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  1. i thought TTD was fun. wasnt the greatest ride but the overall experience was exhilerating. the countdown to launch, the fear of it breaking down, made for a pretty memorable experience. You gotta love the lapbars though. Thats the best part - a 400 ft vertical decent with lapbars. we may not see anything like that anymore and if we do, well have shoulder restraints.

  2. some people were let down by Millenium Force? i know its not the greastest but it was sure a blast. dont go thinking im a CP fanboy, im not but you can't tell me it wasnt awesome in some way. Ill take SROS at SFNE over it anyday.


    My dissapointment was Mantis. First standup, big letdown. painful on my legs, maybe it was because i drove 9 hours to go ride it. who knows, but it didnt give me that good coaster feeling.

  3. you dont know how well El Toro rides untill you ride it. how do you know the designers didnt improve or tweak certain things that would make it differ from collosus? the GP is gonna love it, the drop will freak alot of people out and add some awesome anticipation while your inline for it. kinda like Shiekra! it may also deceive alot people with its smoothness.


    why can't some people just be excited for new coasters without the " i dont think its gonna be great" routine? its sad.

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