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  1. if you can , take a stroll through Central Park ...especially on a nice fall /cold day... its quite nice. Also check out St. Patricks Cathedral, its a beautiful structure. As far as parks go. Good luck finding somethin that will be open this time of year. You can alway go check out Coney Island, its a great place to take photos!


    Dont let people who arent from NY give you the wrong idea about us..they just dont know how to deal with the movement of the city. sucks for them. Just go with the flow.

  2. And trust me Chauncy, if Gwazi rode anything like Balder, you wouldn't ride any other coaster in the park...EVER!!!


    Oh man, i thought Gwazi delivered a pretty hefty thrill... but trying to imagine the ride a hell of a lot smoother along with its constant intensity is like a wet dream! Gwazi is one of the best rides in the park and its odd you dont hear many compliments about it from anyone.

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