer and Roller Soaker get new paintjobs http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a226/HPC...y-September.jpg 2006 Season: -Reese's X-treme Cup Challenge is added -Major construction for 2007 project (the Boardwalk) begins in Midway America -Chaos is removed -Ben & Jerry's and Green's Ice Cream are discontinued. Replaced with Cold Stone and Turkey Hill Ice Creams stands. http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a226/HPC...ypark2007-1.jpg 2007 Season: -The Boardwalk is added -Euro Bungee is removed -The Paddleboats are discontinued -Park celebrates its centennial with lots of decorations throughout -Saturday night fireworks debut -Tidal Force, Canyon River Rapids and Roller Soaker are added to the Boardwalk with the first two having their entrances/exits re-routed to deposit park guests to and from the Boardwalk. -Coastline Plunge debuts -East Coast Waterworks debuts -The Waverider debuts -Sandcastle Cove debuts -Bayside Pier debuts -Kissing Tower Marketplace / Gourmet Grille is added -Wok and Roll Chinese Restaurant is removed -Historical markers describing moments of the park's history are added throughout the park -Famous Famiglia's pizza and Decades eateries, and a portion of Midway America all become part of the Boardwalk http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a226/HPC...eypark20081.jpg 2008 Season: -Western Chute Out is removed -Fahrenheit is added -Frontier Virtual Theatre is removed -Rock Climbing Wall is removed -The Howler is added -Old Rhineland Skyride Station received a completely new paintjob since it's been built -Old "Hershey Park" entrance (1907-1970) is re-created with the re-location of the Elk Statue from a planter next to ZooAmerica's entrance to a pedestal resembling the old park entrance, and positioned across from the Flying Falcon. -Cold Stone Creamery stand between the Fender Bender and Skyview receives a make-over -Midway Emporium changes its name to "Fun in the Sun" shop -Hershey's Characters appear more randomly throughout the park -Hershey's Kiss meet and greet spot next to the Kissing Tower debuts -Two giant Hershey's Kisses are added to the top of the Kissing Tower's entrance -Coal Cracker's final drop is completely refurbished I hope you enjoy the photos and information. As the park continues to change, so will my drawing, so stay tuned!
  9. I know this is a week old, but I thought I would share it with all you guys over here. Hey all. I just came back from my third trip to Hersheypark this year, my first being in the summer season itself. Excellent day. Forcast called for the mid 90's. Sunny and clear and pleasent, as well as "hot"! The park wasn't that busy. All coasters had two trains running (except Fahrenheit which had its third train sitting in the maintenance / storage bay. Fahrenheit was not open for most of the morning, but did open for part of the afternoon before shutting down again. I think it did re-open later in the evening but I am not too sure. I did have the chance to ride it and will provide my experience later in this report. Storm Runner broke down for a short time in the afternoon but was back open in no time, as well as sooperdooperLooper. All coasters were walk-ons or minimal waits. I only waited about ten to fiveteen minutes for the front seat of Storm Runner. I have more changes to report around the park for anyone who was not able to make it up there this year or for anyone who has been there and isn't that observant. So let's get started with the general updates: They finally have a permemant sign on the entrance gate facing Rhineland, instead of the temporary one that was used during STITP. They re-created the old entrance to Hersheypark by relocating the Elk statue from next to the entrance of ZooAmerica to this location. I like how they are bringing back some nostolgia that the park once had. The old Rhineland sky ride station got a brand spanking new paintjob. More 2009 teaser signs are up. Some are in the park map kiosks (side panels) and this one is posted at the Waverider. Coal Cracker was running great all day. The renovated drop was running great as well. Howler was up and running great. This was a very good ride and I really enjoyed it. Got some good shots of Storm Runner's trains. Something I don't do that often. Hershey's two Intamins, again, at their best. And Fahrenheit in all its splendor. This has to be one of my favorites shots of Great Bear, ever. Same with East Coast Waterworks. I guess it's time to say "goodbye" to a long-time friend.... What we can only imagine what this area is going to look like next year. Now onto Fahrenheit. Once the ride got running, the line was pretty full, but I took notice that the singles line was open, so I went there. I only waited approx five minutes for the third row, vs waiting about a half hour or so for any row. Well worth it, IMO! The ride was awesome. The lift and first drop were intense, the rest of the ride was a lot of fun. The fun part was not being able to see where you were going. One minute I thought I was going to slam into the catering pavilions, the next minute, we went over the bunny hill, which provided "lots" of airtime. I definitely have to rank this one up with Great Bear and Storm Runner. It was definitely a real thriller! Now onto the pics: Fahrenheit's station. A third train was stored in the maintenance / storage bay. Arriving in the station. And waiting to load more riders. 121 feet or pure goodness! All twisted up. Going up.... And cresting the top. And down the hill they go. Through the corkscrew. And into the cobra roll. I leave you with this shot of Fahrenheit towering over the Boardwalk. Enjoy the update and pics.
  10. Thanks so much BuddyChrist! I'll check it out. I know that the links usually work on Vodhin's site. Again, very nice park going on here! Keep up the great work.
  11. I can't get DaMartze's Fences & Railings to download. If you have the zipped folder already in your comp, could you possibly email me the folder and I can download it from there? My Yahoo account would probably work the best: coastermatt28@yahoo.com When I saw those fences in your screens, I just fell in love with them. You also have a nice park going on there too! Can't wait to see more.
  12. Again, this has to be your best project to date Chris! Just as long as your Hersheypark recreation isn't dead. Good work, as always!
  13. I believe this is the first park I have ever seen where someone has used the animals from the Wild expansion pack. The scenery looks very good. I can't wait to see more screens.
  14. Hey all! My name is Matt. I'm new here and am familiar with some of the members here. Well let's just say that I have seen Robb and Elissa on several coaster programs that I have taped from the Discovery and Travel Channels, so it's cool to have some coaster celebreties here to talk to! I am also good friends with Chris (Ccron10), who is also a member here. We first met on another forum at Coaster-net.com and he has informed me that he was also a member here. We also had the opprotunity to meet-up at Hershey's Springtime in the Park event on April 5th of this year and plan on maybe meeting up again for HP in the Dark in October. Chris/Ccron10 (left), Me (center), and my friend Alex (right) You can read a brief summary about me in my profile, but let me say that I am a "huge" coaster fanatic! Amusement / theme parks and roller coasters are a big hobby of mine, as well as visiting parks and taking pictures of the rides and facilities. I also enjoy art and have done a pencil drawing of Hersheypark in its entirety (which I still continue to work with today) which combines the best of my two hobbies together. I think I said enough, I'm just happy to be here!
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