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  1. Hey,

    Does anybody know what the best way to get from Disney(Grand Floridian) to Universal (IOA) is? I do not have a car and have not rented one. I heard the bus can take up to two hours with some transfers. Is this true? Is a cab ride worth it? Any help or some experience info would be great! Thanks!

  2. My favorites:

    - The Chiller - either side. The zero g roll element going both direction with just a lap bar- in its later years - was just insane.

    - Storm Runner - Flying snake dive owns in any seat.

    - WIcked Twister - Backseat / backward spike = crazy!

    - TTD/KK - The lapbar makes it better than KK for that not-so-safe feeling.


    The best one i have ridden would have to be Storm Runner. Solid launch, good pops of air and that flying snake dive!

    Does anybody know what happened to the Chiller? Did it go anywhere?

  3. while it did kind of catch me by surprise, it was still annoying... like the rest of the ride. I remember thinking, " ugh... what was the point of that!" I also thought all the themeing was so poorly done and vacant. really really lame ride for a wild mouse. i wish they put a spinning coaster in that spot instead, would have been much cooler.

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