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  1. Really? I also went to art school and earned my Associate's Degree in Specialized Technology. The bad thing is, a majority of those good jobs are in the big cities. I don't want to move to the big city. I hate the city - lol! So I guess you can say I'm also an artist/graphic designer. If you have IM, feel free to exchange. Maybe we can chat sometime.
  2. Well it's almost Christmas and that means it's time to reveal my tissue layover of my Hersheypark drawing - Christmas Candylane edition: Here's an overview of what I've done. As you can see, I simply traced over the open areas of the park, added some decorations here and there, as well as the N.O.E.L. light show. Rides that only operate during the event are shown. The entrance area. I've added little decorations in there, something that you would see if you visited the park at Christmas. As you can see, there's no Comet or Great Bear. Comet Hollow, along with the N.O.E.L. light show, the Kissmas Tree, and one of the Fun Slides they set up under Great Bear's barrel roll. Santa Clause Lane, the Santa-themed overlay to the back of the park during Christmas. The Twilight Express, as well as Santa's Stables. I hope you enjoy the pics. Let me know what you think.
  3. I know about the Dutch Wonderland light show. I heard it's coming back again this year. I think Hershey was probably testing out the concept there last year before introducing N.O.E.L. this season. You will not regret watching it. It's one of the coolest light shows I've seen. I thought when HP in the Dark was having that lousy weather this year, that they listed rides that couldn't operate under 40 degrees and Trailblazer wasn't listed. I'm suprised they don't try to open at least that coaster (only closing it during super cold temps, snow or ice). I can understand about the other coasters, especially Great Bear, Storm Runner and Fahrenheit. Great Bear can't run if the temp is under 60 or 50 degrees I thought.
  4. The N.O.E.L. light show was AMAZING! They did a fantastic job synchronizing the lights to the music. We saw several shows throughout the evening, the first one of the night on the bridge by the Amphitheatre, the second on the bridge by the sooperdooperLooper, and again at the same location as the first time. They also must have worked on the Kissmas Tree because the lights on there really danced around and moved along with the music, unlike previous years. I highly recommend you see this show when at the park this Holiday season. Der Deitchplatz and Rhineland Christmas lights. They added signage for the Kissmas Tree, N.O.E.L. and Santa's Stables to the sign posts. They also put up special customized flags with "Santa Claus Lane" on the signposts back in Minetown to compliment the re-theming Santa Claus Lane overlay for the holidays. I end you with this pic of the lights at Tram Circle. Notes from last night: -Park wasn't busy at all. Crowds emptied as the night went on. Monorail had the longest wait for part of the night due to only one train running. The guy there told me that they usually run one train during Candylane unless they go to automatic mode and the other train when it's really busy. -All rides were running except Reese's X-treme Cup and the Mini Himalaya which both shut down around the last hour that the park was open. -The path in front of the Amphitheatre where N.O.E.L. is was not open. The dancing tree figures were placed right in the middle of that path. The only good way to view the show is on the three bridges, that's it. (By the way, this show was very good and I highly recommend seeing it when visiting. I did get plenty of pics from different angles, I'll post some of the best later on today or tonight). -The Kissmas Tree is now located in front of the hot dog place by the Amphitheatre exit, on the other side of the bridge from Comet Hollow. They had the N.O.E.L. lights synchronized with it. -The park received alot of new LED lights this year, assuming to save costs. The Kissing Tower tree and Twilight Express arches appeared to have had new LED lights installed this year. -The Twilight Express appeared to have had more light displays this year. The stretch from the RR crossing back at Storm Runner running up to near the second tunnel had more lights than last year (last year it was sort of dead through there with just red and green spotlights shining on the trees). The first tunnel (by Sidewinder) had colored lights changing quickly (for example the tunnel would be green, then pink, then blue, etc). -The park must still have the roofs for the antique cars in storage somewhere. The one antique car that was placed along the turnpike with Santa sitting in it had one of those roofs installed on it this year. -Again, the Comet, sooperdooperLooper and Fahrenheit all had their trains sitting in the stations or on the transfers again this year. However, Fahrenheit's trains were all sitting to the rear of the station (near the restrooms) so I had to look hard. They also had a pile of test dummies at the top of the exit stairs, I don't know why they were there. I did manage to get a pic of Comet's trains in the station from up in the Skyview queue. -Characters were very limited this year. All I saw was the Reese's guy walking around by the Carrousel, that's it. I miss the photo spot across from the Kosher Mart. That was always our prime spot to get our pics with them. So much for stupid Hospitality Services when they already have two or three other Guest Services locations located at or in the park. -Frontier Flyers appeared to have the neon blue lights removed. It first I thought the ride was closed until I saw that there were people in the flyers. -Granny Bugs found a new home this year, in the patio area of sooperdooperLooper Sandwich Stop (Yes, they did remove all the tables and placed the ride under cover). This should have been done the last several years that the ride was down there. Alex pointed this out as I didn't see it at first. The Fun Slide was still in its same place under Great Bear's barrel roll. I may have some more pics coming soon, but I'm not quite sure yet. Enjoy these pics and let me know what you think.
