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  1. i own 2 Ibanez guitars. The Jet King II and a cheap GAX70. They are work horse guitars and after 5 years and a number bangs, gigs, hot - cold temps, drops, swings ..etc... the GAX70 still plays damn well. I bought a mex Telecaster and it was a disaster from the get-go. Theres good and bad in all. You just have to play everything you can, dont just buy a Gibson for the sake of owning a Gibson (some people are like that). Play the crap guitars, play USED guitars ( they usualy prove they are worthy) sample a little of this an that. youll come across soemthing.

  2. depends on what you play too. i noticed out of a Fender Twin Reverb amp i can not get the tones i like that a STRAT makes than a guitar with humbuckers, like a Gibson. Both are good guitars. In my opinion and experience, Mex and Jap strats are poorly made. Youll run into tunning issues and neck issues without a doubt. I would stay away from a cheap strat - unless you can find one with a hardtail style bridge. Since you seem to have money to spend, look at G&L Guitars - They were Leo Fenders company after he sold Fender to CBS. American made and super good quality - but costly , 800$ and up for a strat. check the out.

  3. yes MST3k! love the show.


    i went to their convention in NYC a few years back. Joel was there with Dr. Foster and Frank. it was pretty funny. I had Kevin Murphy say " RUTH!" to me, it freaked me out. lol then he drew a little pic of Tom Servo and signed it! good stuff!

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