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  1. Speaking of smurfs did anyone notice that they're selling smurf plushies in the shops along I-street? Seems like after 30 years they're making a real comeback. I wonder how long it's gonna be till the park gets tired of these rollbacks on volcano & decides to just replace the ride alltogether? I still don't understand why you hate Volcano so much... I may be heading to the park for a few hours later today or Wednesday. Let's hope for light(ish?) crowds. Yea thinking the same thing hope it is light crowds all day . I haven't been able to get up to the park for a month and having Roller Coaster withdrawals!!!!!!!!!
  2. ^ You just had to bring up Festaus I love that Germany food especially German Potato Salad.....
  3. I have not rode it as of yet but I am looking forward to it soon. Heck I am just looking forward to going to BGW all together.
  4. I swear Verbolten is a new ride it is going to have it's aches and pains. If I remember correctly Big Bad Wolf went thru the same startup pains as well. Yea I rode it the first year it opened but never got to ride it the last year but then I was out on the road.
  5. I usually ride by myself but have seen them unlock some people and have them switch up seating.
  6. I never did care for motion sims they never did agree with me. If it is smooth movement I am good but jerky stuff I am in need of a break on my gut.
  7. ^ I think you would need to call the park Season pass office and find that out . The park # is (804) 876-5000 which happens to be the main number for the park itself.
  8. I'm gonna have to invest the $5.00 to check it out on my next trip. Anyone know what the average crowds are like on a thursday as compared to the saturday crowds? I might be going on a group outting to the park on june 21st & hope that crowds will be light compared to the usual saturday experience,especially since we'll only be staying till 6 pm. Light was there Thursday after Memorial day and almost all walk on except Volcano.
  9. ^ A B&M Inverted would be a nice addition to KD. Then there be a Inverted coaster at KD my fat butt could get on!!!!
  10. For what you get it is well worth the $5 up charge. I did it a few weeks ago and it was really interesting to me as a 39 year old . I was never into Dinosaurs when I was little and for the money where can you go and see them move for less money . There are a few other Dino's out in the park and yes the one on the right just inside the gate scared the crap out of me one day.
  11. I believe there was one at one time many years ago but it only showed International street. Half the time it was working then rest of time it was down...
  12. Appaerently I am a goober non picture taker only got a few pics in plus seems every time I go to the park my phone does a update and drains the Battery. Not to worry Friday next week I am getting a new Camera that is water proof/ Resistant . Dominator on another run Andaconda doing it's thing Nothing like a great view!!!!!!! This is Bridget my Girl Friend and yes she plans to become a TPR forum member and a clubber. lol Up till this year she hadn't rode to many roller coasters now she has ridden all but I 305 FoF and Volcano. She got the nerve up today to ride Drop Tower and almost Volcano but since no fat man seats on Volcano she didn't want to ride alone. First time Bridget rode a Drop Tower and yes there is a video you can hear her scream all the way down.
  13. I'll keep checking the weather updates to be sure. Coastercrew has some updates on that activity going on behind rockshop....looks like they're digging for something using the mini excavator....I wonder if it could be for a new path behind rebel yell to access the south end of the park? I went to the park today and for starters the north side of Rebel Yell is tight! New track has slowed it down some compared to South side. Only North side ran today with one train . I305 ran like a champ as always with just 1 train. Valcano was running 1 train with no flames . Backlot ran white and blue all day with no flames( thank god) . I Got a ride in on Grizzly no disappointment there . Went down into the Water Works to get some sun on and try not to get injured as last Saturday episode. I am proud to say that no bones headaches or concrete burns. With that said I did get a little to much sun. All in all the park was not crowded at all and most rides we rode were walk on or 5 minutes or less. Will have a few pics up in a bit need to resize and all that such....
  14. ^ I like this trend that BGW is going for .I hate to carry my wallet all day long....
  15. ^ Weather underground is what I use for forecast says partly cloudy and 80. Going up to the park Thursday for me then Girl Friend and Boys going Saturday .
  16. ^ Will not be there myself . Boss told me Tuesday night that I will be working Saturday night . Bummer. I may slide up there Thursday for a while should be slow day for the park....
  17. We could just look for a 6'3" bald goatee white guy and you got me. Lol
  18. ^ that is what i was scared of as well Bridget is only 150lbs and I am 325 lbs. But as I said were both stiff and sore this morning but good. She told me this morning that next time she is riding alone ...
  19. ^ running good they where dispatching both side together which I am glad to see them racing again. Didn't ride it but I will be back June 2nd to ride it...
  20. Me and Bridget went to King's dominion today to go play in the water park. We hit Backlot coaster and made are way to dodgem then on down to the Waterpark. We got changed then headed to the old wave pool got wet then off to Pipeline Peak. PP for short is a tunnel style water slide that uses 2 person Tubes. We get on and off we go in total darkness. Now let me explain to those that have never seen me or Bridget. I am 6'3" 300lbs. Bridget is 5'9" and under half my weight( thought I would tell you her weight did ya?). Any way got down about halfway with me in the rear and hit a somewhat tight turn . The force shoved us up the wall and boom were on are backs with no tube. She was ahead of me and no way of seeing her . I remember her hitting my left leg and screaming. When I came out the tube I found her balled up hanging on the side of the run off. I got up ran over at the sametime heard a scream coming out of the slide we where just on. She ended up banging her left side of her head where her Implant is so she can hear. Banged up her shoulder and cheek bone. first aid came quick and got her evaluated and she was fine. Her shoulder is still sore but trudged on . I like to thank the EMS , Security, and Lifegaurds at King's Dominion for there fast and sincere service. You Guys and Gals rock. There was no problem with the tube or ride just a problem with my big ole butt pushing and us both losing our balance. I did twist my back wrong though not hurting to bad . Will probably feel it in the morning though........ As for the park Dominator all 3 trains up and running same for Backlot. Both sides of the Rebel Yell up and running. We left about 5 due to the before mention but crowds where not bad. Would have tookin pic's but camera still isn't here as promised..
  21. ^Lol yea my girlfriend is deaf so she is going working on getting time off ro go.
  22. Just to let everyone that may not know June 2nd is deaf awareness day at KD.
  23. I am going on June 2nd with my girlfriend if I can get off that day. Deaf awareness day. Be us and few of are friends. My gf is hearing impaired but has a cochlear implant. Glad u had a easy on day at the park Coaster. Way it has been for us so far this year as well.
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