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  1. Looking at the layout again just screams Intamin mega. I'm also guessing a double-spine track similar to I-305 because on that rendering, if you look adjacent to the station area, there are what seem to represent two massive support towers to which would be similar to how I-305 was constructed. As far as the lift hill goes, there isn't too much space between the crest of the first hill and the station, so we could possibly be looking at either a cable-lift system or the duel chain drive similar to Fahrenheit. I'm leaning more towards the first one. EDIT: Did some more searching and came across this: http://www.pabulletin.com/secure/data/vol40/40-52/2463b.html It's located on the above link between docs E22-570 Plus here's another interesting link: http://www.ahs2.dep.state.pa.us/eFACTSWeb/searchResults_singleAuth.aspx?AuthID=856312 The most interesting part is the "7.3-foot long by 21.7-foot wide by 12.0-foot high lift motor and MCC enclosure in Spring Creek " MCC is "Motor Control Center".
  2. Chris posted that exact jpeg image of the RIT logo to the Keystone Thrills blog. After staring at it several times, I saw it blink but couldn't catch what was happening. I also saw the Alumni change to a different person (all of who which are employed at HERCO) with every visit to that page. I wonder why they keep using the "Griffon" symbol so much, unless they are pointing to a Dive Machine? I also agree with what Chris said about the detail of this game. Having the actual characters come out to survey us back in October was a nice touch and a great way to unveil this fictious company that would doing the game. I think this is going to be alot more fun than Nantimi was!
  3. Hmmm, that's interesting. You mean all those images appear on the same page if you reload it? I'll have to check it out more clearly.
  4. Here's an update on the current status of Attraction 2012 from my Springtime in the Park visit yesterday: Apparently, some new stakes have shown up around Comet's station. The stakes that were behind the games building were gone. Looks like they didn't need these anymore. I think it's safe to say that the games building is on its way out.... As well as Tilt-A-Whirl getting a new home for next year. Looks like more electric lines were marked out. The new dam. After the meet-up, Chris, Alex and myself along with a few of our Keystone Thrills site members decided to take a walk down to the construction site to see what was happening. More concrete blocks are stacked up awaiting their use. A close up of the remaining catering building as well as part of the construction site. A new shed has also sprung up inside the new gate by the old ticket booth being used as a guard shack. The creek divided in half. Lots of trees were cut down. This was also clearly visible from Comet. Looks like major work is being done since my previous visit last month. Something else interesting that Chris pointed out is that some of the stakes are labeled with a number followed by an "L". What we're thinking is that these are indicating where footers will be placed and that the stakes labeled with "L's" on them probably indicate footers for lateral supports. EDIT: The Ride Institute of Technology has updated their website: http://www.rideinstitute.com On a side note, Hershey's Director of Engineering, Kent Bachmann, is featured as one of their Alumni. Also, there are blueprints in one of the pic header pages. I wonder if they are part of the blueprints to the ride, maybe the station?
  5. That is absolutely awesome! They are moving very fast! Can't wait to see it on my September trip!
  6. I agree 100% with this. I've been to both a summer operating day and HP in the Dark on Saturdays and they were both disasters. What happens is everyone wants to arrive an hour early and go to Chocolate World first, thus creating a bottleneck at the ride. On both of these times, the entire ride queue was filled, as well as the overflow. In the summer, the line even stretched out into the lobby and you're looking at almost ten in the morning. One time in October, I never even had to chance to ride Storm Runner or Great Bear because both the queues were filled, mainly with teenagers. I remember Comet being approximately a 45 minute wait with an almost filled queue. The Boardwalk during the summer on a Saturday can be so mobbed you can't even see the ground. Sundays are much, much better. I'd prefer a park like Dorney on a Saturday because most of the people will be in the waterpark and the rides will be minimal waits to near walk-ons. The last time I was at Dorney was on a sunny Saturday in August 2006 and rode all the coasters I wanted without a problem. Talon was the longest wait because we never got around to it until later in the day. Usually the waterpark crowds don't start taking over the rest of the park until around 5:00ish so you have a good most of the day to cover the park without the large crowds.
  7. I've never ridden it yet because my father rode it back in 1996 and had neck problems soonafter. I also heard from too many people about the neck and head banging problem, so hopefully this will resolve that. Thanks to these new trains, it will almost be like receiving a new coaster in 2011!
  8. You ought to consider going on Sunday instead if you can fit it into your schedule. The place is a lot less busier. That's also the weekend I usually take my annual summer trip with my one friend (and even though I plan on being there several other times this year because of my Season Pass, we still plan on going that weekend this year because it's just a great time to visit) and we usually try to go on Sunday because the lower crowds. Also check out this link: http://keystonethrills.megabb.com/t248-sidewinder-recieves-suprise-for-2011#3529 Looks like the new Vekoma trains are finally making it to Sidewinder this year. I've heard great reviews about Carolina Cobra's trains so this sounds like it will be really great. I may finally be able to get my Sidewinder credit this year because of this.
