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  1. the one thing that sticks out in my memory is the great airtime after the drop. The air hill was sweet!At the time, back in the late 90's it was the most i felt on a looper.


    My fav part of the ride was the drop. the high corkscrew was so unique and packed a good thrill... TO me it was smooth, i remember nothin brutal about it ...i think i rode it like 6 times in one day. 1 ride at night. Anyone esle remember the red lights on the side of the trains?


    oh yeah, i went to a thrift store a few years ago and found a Drachen fire t shirt for 75 cents! ill post a pic if you wanna see it. its pretty old school!

  2. i diggin' those silver painted track ties. Lookin good.


    Is anyone else a little worried about goin over a road and an area outside the park where people can walk? i heard stories of kids throwing rocks at Scorcher as it passes by. Ever wonder if soemone will try somethin really dumb?


    Oh yeah, i gotta agree with Robb on Apollos Chariot. My least favorite hyper as well. They only good part on the ride is the low speedy turn after the curving 3rd drop - thats some good ridin' right there. But overall it lacks a punch and a solid ending.

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