  5. The Twilight Express arches and the Kissing Tower tree appeared to have had all new LED lights installed this year. They both looked brighter too. These critters made a return this year, although I think the red and green spotlights are new (actually recycled from another spot along the train route from last year). More Twilight Express shots, including the Engine House all decked out. The Comet's trains, again, sitting in the station on the main track and transfer. SooperdooperLooper also had it's trains visible sitting on the main track and transfer outside the station. The Elk Statue received some decor this year. I was happy to see the trains return this year. Some Kissing Tower pix. The last part of this feature will be up in a min featuring some pics of the new N.O.E.L. light show.
  6. No trip to Christmas at Hersheypark is complete without a visit to Chocolate World. Tram Circle It was almost dark when we finally went in. These zoo posters were posted in the queue for Reese's X-treme Cup Challenge. I don't remember them on our last visit back in August. Fahrenheit's station. Yes, the trains are up there, but they are in the back and on the transfer track. There was a pile of test dummies at the top of the exit stairs, not sure what they were doing there. Santa's Stables The Hershey Community Chorus was presenting us with some nice Christmas carols. A nice backdrop setting when we were over at the reindeer. For the rides that are open, they re-did the restriction signs with a Christmas-sy theme. Kind of cute. I think this was also done for the first time last year, although I don't remember it. More pics in just a minute.
  7. I think Cedar Fair has alot more options with Kings Dominion, Kings Island and Carowinds since these Camp Snoopy areas are much larger in size than Cedar Point's. I can't wait to see what will become of them all.
  8. Thanks guys. To answer your question squid, yes, I did email the pics to the park. I don't know what will come out of it, but I'm not expecting much.
  9. I don't see those names staying like that. It's probably a temporary thing until they get the official "Peanuts" names released. I'd bet that Scooby's Ghoster Coaster will be Woodstock's Express next season. That's what Carowinds is renaming their Fairly Odd Coaster (Scooby Doo Coaster).
  10. Sorry, they're not for sale. It's mainly a hobby (well if you combine my art and amusement parks into one).
  11. Just an update.... I emailed the park the pictures so I'm waiting to hear what they think of the drawing. I'm not really expecting much, but it would be nice to see what they think.
  12. Thanks Chris for the suggestion. After you mentioned about that email address, I figured that's probably the route I should take. Hershey has been using the same map since 1999, but since 2006/07, it's been getting progressively worse (too much space between Boardwalk and Wild Mouse, the SEA-qual doesn't look the greatest, and the path in the Trailblazer area is also messed up, which wasn't before). Heck, if this thing became reality, even for souvenir purposes, how would the color be added, unless that was done by computer. The reason I never colored any of my drawings was because of the headache it would be when the park would changes different things, thus making it tough to change it on the drawing. Thus why I stuck to regular pencil. And thanks to all of you, again, for all the support! I may just have to send them an email today.
  13. Thanks, I'll have to check that out! Actually I highly doubt Hershey deals with them though.
  14. Thanks Chris. Do you know where abouts I could contact that area? Unless the main people would forward it to the appropriate dept?
  15. Thanks so much for all your comments! They are very much appreciated! I'll think of you all when I do updates and I'll definitely be sure to post them on here for you all to see. As for a designing firm with the park's maps, I wouldn't have a clue where to go there. I don't even know what the park would say or anything. Just to draw it in straight pencil for fun alone took a long time, yet add color to the whole thing (especially when they change and update things). I'd love for them to see it though. I'll have to give it some thought.
