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  1. Right, that's all they did when the park was called "Six Flags America". You have to remember that when the park became Adventure World (which was when most of the dry rides, coasters, etc. came to the park) it was essentially being built from the ground up by Premier Parks. Guess who Premier Parks purchased and changed it's company name to? SIX FLAGS! Get the gist of what my point is now?
  2. I'm aware, but if you do a little research you'll see that Six Flags came in and completely scrapped and re-themed the whole park, with totally new themed areas, a new entrance, etc. If you go to SFAfans.com you'll see the concept drawings from when the park opened in '99.
  3. There is only one or two things on i305 that resemble a mega-lite. Overall the coaster does indeed look boring. Along with the OTSR's taking those sharp turns won't be fun. From what most of the entusiast community has seen, it does indeed look like a boring disappointment.
  4. ^^ It was grandfathered in to newer FAA regulations. The limit is indeed 285 ft. for Carowinds.
  5. All Nick stuff at Carowinds is 75% off so I'd expect the same announcement from them in the near future as well.
  6. No, the coaster will only be on the South Carolina side of the park.
  7. ^^ LOL. Typical idiot reporters. And something similar (but more serious) happened at SFA to their Two Face ride causing for Six Flags to eventually remove the ride. So, maybe Vekoma should indeed take some sort of blame for this and develop a solution.
  8. Well, the difference maker between this Hyper and KD's hyper is the involvement of Eric Clefk and itec. Who knows what kind of special effects will be involved? This guy has done stuff for Disney and Universal.
  9. Where does this $4.44 business come from? All I've read is that people paid $17.76? Were coupons involved in this?
  10. Dude, I work there and have for the last 2 years. Believe me when I say that that's what was done to the coaster. Yes I know the drop is still rough but that is because the retracking of a coaster sometimes does not work.
  11. ^ Well if you want to be exact, The lift hill and first drop of both sides were retracked. Both turnarounds were rebuilt. The entire second half of the former backwards side (left) was rebuilt and the first and second hill of the right side was rebuilt.
  12. Trust me, when I say rebuild, I mean that GCI literally came in and dismantled and rebuilt the over half of the structure (pics from last summer): And that's just the turn around...getting pics of the rest of the layout is a bit tough. But throughout last season you would see cranes moved to all around the layout and the coaster was dismantled,rebuilt, and reopened just in time for Scarowinds 2008.
  13. I wish I could agree with you about Thunder Road, but trust be, when I say rebuild, I mean that GCI literally came in and rebuilt it:
  14. I wish I could agree with you about Thunder Road, but trust be, when I say rebuild, I mean that GCI literally came in and rebuilt it:
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