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  1. So that's what Orcs and Uruk-hai do on their days off...huh, never would have figured.
  2. ^ I don't think Rob was implying that you were implying that Untamed's layout was bad. Anyways, can't wait to see the themeing on this thing!
  3. No. I'll explain. Tatsu and Apocalypse were both built by companies who already had a stellar reputation for incredible rides. At the time of their construction, both GCI and B&M had several installments (of their respective types), all of which proved to be quite successful and pretty popular. So when SFMM constructed Tatsu and Apocalypse, it wasn't that hard to estimate their popularity. X was an entirely different story. Since when it first opened in 2001 (or 2002?), the ride achieved its popularity by mere fact that riders were amazed at the experience. But prior to X's construction, Arrow had never before built a 4D coaster, so neither SFMM nor Arrow had anything to rely on besides word of mouth to get both the ride's concept and the ride itself out to the public. Obviously, this time the prototype proved to be successful. Green Lantern is more or less in the same place that X was. While most coaster enthusiasts (sp?) know of the European installments, most of the American population doesn't. GL has nothing to rely on outside of people making some comparisons to X2 ( ), which will only peak interest in the ride. The rest will have to wait until the ride actually opens. And it was announced when the rides will open. Superman will reopen around spring-break, with the kiddie coaster opening sometime before that, and GL will open in May.
  4. No one wants to answer my question? A ticketed event is one that park viewers can attend if they pay for it. And as atem said, how can we predict it's popularity? Most of the GP will probably end up comparing X2 and GL based on the fact that both rotate, much like much of the GP thought Terminator/Apocalypse was Psyclone remade because both were wood and stood in the same location... For future reference though, for the most part, there will be a reason why your question goes unanswered. Either nobody knows or you'll find out eventually.
  5. ^Whistle Stop Town I believe is what they are renaming all the Thomas Towns in all the parks.
  6. I really don't understand the issue with theme park food here. You go to Magic Mountain and Disneyland for the rides and experience, not for the food. So what if its crappy? It's not like your local fast food restaurants are any better :/
  7. ^Perfect theming right there. They could take X2's little flying saucer thingy and put it somewhere along TS: TR's track or line, and boom, you have a flying alien enemy
  8. I got it. Perfect new name for TS:TR: Machine Hunt. It'll start off with the park announcing the new name and theme to the press, followed by machine enthusiasts everywhere crying foul and saying the park is supporting the hunting of machines, even though machines are an endangered species and part of the park's mission is to educate and help protect the machines.
  9. Wow, they are really hauling a$$ with that paint job! I knew it would not take that long, but I also didn't expect them to paint the tower, at least, as fast as they are! Hopefully they won't paint the brakes
  10. ^I think at this point anything can happen. I'd personally like to see something akin to Terminator Salvation's preshows, but have the videos on a loop. They could be projected on various crystals and depict either Kal-El himself or his father explain why we're on Krypton in the first place and why we have to escape. Just a thought
  11. From these updates, I have come to the conclusion that at some point in my life I am going to IAAPA. Even if I have to take someone hostage just to get in I do have one question though, assuming anyone has been at both: Would you rather attend IAAPA or Comic-Con, even though the only things they have in common are that companies showing off their products (new and old alike) to the media and public, the sheer enormity of both, and that they are held in select cities?
  12. Six Flags hasn't heard of logic. It's about as alien to them as non-generic names and less trashcans are to Cedar Fair
  13. ^I believe its going to be in the Looney Tunes section of the park. Which is kinda odd, unless they plan to make a DC superhero kid friendly area around the location of the ride. Oh well, better than Kid's Coaster. And it'll be nice to see Superman up and ready for the Spring Break crowd.
  14. ^Maybe they decided to come up with some murder mystery theme for Collossus, but it was too little too late The orange train is definitely looking suspicious....
  15. California Screamin' at DCA, around September 16th this year (though the photo has the mickey mouse on the coaster instead of Sun Wheel)
  16. It's not a dive coaster. It's like a 4th dimension coming from B&M. Its neither. It's B&M's version of a Wingrider.
  17. Meant to ask, has anyone been to X2: Area 19? I might go sometime this weekend and check out this year's Fright Fest
  18. The way licensing works you can't just go around slapping new signs and character names on the rides. I've just recently finished work on a project with DC Comics and everything you do has to be approved by them. And sure, they *could* look into it, but I'm not even sure DC would approve the license for a 21-year old, nearly taken out, sorta beat-up water ride. It would probably need quite a re-theme for that to happen. I know. I was actually just joking about it
  19. Actually, a thought just occured to me...Tidal Wave could be renamed as Aquaman!
  20. ^ I have heard rumors actually that Gotham is supposed to get an entire make-over and new look sometime in the next few years :/
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