  16. The inspiration came from back in 1995 when I purchased the park souvenir map (which have long been discontinued). I figured since none of their park maps were worth anything detail-wise (and to this day, they get progressively worse each season, especially with how the SEA-qual was added this past season). So I thought I would do an accurate, to-scale, drawing. Well as the computer technology improved since 1997, we've become blessed with websites like Flying Phil, Bing aerial imagery, etc, that have been a wonderful source to help me achieve this and to be able to get to the step where I am currently now. Through this whole process through the years, I've been able to really study the park's layout, and being a regular local visitor every season, I'm able to navigate through the park without a map. I'm excited to be able to change and improve as the park continues to improve and grow.
  17. Yes, nothing was done on the computer with both. I am an artist and love to draw. I've drawn ever since I was little. The only time a computer was used was to download aerial imagery to use as reference for the current drawing. Alot of time and effort was put into it, but in the end, it has paid off. Right now, I'm preparing to do the parking lots between the Giant Center and Chocolate World. I'm in no hurry to complete it, so when it gets done, it gets done.
  18. Now for the surprise! I found one of my very first attempts of ever drawing Hersheypark back in 1997. These photos show the whole thing updated for 1998 because I have Great Bear drawn into it. I'm sure you can see a big change between the two drawings, but I'll let the images speak for themselves. HERSHEYPARK 1997 - One of my first attempts at drawing the whole park, drawing was dated 1997, but these images have 1998 updates on them. Park overview Stadium Entrance area Carrousel Circle Minetown, Music Box and Comet Hollow Pioneer Frontier Midway I found several more drawings of the park that I've done around here, but I wanted to share the current (most recent that I'm working on) along with one of the first attempts I've ever done. Let me know what you all think.
  19. I finally got some images of the completed drawing I was working on over this past spring and summer and that I was also updating you guys too. Many thanks to Flying Phils Photos, Bing aerial and satelite imagery, as well as my own photos from the past few seasons. After I show you these photos, I have a little surprise in store, so keep your eyes open! HERSHEYPARK 2009 - complete aerial done entirely in pencil by me: The space at the top will be left blank at the moment as I may add the HP logo there to help balance things out. Entrance area Founder's Circle Comet Hollow and Minetown Minetown and ZooAmerica Pioneer Frontier The Boardwalk Midway and the Boardwalk I also plan to do a Candylane overlay of this drawing sometime after I go this weekend. The overlay will be done on tracing paper with the open sections of the park only drawn. Stay tuned for the surprise!
  20. Same here. The forecast looks the same for tomorrow similar to how today was and Sunday appears to be no better - 70-some % chance of precip. I wouldn't put it past them to shut down again tomorrow or open with very limited ride capacity and no coasters open, same for Sunday. I remember about Wildcat back in April. In fact both Ccron10 and I were in line (almost a walk-on) just about ready to get on it for our last ride of the night when they turned us away since it was getting a little nippy out. I do remember hearing from several people about Great Bear and I also do know that Storm Runner and Fahrenheit both shut down when there is any kind of precipitation (even drizzle to be exact). Let's pray for nice weather on the 25th!
  21. Saturdays are a nightmare for this event. Great Bear and Storm Runner usually can have a full queue, along with Comet which is also pretty full. Sundays, however, are the opposite. I rode Fahrenheit twice last year with a minimal wait per ride (the singles line wasn't open either), once in the second row and again in the front row. Fridays shouldn't be that bad either. They tried that Haunted Harvest back in 2004 and although it was popular, I did hear they canned it because they wanted to focus on the family atmosphere. You usually will see more families with young children roaming the park than teenagers coming for the coasters. The 18th? My friend and are planning on being there that day if you want to meet up.
  22. The posted wait time was originally 60 min when I entered the line, but I know I didn't wait that long. Probably no longer than 30 min or less than that. It was worth it all the way though! If the door came open for me to ride a flyer again (B&M or Vekoma), I'd be there! In fact, isn't Batwing at Six Flags America a clone of Firehawk (track layout-wise)?
  23. I know Tatsu was built by B&M. How did you like it? Firehawk was built by Vekoma. I think the Vekoma flyers have a more impressive system than B&M. I thought it ran incredibly smooth.
  24. Thanks! Yeah, this had to be one of the best trip I've had for awhile, other than Disney. It was nice getting out to both these parks again. In fact, Kings Island has risen in my favorite parks list since this visit. I was overally impressed with the place more during this trip than last. I thought Flight Deck was similar to Big Bad Wolf in a way. I enjoyed them both. Iron Dragon is probably my least favorite out of the three.
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