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  1. Good to see everyone is excited about coming to kd and bgw hope t see u all there.
  2. The reason they hoisted the victim up was the exercise was a hole which was outline with yellow tape. So you have to go up and out then zipline down past the outlined area.
  3. Can not wait till I head down to BGW at the end of the month. Going on a weekday though hope to get a few rides on Verbolten.
  4. I do prefer seat assignment on a new coaster it makes more manageable and allows for a faster Q. Yea it is nice to ride the front row of a coaster on it's first year but then I am happy just to ride a coaster......
  5. Crowds usually get bigger by mid day on Saturdays. I tell most people to hit Volcano first Flight of fear 2nd. Those to coasters have a low cycle time for some reason. From there it is pretty much a gamble. You may get very lucky and most people will be hitting Busch Gardens that weekend since Verbolten will be opening on the 18th. if you want to ride everything 2 times I would get to I305 after Volcano and Flight of fear it is in the same area and can get crowded. But I have yet seen a line over 10 minutes on it. Windseeker is on the other side of the park . You also got fast lane on 15 of the rides at the park so there would be a option as well.. As far as the Crowds it can get a little rough mid afternoons but to me they not as bad as some say unless it is a holiday weekend. Hope you enjoy your first time at King's Dominion and your entire trip to The US ......
  6. ^ Glad to see you enjoyed your selves on the first visit to the park. I have noticed the uneven paths as well and I know some were done to allow drainage in certain areas. And as far as I305 , Dominator, and Grizzly yea there my favorites but then I remember when grizzly was built and rode it on its first season.
  7. Didn't get to head out to the park today but had to work tonight so know your pain being in the Monsoons!!! I feel your pain on someone stealing your girlfriends Camera. About 3 years ago I got a brand new Fuji Digi Camera stolen . I bought it off of a Truck Driver out west for $40 but it was the thought of someone stealing it peed me off most. Of coarse it happen at Magic Mountain in 2009 but still if it ain't yours don't bother it...... Glad you go to ride Windseeker at night . I still haven't seen it with the lights. Me and my Girlfriend carry a back pack with are cell phones keys and camera in it . Also her daily meds as well as all my junk I need.
  8. Mondays are usually low crowds as well as Tuesday Wednesdays and Thursdays. Volcano is a must at the beginning of park opening due to long line 30 minutes after park opens. Fof almost the same. Or hit Windseeker then high tail it to Volcano because last 3 times I been to the park all 3 were busy with long lines.Besides those 3 rides should be no more than a 10 to 15 minute wait in line for coasters and such. Do remember Water Works will be open and this does drop the rides lines down as well usua;;y mid day till 5 or so.
  9. I agree with using a themed pathways over a Q line with endless steel bars going back and forth. It works with Q bars if there is a space restriction but if you have available space add the themed Q and make a buildup for the ride.
  10. As of Saturday there was only 2 trains running and 3rd was no where to be seen. But 5 days can make a difference in getting #3 back on.
  11. I recommend volcano first then hit 305 fof backlot then scoot on over to windseeker then drop tower in that order. Volcano get long lines quick and so does windseeker. Last Saturday I was at the park it was cool and raining so a lot of people my come out this weekend. Even with low crowds volcano and windseeker were 30 minute waits. Dominator usually doesn't have a long wait if both trains are running. We hit it first Saturday and only in line 10 minutes. Came back .at 4:30 walk on
  12. Here is a video I shot of Crypt ... [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=VID_2018[/coastertube]
  13. Yea I have seen the after effects of the Crypt I believe that person had a few hot dogs that day.lol I just have a real fear of heights and things less than 2 inches I diameter holding me up.
  14. Yeah,I'm finding the same situation here as well,Dominator sure did a number on me as well.[/ The Coasters ( except Hurler back row) Don't bother me at all. I305 made Me feel 100lbs lighter on my feet. Mostly flat rides do me in like Swings The Crypt which I still never rode and Swings forget it . I am 300bls and those chains are not big enough for me. Dominator just makes me hyper .
