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  1. Maybe they're waiting for so-many people to send out emails and then they'll respond with puzzle pieces. That's my guess.
  2. A lot of us seem to think so. If you look at the blueprints and see how the supports are laid out (especially the lift hill), you can tell that it points to Intamin. Most likely the double-spined track and cable lift that's featured on I-305.
  3. I agree about those numbers. They did pop out at me when reading over the study. Perhaps we're having another new character introduced when all is said and done with this.
  4. I was thinking the same thing. Even though it's a suspended boomerang, if Vekoma came out with a new train for that type of model, you would think that they'd make it happen like Carowinds did with Carolina Cobra.
  5. I didn't grey out at all. It was very comfortable and enjoyable. I rank it up there almost as close as Great Bear regarding smoothness.
  6. I would expect construction to begin in Comet Hollow shortly after the August 2nd announcement. I do agree in that the Sidewinder train is 100% brand new. I still can't believe how a huge improvement it was from what I've heard about the old train.
  7. I basically took the Comet Hollow one so I would at least have something to remember the area by. I know that whole area is going to look so different next year.
  8. That layout fits perfectly with how the stakes and markings are laid out. Those runs alongside the fence match up to the two rows of stakes that were there.
  9. I went to the park on opening day for the very first time and had a blast! I met up with Leah and Chris from Keystone Thrills and enjoyed spending the day with them. Also during the day, I took notice of some more changes that I either missed during Springtime in the Park or that didn't take effect until between that event and opening day. The park wasn't that busy, mainly school groups outnumbered general park guests. Now was the time to start taking pics of Comet since this area will look much different next year. Flying Falcon was up and running again, finally! I love the new signage that they installed on the ride. Several of the new things I noticed that I don't remember from Springtime in the Park were new signs for Pirate and Coal Cracker as well as a new Rita's stand at the entrance to the Boardwalk. Glad it's finally up. They had a cherry picker alongside of it earlier in the day working on something. I'm guessing they still don't have the kinks out of it yet, plus pre-season inspecting/testing. I was hoping to ride it but I guess that will have to wait until next month. I finally rode Sidewinder, twice! I must say I was really impressed with the overall ride experience and especially the new train. It was very comfortable and definitely more elbow room than from what I've heard about the old train. I walked off both times not hurting or with a headache. After experiencing this one, I have to say that Wildcat is now the roughest coaster in the park. Sidewinder is definitely up there close to Great Bear as far as smoothness goes and I do expect to be riding it often this season! ZooAmerica from the monorail And I conclude this PTR with some aerial Kissing Tower pix: On a side note, Kissing Tower's queue configuration did change, as was reported by other members earlier. I didn't get any pics but it will indeed take some getting used to the new set-up. Enjoy the pics. I'll be back the first Sunday of next month! Until then, so long!
  10. Here are my newest Attraction 2012 pics from today: Looks like they're digging by the remaining pavilion. Not sure what they're doing since the ride won't be coming down this far. A new trailor that has popped up on site. I think it may have been moved from another location on the construction site. Correct me if I'm wrong on that. Not sure what this is for. I'm almost positive that it wasn't there during Springtime in the Park. The black piping is spread out throughout the site in stacks. I couldn't locate the rebar that was delivered on Monday. This portable fence showed up on site. Don't know if this means that the park's fence will eventually be re-aligned to fit the new attraction. Perhaps pushingbuttons' photos of the new markings possibly confirmed that. You can see where they have dug away at the hillside. It looks like what they're doing is re-directing the creek on the one side of the construction site by building the dirt mound down the middle. My guess is when they're finished pouring footers on this side, they'll re-direct the creek over so they can work on the other side doing the same thing. An aerial view of the construction site.
  11. I just looked over all your recent photos and I'm so happy to see WDW receiving all this TLC. You also answered my question regarding where the new parade begins. We got that mixed up on our last trip and staked out our spot over near Star Tours when Block Party Bash began over at the other end. At least we'll have our good spot again this time. Love what's going on over at Downtown Disney too. The new Lego store looks great! Great PTR!
