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  1. Right, that's all they did when the park was called "Six Flags America". You have to remember that when the park became Adventure World (which was when most of the dry rides, coasters, etc. came to the park) it was essentially being built from the ground up by Premier Parks. Guess who Premier Parks purchased and changed it's company name to? SIX FLAGS! Get the gist of what my point is now?
  2. I'm aware, but if you do a little research you'll see that Six Flags came in and completely scrapped and re-themed the whole park, with totally new themed areas, a new entrance, etc. If you go to SFAfans.com you'll see the concept drawings from when the park opened in '99.
  3. There is only one or two things on i305 that resemble a mega-lite. Overall the coaster does indeed look boring. Along with the OTSR's taking those sharp turns won't be fun. From what most of the entusiast community has seen, it does indeed look like a boring disappointment.
  4. ^^ It was grandfathered in to newer FAA regulations. The limit is indeed 285 ft. for Carowinds.
  5. All Nick stuff at Carowinds is 75% off so I'd expect the same announcement from them in the near future as well.
  6. No, the coaster will only be on the South Carolina side of the park.
  7. ^^ LOL. Typical idiot reporters. And something similar (but more serious) happened at SFA to their Two Face ride causing for Six Flags to eventually remove the ride. So, maybe Vekoma should indeed take some sort of blame for this and develop a solution.
  8. Well, the difference maker between this Hyper and KD's hyper is the involvement of Eric Clefk and itec. Who knows what kind of special effects will be involved? This guy has done stuff for Disney and Universal.
  9. Where does this $4.44 business come from? All I've read is that people paid $17.76? Were coupons involved in this?
  10. Dude, I work there and have for the last 2 years. Believe me when I say that that's what was done to the coaster. Yes I know the drop is still rough but that is because the retracking of a coaster sometimes does not work.
  11. ^ Well if you want to be exact, The lift hill and first drop of both sides were retracked. Both turnarounds were rebuilt. The entire second half of the former backwards side (left) was rebuilt and the first and second hill of the right side was rebuilt.
  12. Trust me, when I say rebuild, I mean that GCI literally came in and dismantled and rebuilt the over half of the structure (pics from last summer): And that's just the turn around...getting pics of the rest of the layout is a bit tough. But throughout last season you would see cranes moved to all around the layout and the coaster was dismantled,rebuilt, and reopened just in time for Scarowinds 2008.
  13. I wish I could agree with you about Thunder Road, but trust be, when I say rebuild, I mean that GCI literally came in and rebuilt it:
  14. I wish I could agree with you about Thunder Road, but trust be, when I say rebuild, I mean that GCI literally came in and rebuilt it:
  15. Carolina Cyclone is actually an Arrow and it kinda holds its own history as the first coaster ever to have 4 inversions (at least that's the only reason I like it...cause you're right...it beats the sh*t outta you) And WOW. I'm VERY suprised to hear you say that Thunder Road is rough. The coaster was actually down almost all of last season because it was rebuilt by GCI. If you think it's rough now, be happy you didn't visit the park in 07 or before!! And last but not least, I'm a ride op in Nick Central and I'll be the first to tell you that for some reason there seem to be a lot of asshole ride ops in the Thrill Zone area of the park (Drop Zone, Hurler, Screamweaver) so I hear where you're coming from. But Cedar Fair has a zero tolerance party so he actually could've lost his job from something like that. (If you wanted to go to that extreme) Glad you had fun at Carowinds and Camden and can't wait to see the rest of the trip!
  16. You have 400 credits and BorgHawk is the roughest coaster you've been on? WOW.
  17. I know the talk about food has ended, but there's actually a Johnny Rockets new at SFA this year, so people were saying that there's nothing to eat there. If you must eat at SFA, I would eat there. As far as Carowinds, just don't eat there. The prices have actually gone up since last year for just about everything. Hold off. BGE, my favorite restaurant is actually Festaus (although people may debate me on that). I hit it up every time I go.
  18. The price sign is movable, so they messed around with it. And as far as a marketing problem, I'm not totally sure. I mean, I live in Charlotte, and we get absolutely LOADED with the Time Machine FSMP commercials that everybody saw on YouTube. As far as farther up north, I doubt they're advertising, just as HRP management didn't.
  19. When I was in Williamsburg last I stayed at either a Courtyard or Fairfield (can't quite remember, but you should see it on any of the hotels.com or priceline.com type websites) that was quite nice and within a few miles or so of BGW and it isn't too bad price wise. I'd suggest that.
  20. Sure is, rode it last Sunday and it's running fantastic.
  21. ^^ Have you been to SFA? Because if you have, then you've taken a different route to get there then me. Marlboro is a very nice upper middle class area with nice houses, shopping centers, and neighborhoods around it. The people within driving distance are a different story, but it's like that with any local park.
  22. For those of you thinking how crazy it is for people to think that the best Vekoma out is a boomerang, but until you ride this thing, it's impossible to understand how incredibly fun this ride is when the headbanging factor is gone. Cobra is as smooth as a B&M (except for one spot on the backwards cobra roll) and you really appreciate the design of the coaster when you ride it when it's smooth. Also, the color scheme of the ride fits in the area very well being that it's right beside a tropical themed water park and right across from the Carolina Boardwalk section of the park. What it has to do with a cobra I couldn't tell you, but the fact is that the scheme looks good. Another thing, it's rediculous how much the GP has eaten this coaster up. They absolutely love it and it really is the talk of the park everywhere you go and every line you're in.
  23. I guess everyone is failing to remember (or be notified) that the log flume has gotten taken out and a construction report has been filed for something called "Carowinds 2010 Coaster". Could the Cobra be Carowinds' equivalent to Firehawk?
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