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  1. Sounds like fun but i live in VA and photo shop is greek to me . But good luck people!!!!!!!
  2. I'm have to plan a trip to Cali for some coaster fun next year . After i make sure the new coaster is up and running . Great update Rob looks like holloween is in full swing out there......
  3. rob take your time man it is worth the wait to see these updates..
  4. Great looking park and looks to mr you put alot of time into it. Wish i could start into a park like this put my computer isn't fast enough for the game so i stick with RCT2 for now..... Like i said looking awsome...... R.I.P Hyper Sonic.......
  5. Jack looks like you done it again .. The model looks GREAT!!!! Keep up the great work i am hoping to soon own one of the kits by winter ......
  6. Man you all are getting right down to spacifics of year and all!!!1 HAHAHAHa Wish my memory was as good as you all's , but then i was baked for the 90's !!!! lol
  7. I hope everyone has a safe trip back home off the trip . I wish i could have made the trip . "Stupid Work " Can not wait for the update you guys!!!!!! Yep one of the old BGE coasters
  8. I am scared of hieghts. Where i work requires us to go up in a manlift as high as 100ft. i found if you don't think of the height your are at and or going to it doesn't bother you. As for roller coasters i know i am restrained in the car so there for the likely hood of falling is not there
  9. Dang i wish i could slide up there but it is a mandatory weekend for work. I hope you all enjoy the parks though ..
  10. For RCT 3, how do you add water to the trough of the giant splash boat (if that's not the exact name, the Perilous Plunge type ride)? I tried to raise and lower the land around the trough and add water and tried to click the add water to the trough itself but nothing works. anwser to ????? Make a lake the construction of the ride will allow you to drop it in the water thus giving you the effect you want
  11. Great video. Thanks for posting. It has alot of Pov/video I haven't seen yet. Its also the first time I've seen video of Nesse interlocking at the same time. ^^^^^^^^^^ probably be the only time you see nesse interlocking . They don't usually do that 2 trains in the loops anymore . Why i have no idea but wish they go back to doing it..
  12. Volcano pkd 1998 August Andaconda 1991 june Big Bad Wolf don't remember the year though ( i was young then)
  13. Worst coasters i have ridin...... Outer Limits KD after overhead restraint where replaced. Sea coaster at SFA. Grizzly at pk Oh forgot drakenfire at bge ear post in the side of my head from restrants
  14. King Cobra at Kings Dominion Rebel Yell was first woodie as well as Scooby's ghoster Coaster First continious coaster was Lochness Monster First inverted coaster was Alpenghiest King Cobra is to the left of pic top side. Rebel yell And King Cobra @ Kings Dominion
  15. The park looks Awsome !!!!! I like you prefer rtc2 over rtc3 but my reason is my computer isn't fast enough to carry a entire senerio with out glitching..... I know buy a new computer!!!![/b]
  16. 24471 is the zip for Port Republic Va Jack. Finally saw one of the Scorpion layouts about a month ago at a hobby shop in Staunton Va. Awsome!!!! And let me know when you get them in i would like to see the trains .
  17. 24471 is the zip for Port Republic Va Jack. Finally saw one of the Scorpion layouts about a month ago at a hobby shop in Staunton Va. Awsome!!!!
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