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  1. Never been stuck on a coaster but I've been stuck on Spider-man at IOA countless times. Once I was so close to getting evacuated. They homed the cars and then at the last possible moment it started again.


    Later thet day it started going down every 10 minutes. I talked with a ride op and asked if he knew why it was breaking down so much. He said the ride doesn't break down, it just stops.

  2. I got to see the control room for Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom.


    I also got a tour of Spider-man at IOA. We went to the control room and got to toy with some effects on the ride, saw the cleeaning machine for the glasses, and got to see the computer room. The best part as the maintenance bay. We got to see an ride vehicle run through the profile and saw that they had a sperate test circuit for the RV's.


    It was so cool. And no, I was not allowed to take pictures.

  3. This is one of my favorite coastes. I spent a good 4 hours riding this so I could make a great recreation. I would like to include objects and a car texture. Unfortunately, I have no skills in making 3D objects and I don't have the right programs for making car textures. If you are interested in making objects or a car texture please E-mail me: csrogers1@verizon.net




    The layout is done and I'm now in the process of smoothing. All smoothing will be done by hand because I don't know how to use the smoothing tools and I want to give myself a challenge.


    This will be my biggest project in No Limits so far. I have even contacted Busch Gardens so I can try to be as accurate as possible.




    Done for now.


    Cartextures and Objects:


    Not yet started.


    Screenshots: http://nldc.interfix.net/p921


    If you would like to test please leave your E-mail.

  4. Hi I'm Matt. I've been looking at the site for a while and I think it's the best themepark site ever! Keep up the good work!


    I love roller coasters but I am also a dark ride nut. My favorite ride is The Amazing Adventures Of Spider-man at IOA. I go to as many parks as I can every year.


    I look forward to enjoy posting on the forums and getting to know everyone.

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