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  1. Thanks for the pics and video. Really great to see how they incorporated the animal atttractions with the coaster. It's quite stunning. I can only pray that one day that whoever winds up owning Seaworld San Diego can install such a great ride.
  2. That's good news! If true that is. Disney definately needs to be more on the ball with updating the films they use in their rides. I mean, decades for Star Tours, HISTA, probably Soarin' wii not change, Bugs, and so on? Once the facility is built, how much is it really to drop in a new film?
  3. How about the Tower of Terror as a flying coaster? Same ride up until the last drop, but on the next upward launch, the car is shot up out of the tower, into tophat element transiton to the flying position (essentially going from TOT's seated angle, to Tatsu/Manta flying), then into a Manta/Tatsu style course. I figure the station would have a drop away floor for loading/unloading.
  4. I was there Tues after a several year absence. Finally got to check out the Blue Sky Cellar and the construction. Carsland, if they pull it off, will be incredible and the most complete of the "lands." Beyond that though, the rest of the park will be "Six Flagsian" in the random themes running next to each. Where the Little Mermaid begins, and over to Mickey's Wheel of death - it's just bizarre and will be still after all that money is spent. Jumping Jellyfish, garish souvenir stands, burger invasion, Silly Symphony swings (is it the longest construction period ever for a retheme of a carnival ride?), a pizza place, dino sunglass hut. It's just insane. They really do need to pick a theme, and imo, it should be animation/walt disney studios. Between WOC, Carsland, Little Mermaid, Silly Symph., Muppets, Toy Story Mania, Bugs, Monsters, Aladdin, Talk to Crush, etc., animation nearly is the defacto theme right now. I wouldn't associate any of that with adventures in CA.
  5. Looks good! When I saw these shots the other day I was impressed. I am hopeful a 2D/side scroller gaming rebirth might take place for the home consoles.
  6. The New Years event looks like a good attempt at tapping into the holiday crowd. It's just that the locals dont' associate the park with the winter hoildays, like they do with DL, Uni, and Knott's. SF never really has had any kind of character icon or ride icon that can lend itself very easily to a Christmas theme. The nearest thing they have would be to give Thomas Town a Christmas makeover. A few Christmas tress - and they really are not that expensive, with lights, around the track, new soundtrack - and there you go. In general though, I have always wished they would just drive down the street to Target and stock up on Christmas lights. They have so many trees there, it is a missed opportunity. But, I hope the locals do turn out for the New Years promotion and the weather holds out for the event.
  7. It really seems like a non-core business for SF, Inc. to be investing in. I mean, why not buy shares in companies like B&M, Vekoma, Intamin, etc.? Was there some kind of research study done showing the need for a novelty haircut brand? Supercuts dominanting the all important low cost hair cut? The least they could do is to get this business on a reality tv show. In theory, Harvey Weinstein sits on the board of SF, time to call in some favors.
  8. Re: the HH expansion. So true. I would love to see them install a master blaster slide tower and Flowrider in the FB gravesite. Personally, I would change Yosemite Sam Sierra Falls water slide so that it is part of HH. Essentially, redirect the last half of the ride so it terminates in HH, and then use the available space for another set of kiddie rides.
  9. They also can do more modest options like a Zamperla Surf's Up or Mega Disko Coaster. Plenty of space for those kind of smaller coasters. As long as they don't try to do anything like the Batman indoor mild mouse at SFMM, they really can't go to wrong with a coaster choice. With steel prices at an all time low, it's probably a really good time to lock in some contracts. I imagine Wiggles World will be taking over the Flashback spot.
  10. I'm sure the event is budget constrained, and if this proves successful, it will grow over the years. But that's completely on point that the chain needs to work that synergy thing quite a bit more effectively. One thing they could do though on the cheap is to at least carry the televised show in the park. Send it across the monitors, so guests in line could watch the show. If they had the resources, someday air the live broadcast on a rented screen/projector in the Batman action theater. Although I'm not sure about the details/broadcast rights issues they would be faced with since it would be a "public" exhibition.
  11. With the age of the building, it might have been necessary to tear the structure down. I can only hope that the replacement is something that has some level of visual appeal. But, it really should be for the little kids. Something like those foam ball lodges that little kids seem to dig. A short "family" coaster, like the way too short Pony Express, would be a waste of resources. PP might be relocated to Cedar Point, per a screamscape rumor. To me, it would make more sense to send it over to Soak City next door, as it really is better suited for a waterpark. I really hope they redo their master plan here pretty soon.
  12. To solve their debt, they should ask the govt. for a bailout, since every other company seems to want in, why not SF? They could make a case since they are a huge employer, do businesss with many different vendors, and a loss of any of the parks in any state would damage the local economy/tax base. If America Express can magically be considered a "bank" now to secure 3.5 billion, SF should be on the phone to their congressman to get them a piece.
  13. I have relatives that have enjoy the Castle Inn & Suites on Harbor Blvd., for Christmas time they claim they got a good deal. I know the Howard Johnsons is pretty nice there, and the Best Western close by is decent as well. One thing that is new to the area is the Gardenwalk mall...little bare still, but PF Changs and the Cheesecake Factory are there, so that's something. I don't think there is a grocery store within easy walking distance of DL actually, but it's a short drive. Vons as I recall is in the area, lot of mini-marts too. One thing that may be a big help is google maps. Punch in Disneyland, and then search nearby for the business type you would like. At least that way you'll know the precise distance.
