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  1. There was a special that aired in 2001 on Discovery Channel called "More Top Ten Coasters." It had the very lovely Elissa Alvey on Montu. Please tell me you have the video cause if you could upload it, It would help GREATLY.


    I don’t have that video, but try lotion or vaseline...I think that might help you out where you need it...lol


    ^ I just ruined my keyboard because of the soda fountain of milk that just shot out of my nose!


    I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.


    Good stuff as always Shane.

  2. Ok guys why are we making a big deal out of these trims?


    It's 3, itty bitty magnetic brakes that we will most likely not even feel when riding. The train is still gong to fly, and there's still going to be lots of airtime, mostly ejector probably. Can we please get over it? I'll be the first to admit I'm a nerd and love discussing all the tech stuff, but this is just ridiculous.


    Sorry, just my two cents.

  3. Nice pics.


    Robb, what you are seeing in the first several pictures is not necessarily the water being drained. All the sharks were on huge platforms that could lift out of the water within minutes. Maintenance could literally walk right on these platforms and service the animatronics without draining any water. That lagoon would take way too long to drain and fill in one night (think about it, that's a lot more water than what's in a rapids ride!).


    I think the only exception is the boathouse shark, but I may be wrong.


    Interesting that the images would be updated at that time though. Interesting stuff to see for sure!

  4. It really has been an amazing cruise. I know a lot of people think we are only looking for the bad, and we are making half of this stuff up but all of it is true! This ship really has had the worst food I've ever had, and the worst dinning service. The servers actually seemed to give up on getting the orders right. Last night they showed up with about four soups and just said, "soup?" People who wanted soups would just raise their hand, and then they would walk over to the other table and ask them if they wanted soup. Also, the lemon plate was REAL! I asked for a lemonade (everyone heard me clearly), and he actually brought me a plate of lemons! This is an amazing experience to say the least.


    I believe you. I don't think anybody could make this crap up if they tried. This is seriously the most entertaining TR I've ever read.

  5. All hell broke loose on campus at AACC. People were running around like maniacs, even security. Then they decided to have a mass evacuation of campus. Traffic was a mess. In fact, I'm pretty sure 2012 will be nothing more than a worldwide traffic jam.


    I was very calm. I have to admit though, seeing the hallway ripple was a little unsettling. And that's only because those buildings are not made to withstand earthquakes.

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