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  1. So what are you saying...that there are more markers like this?
  2. I agree with Chris. That was, indeed, a stick (looked like a twig) with a red flag tied to it. Like someone else mentioned, they know whenever they begin to mark up for a new ride, that we enthusiasts always go into serious and deep discussions about it and enjoy teasing us with their little secretive games. Perhaps they're messing with us in another way, similar to how they handled the Nantimi game.
  3. I found some more interesting info over at News Plus Notes. Ccron10 shared this over at Keystone Thrills, but I wanted to share it here as well: Link source: http://newsplusnotes.blogspot.com/ - includes aerial image of the site to help with what they're saying.
  4. I love how other fans add to this story. It makes it more interesting. I've been following this park for quite some time and I must say it's my favorite RCT park that I've read or followed, anywhere. How you provide your updates almost makes me feel like you're there and providing us with PTR's. The attention to detail is just incredible and I love how you move/remove rides around to add new ones. I don't how many times I may have stressed how incredible this park is. Keep up the great work!
  5. Well I think at this point, I wouldn't rule out either 2011 or 12. Over at Keystone Thrills, CoasterBGW made a good point: So at this point, it could be possible. But again, it could still open in 2012. And like the quote I posted from another Keystone Thrills poster about how HERCO said that they will be announcing this soon, so I'll don't know what they consider "soon". Soon as in Sept/Oct...soon as in next year? Other people have said that this is weird that all of this discussion is going on for an attraction that wouldn't be opening until two years later. So I don't know. I guess people can take it at how they want it.
  6. Someone over at Keystone Thrills posted this which I thought was interesting: I'm now wondering if we're heading towards a 2011 project after reading the quote "No one is more excited to talk about the coming attraction than we are, and soon we'll be ready to share information with the public, but not quite yet." That almost sounds like they are almost ready to make an announcement on this thing which could possibly be as early as September/October at the latest. And there are still possibilities that this may continue to be a 2012 project after all, especially some of the stuff that "knowit" has been informing us on. As of this time, it could be one or the other. I'm still not ruling that out, but wanted to share some of that interesting info with you all.
  7. If you go to Keystone Thrills and see the pics of the markings on the ground, there are some that are marked to resemble a station right there, plus some stakes alongside the Comet that would resemble where footers/poles would be located. My guess is that this is for a station and brake run.
  8. My S.O.S book does mention about Tilt-A-Whirl opening in 1983, the year I was born by the way lol. Glad to hear it's getting re-located. I trust your info knowit. I remember you coming around here when the Nantimi game was going on. The ride, indeed, is like brand new with it's most recent paintjob in 2004. The only way we'll know if this coaster goes through the Comet would be if we see them working on the structure at all. That will be interesting. knowit, you're also welcome to join up at Keystone Thrills to help out in getting the record straight with some of this. I know it's like a roller coaster over there receiving info from various sources and we never know who to believe. Your info seems so accurate.
  9. I was told that the park had plans to finally install an elevator at Trailblazer (other than maybe demolishing and rebuilding the station, which isn't happening). Someone also said at Keystone Thrills about how the park has an elevator in storage from when Turbulence was cancelled. I don't know how much truth there is to that or not. Turnpike isn't going anywhere. They just installed new signs for it, plus they had plans to re-do the station, as well as the tower's. If anything, they could maybe re-align it because of what's supposed to be happening with the realignment of Rte 743 to straighten out that curve. According to the markings, I think the new coaster's station is going where Tilt-A-Whirl currently sits and then Tilt-A-Whirl would be re-located. They do have some room for some new flats out in Midway, perhaps it will go out there, unless they want to keep it on the other side of the park so it can continue to run for Candylane (Music Box could also be an option). I also can't see a drop tower going in Comet Hollow because the area is low and would make such a ride look lower, unless they made the height extremely tall. Minetown also would be out of the question because of the close proximity to the Kissing Tower. Trailblazer's area could use a new flat or two to get foot traffic down there (the barbeque place is there but that's not enough to get people down there). I think having a drop ride down there would be the same problem as Comet Hollow due to being a low-lying area, so another kind of flat (something not so tall) could maybe work in that area. They have to convince people to go down there in order for them to walk up and down those hills (which is why sometimes why my friend and I skip that area ourselves). I'd say either Music Box, Pioneer Frontier or out in Midway will be the rumored locations for a drop ride, or some new flats and the relocated Tilt-A-Whirl.
  10. Hmm, if we're looking at a possible drop tower, I wonder who would supply it? Moving Tilt-A-Whirl would be the best thing. They removed Chaos and Rodeo. At least Rodeo was saved and went to Dutch Wonderland. I wonder why Hershey would wait until now to do something this massive.
  11. Saw that too and already knew about it when I first read that post. I still believe that there's hope for next year that if it's not a coaster, that we'll be getting some kind of flat or two. I still think these markings are for some major coaster and I am believing we'll see major sightline changes coming in that area pretty soon.
  12. I'm assuming those ride vehicles are CTR's? I love them as with the rest of the park! This park definitely deserves a Six Flags Hurricane Harbor expansion. You could easily master something like that.
  13. I'm loving this park, especially that wooden coaster! Keep up the good work!
  14. I'll just build the Aquatheatre structure, but since RCT doesn't have round building objects, it's going to be just a square structure made from CS (answering ScooterGuy's question). As of right now Founder's Circle is completed and Tudor's Square and Rhineland are going to have to be redone. Photos soon! If Founder's Circle is done, can you show us some screens?