  15. All I got to say been along time since I been to BG and I don't care if I get to ride the Verbolten coaster as long as I get to see the park I be Happy. Ever since 1980's when My Mom and Dad took me and Bro down there for the first time I have always loved the park. Nessy was my first looping coaster and Drchen Fire was the first coaster to make me bleed. Can't wait to go down later in May...
  16. Yea back in my teens and early 20's I could ride anything no that I am knocking on 40 old Stomach can't take it.....
  17. Funny you mention that because I felt the same way after riding the eagles on opening weekend. I get queasy just watching the dang thing....
  18. I heard the same on 305 yesterday but only when it was pouring down rain. I chalked it up to a roll back popping up as well. But when my hearing impaired Girl friend can hear it it was loud....
  19. I agree 100% on the family ride deal. This year is the first time I have ha the chance to ride Backlot and I am not a bit Disappointed.I hope they do get all 3 trains running on Backlot due to the line gets long by about 12. I did notice something yesterday when riding Anaconda . Was riding mid train and going up the lift hill it made a loud bang on are car. Scared my Girlfriend made me jump a little. Now I am no expert on the mechanics of a roller coaster but don't think it should be doing that. Maybe it was a one time thing where chain slipped since it had just rained.
  20. So backlot is now up to full capacity with all three trains running? Blue is still no where to be found . Red and White were running Saturday.
  21. Found a few more pics of first week park was open... Yep that be me in the white shirt and tinted glasses. Now you all know why I asked the questions about fat people seats on rides.. Front of park outside the Gates SNOOPY!!!!!!! What I heard out of right ear before I was deafen from my girlfriend screaming his name. Like I said cell phone doesn't justice to the park.
  22. Here are the few pics I got today and earlier this month this is the reason there is sunny day pics in this batch.... And yes the Swings are still in kidsville as seen here and operating. Must pic of the fountains Outside park Gates of Dominator Dominator first drop The last of the pics I found in this crazy computer of mine for Dominator I 305 and Anaconda Lift hills. Oh by the way I rode I305 today for the first time and barely greyed on it. Rob was right that Coaster is intense and good thing lines where less than 5 minutes to none. My Step son on Ricochet earlier this April Backlot from 9th of April when White train Valley. Was tooking while eatting a dang bacon Cheese burger . Pic from Dodgem to Shockwave I know not many Pics but like I said some of the 30 pics I took are lost .
  23. Yeah,if the weather holds out that won't be the case next weekend....looking forward to the pics. Sorry to say pics are a bust lost them somewhere in windows Vista. lol Yea it was nice Saturday with all the walk ons . Also forgot to tell you all white and red trains on Backlot were running. As soon as I fine those blasted pics I will get them up...
  24. The Swings are still in Kidsville and running this morning. Besides the on and off rain showers not bad of a day for almost walk on rides. Dominator was a little busy this morning but was a walk on by 5pm. Anaconda was the same all day long And I305 was walk on at 11:00 and 4:00 to day. 305 was a bit of a stinger when the rain fell and doing 93 mph but for the most part me and the Step son had a blast on it. Did find out for sure that Shockwave is out of my coaster list now. My Shoulders are to wide for me to get in the restraints but no biggie I was riding this coaster back when it was new till a few years ago so had my far share of trips on it. Did find out why Rebel Yell is only running 1 side right now there re tracking the side closest to the Farris wheel. Hope to see it back up and running by summer. Windseeker was running good today even though I did not ride it or get to see the lights on it . Drop Tower running when rain let up or there was people on it. I do remember someone saying the Pizza was better this year and I have to agree it is better but Stouffer out of a box isn't the greatest but did fill a hollow spot. We stayed till after 5 by then the girls where cold 1 had lost her voice and I was getting pian waves in my left knee. ( Damn old age syndrome ) Got a few pic's to throw up later on after resizing ....
  25. Someone needs to get some better pics of that area to be sure.I hardly cut through that section as I tend to go down the back path towards congo from Dominator so I havn't really seen what's going on. I will let you all Know Tomorrow .........
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