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  1. Totally agree. So much more could have been done with the concept too, it was like a freakish mix between an arrow suspended, and, well, a chairlift. While it is "fun", everything is just so gradual and the pace also could have been a tad bit quicker. Plus, the ride was built in between operators, Star Parks Europe started the plans for Vertigo, and Compagnie des Alpes, quite reluctantly, finished it. Yeah, pretty overrated, overall. Doesn't live up to the 'hype.' - even though there isn't much hype about it, yet, since it had a soft opening.
  2. Are the layouts shown in the aerial and the 3D Model actual layouts of the coasters? Or are they just, layouts to show that there will be a rollercoaster in that spot, but not necessarily with the shown design.
  3. Nope, but it could be anytime. Even, March 2008, since Silverwood could choose to install it anytime during the 2008 season, but most likely for either the beginning of the season, which I assume is around March, or possible peak season, like July-August-ish. Or, Silverwood could choose to be like Joyland, and just keep Deja Vu in storage indefinitely, like Joyland has done with GL. Then again, this is just spec. So, nothing official, yet, just that Screamspace sources have "confirmed" that the GIB will be going there.
  4. Remember, that the GIBs are not being 'destroyed.' Both of them are being sold, and chances are that the remaining one will be bought by some other park that is fairly close to SFOG. Also, Screamscape has confirmed that SFGA's Boomerang is being relocated to Silverwood Park in Idaho. And even if the one at MM goes, it will still exist, and probably would still be located on the West Coast, or Western USA, at least.
  5. Giovanola filed for bankruptcy a few years back. Before that, Intamin and B&M got their track pieces from Gio., not sure where B&M gets their track now though.
  6. That would be awful (as in a wasted investment), but still amusing - not the attraction, but the fact that it was bought - at the same time.
  7. It has said 'Only One Remaining' for a couple of weeks now, and Screamscape also posted a couple of weeks back that one rumor was that a GIB was going to Silverwood Park in Idaho. However, that's not confirmed. Catapult is listed as 'No longer available' because SFNE decided to keep it after all and not sell it.
  8. I think those listings have been there for a while. If Flashback doesn't get a buyer (very likely), it will probably be sold for scrap metal.
  9. I think that not only Kennywood Park has been sold, but Kennywood Entertainment (the operator) of other parks like Lake Compounce.
  10. English please? Well, I was hoping they'd possibly alternate between French and English narrations, but maybe they will when it officially opens, since a lot of the other rides at DLRP are geared to both French and English speaking patrons.
  11. Usually, rcdb only creates the page when a major park that already has coasters builds a new one. Since this is a new park, they're probably either waiting for construction to start, or just don't know about it.
  12. I guess that's true, even though patrons need to remember that Six Flags would fix the problem before reopening the ride (common sense). However, if it's relocated, the average park guest will consider it a new ride, rather than being 'that ride where the girl's feet got cut off.' But, it's a shame that some Drop Tower's popularity has declined. SFKK and Intamin were pretty stupid here, SFKK since they didn't order replacements, but it sounds like Intamin should've been more assertive in reiterating that SFKK NEEDED to replace the cables every year or so. Anyways.
  13. What are they going to do with the ride, exactly? Give its spare parts to STOP at Six Flags St. Louis? What was the point of closing the ride? It probably would have been much easier to give Intamin a quick phone call and buy new cables. Problem solved. I mean, the public isn't going to stop using the ride just because of the accident (I would hope not). All the other Intamin Drop Towers in the world are still operating absolutely fine, with no accidents recorded. I believe this is the first instance in which a Drop Tower has actually done something to a rider, that was not the rider's fault. But the ride's fault / maintenance crew.
  14. Well, from the link you posted there's a video but from the looks of both the map and the coaster they're showing in the vid (Steel Dragon at Nagashima Spaland), is a Morgan Giga...so I don't think it's a launched coaster, unless there's something I missed. If it is a launched coaster then, well, that would be a first for Morgan. But, I don't speak whatever (Portugeuse?) so, yeah. Don't know for sure.
  15. It says that the coaster will use the terrain of the area, so maybe the lifthill doesn't have to be as tall as the drop, if it's built on a hill. Because a 330'-340' (seems like the right speed to achieve 113mph speeds) lifthill would be pretty crazy. Especially since Morgan doesn't use cable lifts like Intamin. So this will be the third tallest full-circuit rollercoaster in the world, only beaten by TTD and KK?
  16. I'm sorry, my mistake, I meant top 20. Not top 10. You needn't point out their wooden coaster experience either - I too think it's obvious they've been on more wooden coasters, than I have, it probably would be a bit odd if I had been on more than they have. All times I've ridden it this year (quite a few), I've come off with a headache, considering the ride itself is quite uncomfortable, and I'm not sure when the last time you rode it was, but I found that in 2007 it was just not so great. However, I can see in a way how people may enjoy it, and clearly R&E do. That's fine, and I was just voicing how I was a tad bit shocked to see it relatively high in both of their lists when woodies I have ridden that are in the bottom of their lists are much more enjoyable than Robin Hood. Well, anyways.
  17. I find it hard to believe that Robin Hood from SFH are in both of you guys's top 20. I really think that Robin Hood is just a bleh ride that doesn't compare to anything at all. Just utterly boring and fairly rough in comparison to other non-Intamin woodies. Robin Hood deserves to be ranked with the likes of Mean Streak in my opinion.
  18. Yeah, I just read that. Personally, I hope it's a false rumor. For me, it just puts one of the GIBs even further away from me than it already was. Plus, it has a medium proximity to SFMM (At least compared to Gurnee: Valencia and Austell: Valencia). Of course I'm sure it would be fairly good for the park since the park guests probably won't be as caring as Six Flags patrons about its downtime, and Silverwood doesn't attract as many visitors so its bad capacity is probably more like 'reasonably good' capacity. If it does go to Silverwood I just hope the buyer of the Sfog GIB isn't like in Utah, Oregon or Arizona =]
  19. Especially the Norwegian Loop. The pipeline influence is extremely obvious.
  20. While I'm not a Behemoth fan (I much prefer Six's collection of BM hypers), Behemoth is a little more "original" than Goliath. Goliath SFLR is just hill, hill, hill, hill, turnaround, hill...you get the point. Behemoth has a better turnaround, and some better ending elements. But despite this, it still isn't going to be the best BM hyper. Just a better one than Goliath La Ronde in my opinion.
  21. Hhaha. I can just tell that a small park wanting bragging rights for a GIB is going to so regret it after a couple of breakdowns and other various Vekoma-induced mishaps. Another non-US GIB would be nice. The Deja Vus were all inconviently located for me at least, so one that comes a bit closer to me sure would be nice. I love GIBs, probably the best Vekoma ride out there. And, my guess also is that at least one of them will be leaving the States.
  22. Notice the drive tires that are placed inside the inversion. Clearly that exemplifies one of the reasons the pipeline concept/prototype never really took off (Train weight therefore is an issue).
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