  15. If you want your fix of good coasters, then go to Hershey or Kings Dominion. I, myself, prefer Hershey over KD as I'm a local and go every year. Was just there two weeks ago and had a blast as usual. The waterpark may be a little cramped but it's still nice. I'd prefer KD's waterpark over Hershey's though. Storm Runner, Fahrenheit and Great Bear are must rides and they also have three great woodies. I'd prefer Lightning Racer any day over Rebel Yell but again Rebel Yell is a classic while LR is more modern. Both Hershey and BGW have great atmospheres but Hershey is indeed alot better when it comes to coasters. Both have a great array of flat and family rides as well.
  16. By Great Bear's immelmann Near Wave Swinger's entance. Almost between the games stand and Wave Swinger. A close-up for observation. While walking throught Tilt-A-Whirl's queue, I did spot one or two more markings down by the Paddleboat dock, and while also riding the Comet, they are completed lined up straight along the back service path from Comet's third turn-a-round (a member at Keystone Thrills provided a photo with some of these). Between his pic and these, maybe they will help with the scoop of what's going on. From the inside scoop from one of the members over at Keystone Thrills who is in the know from someone who works at the park, these markings are indeed for a coaster and he did mention that it isn't a small project either. Let's keep our fingers crossed in hopes for a huge 2011 project to be announced!
  17. Kit-Kat, Milk Duds, Peppermint Pattie and the Turkey Hill mascot were on hand for the Character Dance Party that plays on weekends by Shakey's Patio. Skyview with its new logos on the gondolas. The station also received a new paintjob as well. Unlike Springtime in the Park this year, Comet was a walk-on for most of the day. I only waited about one train cycle twice for the front seat. We saw Mr. Hershey Bar out and about in Founder's Circle. And I conclude this update with the M.S. Hershey Senior Hall in the sunset. Overall, it was a fantastic day! I hope you enjoy the pics from our 2010 summer trip! We'll be back this October for Hersheypark in the Dark. Survey marker pics will be posted shortly.
  18. I enjoy snapping pics of people with the water cannons. Looking out at most of the Boardwalk. I thought the final helix on Wildcat seemed more intense than usual. It's still the roughest out of Hershey's three woodies, but indeed is better with the Millennium Flyers. I don't know if it was just me or not, but I thought it seemed like "Lightning" was winning every race. They also had the four center rows closed off again. The ride op did state that it was because they weren't busy and didn't want to have to go through the hassle of checking whole trains with hardly anyone there. We did manage to get a ride on the Whip this time. There were only a few people on during our cycle and noone waiting after our ride. Thus a photo op of an empty ride. One of my favorite Pirate shots. Several more pics are on the way in a few min....
  19. Welcome to the Boardwalk, my friends! Intercoastal Waterway now has single tubes only, plus a new exit from the ride. No worries of the cabanas being filled today.
  20. "Just Wing It" is now a tan color. Trailblazer was running two trains pretty much all day....something you don't see happn that often. Storm Runner was running really well all day. I thought that this was probably my most intense experience out of all the rides I've done on this coaster. Fahrenheit was my first ride of the day, as always. It was a walk-on basically a one or two-cycle wait for the front seat. I think the crowds for it were pretty light throughout the day as well. Some Boardwalk pics coming in a few min!
  21. My friend Alex and I had a wonderful time at our annual summer trip to Hersheypark! No more than 15 min waits to walk-ons all day - did plenty of re-rides off and one throughout the day. Here are some of the many pics from the day (click on the thumbnails to view): We were greeted by Mr. Reese's first thing in the morning! Another season awaits us. Little did we know how light the crowds were going to be today. And I mean light.... The new Lemon Drop food/drink stand. They began the day running one Great Bear train and the line began to back up into the set of switchbacks before the station, alongside the transfers. While we were waiting, we witnessed them take the second train out of storage and transfer it to the main track. This really killed the line once they had two trains running. Some Kissing Tower pics. Note how empty the parking lot is in the last pic. More pics on the way in a moment!
  22. Well my friends, I've just received a PM from a fellow member over at Keystone Thrills who knows the inside scoop (has a friend who works for the park) and has informed me the following: I do not see this happening in 2012 when the markings are already out this early. I strongly predict that this will be a 2011 project and that maybe we'll expect some kind of an announcement later this season.
  23. Exactly why I never do Saturdays anymore. Way too crowded.
  24. Nice pics! Reminds me of the day when I went back in August of 2006. Dorney is indeed a nice place. I still like Hershey's Wild Mouse better with the lack of trims and the loading/unloading procedures. Talon is one of my favorite B&M inverts (along with Great Bear, Raptor and Montu). I think hot days are the better days because everyone is at the water park. That has been the case both times I went in 2000 and 2006. The second time, I think Talon was the longest wait, followed by Hydra, and they weren't exceptionally long waits either. It's weird seeing Demon Drop there as to when I was at Cedar Point last year and saw it operating there. I can't believe it's that close to me now lol. Dorney is only about an extra hour from me than Hershey. I hope maybe I'll make it back again in the near future.
  25. Disney Parks also does this. I saw them promote this for the Magic Kingdom on the Disney Channel. You mentioned that you thought you saw Chaos stored out in this area, that wouldn't surprise me because less than a year before Boardwalk construction began, I believed they stored those little structures that they used to project the lasers for Nightlights out there. At least I thought I saw a few of them when we drove by around that time. Now they're using them in the Boardwalk, at least they're not sitting there like Chaos' old booth which has remained in its current spot, untouched, since early 2006.
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