  14. File this under crazy idea. I was thinking about how SF is on a kick to plus their older coasters, Medusa, X2, Superman, etc., and this thought occured to me. In the case where the changes/plussing are entirely cosmetic and not impacting performance/reliability (Medusa), does it make sense? Dont' get me wrong, onboard audio and track effects are welcome additions (as well as better queque's), but is there a greater opportunity here? Or - here is where the crazy idea comes in - would it make more sense to actually expand the coaster? For many of SF coasters, the layouts are not themed or in parking lots. This give an opportunity to actually expand the length of the track without removing costly decor. Take the Medusa/Scream layout. Imagine adding a IOA Hulk style launch to the ride! The train would drop out of the original station, down into a launch tube for a show scene. Then, launch at 40 mph, into the 1st 1/2 of the Hulk layout. The concept is that the new section connects to original Medusa/Scream tracks at the apex of the original lift hill. I imagine that the lift hill would either be redesigned as a MCBR or that the train has slowed down enough before dropping down into it's original 1st loop. This could also be applied to the B&M Batman design. What if the lift hills added another 100-150 feet? Then the train could drop down into a new/additional layout before joining the original design. Imo, the B&M's that are not landlocked and even SFGADV's KK (look at all that lovely parking lot KK could expand over!), could be ideal candidates for expansion. This crazy idea/theory to me would accomplish the goal of refreshing the ride (and marketed as "new" to the gp without worry of irritating the more crictical coaster folk), while not being as costly as a start from scratch/concrete slab install.
  15. That's an inspired entrance for the coaster. Is that the old shooting gallery next to it in the pic? If the entrance goes there, wouldn't it be cool if they changed the old west theme over to a Terminator shooting gallery? All in all, I am interested to see how they fit the ride into the area, where the entrance is, if we get a super bathroom, etc.
  16. One important thing about the choice of the the theme is that the coaster is now a sponsored attraction from day 1. Hopefully, they cut a good deal with the studio to pay for marketing/construction costs of the ride. That is part of the brilliance of Disney. For the most part, all their rides are sponsored by other corporations to various degrees. So while the Terminator theme is unusual for a wood coaster, it makes more sense looking at the business side of it. All in all, my only construction wish is that they have a dedicated lane for Qbot holders. Other than that, imo, this choice of coaster is a great choice for SFMM.
  17. This is great news. 2011 is going to be an epic year for the theme park scene in so cal. USH has needed a major attraction like this for an extremely long time. Maybe the third movie will be released that same summer?
  18. Thanks for the photo. Looks like it will be very lightly rethemed. Looks like more of a change is being made to the station than anything else. Not sure why it would take until 2010 to pull that off. It is rather bizarre that they would attempt to tie this into any theme of "flight". An inverted family coaster would make more sense. Speaking of which, shouldn't they dump the Golden Zephyr? Maybe replace it with a swinging pirate ship? Or boat themed disko coaster? I took one ride on the GZ, and it is literally a waste of space.
  19. Option 1: Tap into revolving credit (which is where they get their budgets from). Option 2: Sell parks. Option 3: Chapter 11. If they couldnt afford to pay dividens for years and theyre in huge amounts of debt its not like they have $300mil sitting around. Then again if theres one thing SF has been good at its putting off the inevitable. I always look to Euro Disney as an example of how a park can manage huge debt for long periods of time and still stay operational.
  20. I'm from the Montana/Wyoming area, and I can only pray Disney would look into building a hotel complex in those areas. There is literally nothing on their level in those states/areas. For the most part, the areas around Yellowstone are not developed as well as they could be.
  21. I wouldn't actually worry about this. The financials side of SF is in the hands of the CFO. There are more than likely plenty of options available to him/her that will keep the company operating for years to come. As fans/customers of the parks, all we can do is enjoy what we have right now in the moment, and spread word of mouth about the positive changes we experience within the park.
  22. So what are they doing with the Maliboomer? Selling it to a local park by any chance? Or is it going to be relocated to WDW? The replacement Parachutes doesn't seem like much an improvement. Replacing one tower ride with another that is far less exciting and redundant? Does that mean Jumping Jellyfish is on it's way out too? Imo, I think it would be rather amazing to see a Huss Topple Tower in that space. All in all, I think the new overall look is quite nice. Except for the giant Mickey head on the Sun Wheel. That to me is quite out of place with the new Victorian era look of PP. Maybe if they just did the outline and used the interior space as projection screens for the World of Color?
  23. Nice to see those pics! Great to have a new coaster in so cal to look forward to next year. Good timing for SFMM as well. With Universal, Knotts, and DL/DCA in-between big attractions, SFMM will be the only local park with a brand new ride. Speaking of the theme, they always could extend "The Movie District" all the way back to the Terminator coaster. Rename a few attractions/shops and/or some props to tie into Hollywood, and call it good.
  24. Curious if the Snicker's sponsorship resulted in any changes? And, since Weinstein is a member of the SF board, wondering why his movie label Dimension Extreme isn't part of the Fright Fest? Seems kind of a natural fit for the event.
  25. I would agree with this direction that SF is taking. Take for example, Space Mountain. Strip away all that theme, and your'e left with a decent, but not spectacular coaster. But, with all the theme, they have a few coasters that are crowd draws that last for decades. SF, in many ways, have coasters that are amazing frames to build stories/themes around. So, if they pursue the Disney model, theme out 3 to 4 coasters per park, they would be in pretty good shape for the future. I also agree that a sense of story is important to the theme overlays that they are planning. Disney's themed coasters usually don't tell a literal story, with definitive acts/chapters, but usually the theme communicates a time/place. With the a character like Superman, however they can do a story arc in the queque line (from baby in Smallville to Superman in Metropolis) with lower cost props. They should also get Warner in on the act as part sponsor of the attraction, as it will help promote the Superman franchise as they move forward with their film projects.
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