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  1. ^The 2nd lift on STR hurts? I haven't experienced that...


    This was back in August, so it could have changed since then (I hope so at least.) As the boat would approach the lift, the drive wheels underneath would be going very slow. The chain was going very fast. So when came into contact with the lift, the chain would grab the lift dog and yank the boat up the lift. It freakin' hurt. It's the only time I've been on a ride and everyone in the boat went "Ouch!"

  2. The most interesting thing I find with this ride is the strange lift system, very different. Never rode one of these so I was wondering how it is, but sounds (and looks) quite uncomfortable, it really whips around those turns pretty tight. I like when the car comes out of the station and pauses, then the spinning lift thing jolts it as it starts pushing it up. If you watch closely you can see it really jolts it pretty good, that's gotta hurt a little.


    Can't hurt as much as the 2nd lift on Shoot the Rapids at Cedar Point.

  3. He's in for it now, setup a script to send 10 messages every 10 minutes. We can up this if need be, but I would assume that at some point if he doesn't get a facebook, that either cox will send me a nasty gram or AOL will block me, but that's ok, there are many other SMTP servers and e-mail addresses I can send from....


    Robb, we REALLY need a like button on this site lol.

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