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  1. So I have a question to ask you and I don't want to clutter the main page. I have a high probably to be able to visit SFGAv on the evening of 9/21 and all day on 9/22. What can I realistically expect crowds to be on those days? (Read: Should I buy a Flashpass or could crowds be similar to those in the trip report?)


    A late friday should be ok with crowds, i did notice a sizeable increase in crowd on sunday evening, mostly the late comers for the discount price. this actually made a line for El Toro lol. So be aware of that.


    Saturday will most likely have crowds but nothing compared to those mid summer days. In October during Fright Fest, its gets totally packed again. This may be the best time, the lull between the summer rush and halloween. Im sure within those two days you'll get a ride on everything! ( if theres no mechanical probs) remember, Nitro first - El Toro second, if you can resist..


    Back to S:UF, a big turn off for me is the pretzel loop. I get the feeling like my lungs are being forced shut, its not cool with me. Just another reason i tend to skip it.

  2. Heres a quick coaster report from my day on 9/9/07.


    SFGADV proved me wrong big time. I avoided this park like the plaque for 2 years. I know how it can get there with new rides - especially the likes of Kingda Ka and El toro and lets not forget the crowds. It can be a grueling day. So i finaly got up to going back again and it was my absolute favorite day at the park.


    check this out....


    Kingda Ka : 3 rides


    There was a two train op early in the day and the line was at most 1/2 hour. i found this amazing becuase my buddy i was with waited 5 1/2 hours last october for it and im sure it was about the same mid-summer this year too. Anyways, 15 minutes after breakdown we are on the train and ready to launch (thnx to alot of impatient people who ditched the line). The ride in the middle of the train is brutal mid way thru the launch. Rattles,shakes and a head slamming -i was shocked! i didnt think it was that bad. If i remember correctly my TTD ride was pretty smooth mid train a few years back... Later in the day( 4pm) we headed back to ride to see NO LINE at all. WTF? 4 trains running? now i dont know if they have all 4 goin a lot, but i was pleasantly suprised. We had to wait for people to come to the station to ride becuase they wouldnt let a train go with empty seats. Got a front seat ride -very fun, very intense, if i didnt ride TTD already, it would have been a different experience. Im not sure which one i prefer. TTD has the edge with the lap bars. Im not a fan of the Intamin over the shoulder restraints.



    El Toro: 4 rides


    Hands down the best and most intense coaster i have been on. Yes the air nuts, we all know that but the SPEED. The trains take this course so fast you can barely comprehend it. Fantastic. My friend said it best - " Its fun, not like the type of fun on Nitro, you just have to sit there and take it like a man". cracked me up. Front seat is killer. You MUST ride it. Every ride after got more intense and never lets up, especially after sundown - it was truly insane, im still in awe of it.



    Nitro: 4 rides


    3 train op around 3pm. No lines, only for the front. It was hauling booty sunday. The mid course did not feel to heavy giving it a strong finish which was a treat. Floater air everywhere. Still a great ride even though El Toro kicks its butt. A little advice for first timers - Ride NITRO before you ride El Toro. trust me. One thing i noticed was the poor trains. People are picking them appart like old NERF toys. Sad. each train looks so worn in.


    Medusa: 4 rides


    Still smooth, still fun, great as always. Ive had some bumpy rides in the past but sunday was silky smooth. No lines all day long. Kinda feels like its the forgotten coaster in the park, back there behind EL Toro and Ka. sad. give it some love people.


    Batman: 1 ride


    10 minute wait at most all day im sure. I havent ridden this in 4 years. I was expecting the shake rattle and rolls of an ageing ride but there wasnt any. good ole B&M. I was suprised how well she rode. Smooth and fast - complete with the standard Batman intensity. the wing-overs were solid with a good snap. i loved it.



    I avoided Superman , ScreamMachine, and the others becuase well, i rode em all before, i was having fun goin back and fourth between the big 5 and i just dont care for them that much. Put it this way, i left the park for the first time without a headache.


    Staff was nice, and the loading and unloading on each ride i was on was fast and efficient to me. I didnt get that "i-dont-care" vibe from any one operator. nice job. Employees and security were all over the place and it was very clean - i hate to be so vague but its true- its the cleanest i have seen yet.


    Thanks for reading!

  3. i rode my first tornado slide a few weeks ago at Splish Splash here on LI. I was shocked at how steep it was too, freaked me out big time! i had the privilege of going the whole ride backwards.lol. i did notice that went you get to the bottom of the half-pipe area, it gets kinda brutal - you hit a rift of water that jolts you big time. was this one like this too?

  4. The White Stripes at Madison Square Garden! with Grinderman and Porter Wagoner.


    Awesome show! i was on the floor about 10 ft back from the stage and it was all out rock n roll. Best live band i have seen in a long time. They played for 2 hours to a pretty much sold out Garden.

  5. they should make it free, or figure out some way to store peoples possesions in the station better. im all for keeping people personal possesions off the ride. i can not stand those cellphone and picture people who do it without permission, it really makes me feel unsafe. god knows what can happen... but charging people for one time use if not cool.


    I was at Splish Splash water park out on LI a few weeks ago and they sold a key to a locker for 10$ when you bought your tix. It was good for all day, unlimited usage of one locker. At the end of the day, when you return your key, you got 4$ back. So it was 6$... i wonder if they can swing somethin like that - have some employee at the entrance to a ride checking for belongings. If they have somehtin on them, they can tell them before actually queueing up.

  6. i heard it on the way to work this morning. They introduced it as a clip of a chick freakin out on a rollercoaster. NOBODY said anythign about weight or ACE or anything. It was just a funny clip of some girl freaking out a coaster overseas, probably Infusion becuase she said its built over water and near beach with 5 inversions as she went up the lift hill. (im guessing)


    Anyway... the clip was mad funny. She was practically crying at the end. The way she was screaming was ridiculously funny. i was lol-ing for a bit.


    I think it may have been a reporter or someone who apprently is scared to death of coasters. Where did you hear they were saying she was fat? as far as i know, thats wrong info.

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