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  1. ^

    People are stupid. After 9/11 now, they think EVERYTHING is a bomb or a *terrorist plot* first... "OMG, LIGHTS SHAPED LIKE A SHAKE!! IT'S A SECRET AL QAEDA MESSAGE!!!"


    please, please explain to us how you think this reaction is stupid?


    i prefer our gov. and police to think everything is bomb first than have anything happen. its the post 9/11 world and i sure dont want to relive another day like that again...


    not everyone is in the know on tv shows or things like that.

  2. good for press, stupid on all other levels. how did it not enter their brains that this could possibly backfire? look at that thing. Ide like to know who actually put these things up or made them knowing theyd be installed in a city. Back in my highschool days someone left a VCR in a bathroom, the whole school district was shut down for a day or two with bomb scares. very dumb.

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