  9. The first weekend (April 16 and 17) shouldn't be bad as far as crowds go. April 16 will have more people obviously since it's a Saturday but overall it shouldn't be too bad. The next weekend will be an entirely different story though unless the weather is bad those three days. People will have extended weekends off and most children will be on spring break and will most likely have an extended weekend as well. Good Friday last year was a nightmare. I know it was reported that it took around 45 min just to get into the park (crowds backed up to the bridge and tram drop off) and that the Comet's line exceeded over an hour and was backed up the hill to the Lemon Drop Shop. I'd say if you're shooting for the second weekend, go on Easter Sunday if you don't have plans on that day. It will be far less crowded than Good Friday or the Saturday before Easter. I'm planning on being there April 17 so crowds shouldn't be an issue for me.
  10. Are you planning on starting up another park after this one? I really hate to see this end. This is one of the threads in this section I continue to follow and one of the best RCT3 parks I've seen anywhere!
  11. Chris posted the same thing over at Keystone Thrills. It surely would be sweet to have a coaster of that size this close to home, but I really don't see how they could fit it into the proposed area without leaving the current boundries of the park. Something that large would definitely pull the people in.
  12. Where did you get that CFR observation tower? I don't remember seeing those anywhere. Nice park by the way. That flume ride looks really nice.
  13. Here is the News 8 interview with Chris and I: http://www.wgal.com/video/27237082/detail.html Unfortunately, they had the video code disabled so I was unable to embed the video right here for you to see. Looks like they had the blueprints out on that exact day that we were there. According to what was shown, those blueprints must have indicated where all the utilities were located (probably has the PA One Call flags marked as well).
  14. Thanks for clarifying about Donald's Boat. They seem to be wasting no time on getting the Toontown stuff out. Are those two remaining tents staying or are they being removed altogether and replaced with two identical tents at the same spot? I've been hearing a mix of both from other sites so I was wondering if you heard anything as well. I heard that those current tents weren't in the best of condition in the first place. I did catch the "Magic, Memories and You" show on You Tube. Looks pretty good. Can't wait to see it on our upcoming trip this year! I hope you'll be able to get lots of updates on all of this over the coming months. I'm glad to see that this park is getting a lot of tender loving care.
  15. Was Donald's Boat finally removed? The last Youtube update (through the scrims and over the walls from the train) I saw from MouseSteps showed the boat still in place but the houses demolished. Looks like they are wasting no time back there....sort of sad to me because Mickey's House has always been there in some shape or form in all my previous visits. Our upcoming September trip will be different not having an area back there to walk through. I'm sure the new circus will make things up though with more permanent theming. Great update...glad to see that this park is getting sooo many updates! Main Street was under some tarps as well as part of Peter Pan's Flight's exterior) during our previous 2010 trip. I hope a lot of the walls will be down (minus the Fantasyland expansion) come our upcoming September trip. Since you're a local, I hope you'll be able to provide more in the coming months!
  16. That's the same message I received in my email...saw you pointed that out as well. I'm thinking that letter was already made out until one of us replied to the interview email. Once you did, they sent out the email with that letter attachment on it. Looks like the game is beginning again folks!
  17. My rendering isn't set in stone or anything just so you guys know. It's pretty much what I envisioned when I made it. EDIT: The latest from Screamscape: http://www.screamscape.com/html/hersheypark.htm and the image sent to them by an anonymous source:
  18. Recently, there's been some talk about the station maybe being located at the current ring toss game next to Skyview and adjacent to Great Bear's immelmann loop. I thought this would be interesting to take my drawing and add the concept as a computer rendering. I took my drawing and tried my best to apply the concept to it. I also drew in the small shack and fence (plus represented Creekside Catering in its current state) to the actual drawing and applied a computer rendering of my current ideas to what this thing may look like. Station would be where the ring toss game is currently located, and the queue would extend back on the former path that was removed to make way for Storm Runner. It would feature an I305-style lift hill to eliminate the use of supports in a majority of that area, plus possibly saving the Comet Hollow games building (or reducing it if needed), followed by a double out and back design between Creekside and Comet. This would also follow the two rows of stakes on the hillside alongside Park Blvd. The supports in the creek would represent what was approved at the zoning board hearing regarding 30-some supports in the water. The brakes would be designed similar to Storm Runner's at the end...angled but high enough to pass over Skyview and Comet. The only flaw I could see with this is maybe extending the one overbanked turn down more towards Creekside Catering since they were digging down there and leveled off what they've done.
  19. How does it work when you arrive? I'm a Hersheypark Season Pass holder for the first time this year. Do season pass holders require a special pass or does everyone gather in one spot and go to a designated area? Never been to one of these before sounds like something fun to attend, can't beat ERT!
  20. I have that exact Hershey park map and a similar Epcot map. I remember when Hershey used to list all their seasonal shows in the guide, now it's all strictly a seperate entertainment schedule. Great finds!
  21. Did you ever think of doing the other Disney Parks logos? I Only saw Epcot and Hollywood Studios on there. You could also do Universal Studios Florida and IOA as well.
  22. LoopLover, you're really good at doing logos! Did you ever do any more Disney parks or other amusement parks?
  23. Same here! Got a season pass for the first time and can't wait to use it!
  24. Here is our latest video update over at Keystone Thrills from my visit last Sunday: http://keystonethrills.megabb.com/t157p750-attraction-2012-rumor-and-news-discussion#3053 Further into the video, my father explains about the "PA One Call System" which is labeled on numerous flags along the park's border from Creekside Catering to Comet. Looks like numerous utility markings have shown up regarding the 2012 project. Enjoy!
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