  12. If you're referring to the blueprint on the RIT website, then yes, it probably would be or just basically any random floorplan for a house.
  13. You'd think he'd have the RIT listed as the place where he's employed.
  14. I agree, I really think we're looking at either a duel-chainlift or cable lift system. They're my main thoughts, although I'd love to have a launched lift hill. According to the blueprints and seeing how the lift will be similar to I-305, I think we're looking at one of what I posted, minus the launched lift. The enclosed Motor Control Center pretty much gives that away.
  15. Wow, you definitely pointed out some great stuff there, RollerCoasterSmi! I'd say that this will either be a duel-chain lift (similar to Fahrenheit) or a cable lift. It would be cool to have something similar to Maverick, but I agree that that Motor Control Center enclosure points out the chain-lift style, lift hill. I don't know if there is clay in the soil down there where they're building. That's one thing that had me thinking.
  16. From the way that those blueprints look, there is no way this will be a flyer, even though I would love to have one of those. The blueprints indicate Intamin, unless they fool us somehow and unveil a B&M. I also read back over the pdf doc again and took notice of the RIT's Propulsion Dynamics Research Group launching a study in 2004. One of our Keystone Thrills members made a great point there regarding Storm Runner as it's also constructed around the creek, crossing it at two points. I strongly think that that diagram has something to do with what they're currently working with in the creek bed. Comet Halley's approach...diving towards Comet, that's another interesting note considering that those blueprints indicate a first drop diving over Comet's first drop and approach to the first turnaround right there. It will be interesting to see what the next clue reveals.
  17. Well I think its reputation is going to change now that everyone is either excited to try it or has already did and has liked it. I never thought the day would come where I would have the ambition to try it. Glad they solved the problem by installing the new train. I know that it's been wanted by many, many people. EDIT: NEW RIT RESEARCH STUDY NOW AVAILABLE: http://www.rideinstitute.com/pdf/researchStudy042511.pdf Looks like they show some kind of support column emerging from a waterbed. Probably relates to them building in the creek. I don't know what the dots stand for...there are seven dark-colored ones and ten light-colored ones. RESEARCH TIME! http://www.rideinstitute.com/clay01.php
  18. True, and since the one at Knott's (as well as some of the others) are newer than Hershey's, which would mean newer trains and maybe better engineering with the track. I know the one at Worlds of Fun was installed not too long ago. I'm not sure how many were around prior to Hershey's, but I think theirs is one of the oldest out there. I could be wrong though.
  19. You thought it was smooth? - lol! I've heard way more negetive comments about it, which is why I've never ridden it, until now. Too many people walking off with their necks bothering them and headaches. Now, I think it's so cool that people who would've originally hated the ride either have ridden and loved it or can't wait (like me) to try it out.
  20. Sounds like a season pass wouldn't be a great deal for that place. When I was there last week, I got a glimpse of the prices and it just doesn't seem worth it, but 15% off probably doesn't help that much either, IMO. As of right now, I think Gourmet Grille, Minetown Restaurant and Subway are currently my favorite places, but I really do want to try out some new places and take advantage of the season pass discount.
  21. Can't wait to ride it next month! And this is coming from a former "Sidewinder-hater" ... lol! Also about Lightning Racer's overflow, I remember you mentioning it when we were there on Sunday. I'll to check it out next month.
  22. There is absolutely no way that this can be a giga, not by where the station is placed and where the crest of the lift hill seems to be located. The only way a giga could fit into that space is if they would place the station where the one games stand is located (next to Skyview). We should all know that isn't happening either. Also look at it this way, having a giga would make all the other coasters feel like kiddie rides.
  23. I'd love for it to be a B&M as well but that layout just points to Intamin. Like I mentioned before, it's probably going to be a 212-ft version of I-305. Those two large supports by the station pretty much give that away.
  24. New Update on the RIT website: http://www.rideinstitute.com/ They never did this with the Nantimi game before. Seems like they're getting more detailed with this one.
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