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  1. Okay... Top Gun's new computer system was installed after Arrow built it. It's not even done by Arrow. The same slow-lift safety system is used on the Beast. Double Loop does not have a rusted out lift, that is grease. And Six Flags put those rides on the waterpark side of Geauga Lake in 2001. The Sea Dragon belonged to SFNE before it was moved here.
  2. ^ The Rock-O-Plane, the Octopus and the Roll-O-Plane are all built by the Eyerly Aircraft Company. Looked like a carnival from the 60's!
  3. Sounds like you had bad luck with the SLC and Boomerang. I find them to be very decent. But your right, Great Escapes Boomerang is better. I rode that in 2003. Sorry about your ride on Villian, that used to run so much better, but Six Flags didn't take care of it, it's been a lot to bear on Cedra Fair (hey, that rymes!)
  4. Texas Twister was repainted THIS year. The public is eating it up, they think it's a brand new ride. It draws people to itself as well as the Peanuts show, the 3-Point Challange and the Cornhole game right in the heart of Frontier town. That area was gridlocked for a bit. Since getting repainted in 05, Thunderhawk is another ride that the public is flocking to. Saw lots of people running to get in line for it on Saturday. Im not too worried about the old waterpark, since the skyscraper isn't running, and Big Dipper moves too fast to see anything good enough anyway, I don't think the public see's it as that much as an eyesore, most don't even know it's there nowadays, and you cant see the pools from the road since there are privacy fences along Route 87. The park is looking and running better now than it has for years.
  5. The Monorail did not have a dual loading station. It did, however always have a counter service and picnic area underneith. Also, it was not wheelchair accessable. Looks like you had a decent trip.
  6. The Cobalt is a much better car than the Cavalier it replaces, and the Pontiac G5, which is essentially the same thing as a Cobalt (it uses the same dementions, engine, frame and wheelbase) is nice looking too. This has been "Car Review" with your host, John Peck
  7. Depeche Mode totally rocks live, even with their Exciter Tour in 2001 when I saw them, they totally made "Dream On" hip and fast. Isn't the Cure working on a new record? I thought they were.
  8. Wow! What a great time you must have had at that concert, Rob! I love Erasure as well, but to be honest, I haven't really kept up with their new stuff all that much. After "Cowboy" I kinda stopped buying their stuff. I guess I should look back into them. Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys and New Order are still bands I drool over and keep buying their records. Of course, Im totally a Morrissey fan, still.
  9. Cudos on the Carpenters guess. Im very pleased you knew many of their wonderful song titles. (Even though most of them were covers)
  10. I wish they had purchased Astroworld's Greased Lightning and called it "Plymouth Rocket" (I know thats close to the name of their new restaurant) Anywho, employee parking can go anywhere, I'd like to see more Thanksgiving stuff or even Easter.. as long as they pay a religous tribute.
  11. ^ From what I've heard, GCII is considering selling their trains to anyone who would like one. Not sure if anything has been wriiten in stone, but It's been discussed.
  12. The statue is of St. Anthony. St Anthony loves children. Micheal Jackson also loves childern Micheal Jackson loves children entirely differently than St. Anthony.
  13. I don't like any of the names they have to vote on. Neither of them have anything to do with Columbus or the Zoo. Thats probally what they wanted, but still. "Wyandot Lake" of course never made much sense because we are nowhere near Wyandot County and there no lake anywhere close. I went to the auction back in November, it was my last chance to say goodbye to the old Girl. The concept art really doesn't match where "I heard" things were going. But then again, there could be a million pieces floating around somewhere. No pun intended.
  14. Dang. That Flying Ace's structure looks so Bisch-Rocco it isn't funny. I know it's not, but wow. Premier did a great job at recreating that. When did they repaint the Mouse? In 2000 or so I remember it being a rust color or so.
  15. From what I heard, when the Beast had its accident a few years ago, it wasen't due to wet breaks, it was due to Jammed breaks in the return shed.
  16. Sounds like a Hampton Umbrella ride combo. I operated one of those about 14 years ago at a carnival. Not sure how it could operate on its own. Most machinery needs two devices to operate it, so this paticular ride had a hand held switch and a foot pedal that you had to hold down simutaniously to operate the ride.
  17. I arrived at the park this morning (Memorial Day) with Maggie running 1 train all day. I assume the other trains have been removed so they can X-Ray them entirely. I would imagine that they will get it up to two-train operation by the end otf this week as they repair the damaged cars. If it had been a more-serious incident, the ride wouldn't be running at all. Signs of life on the ride is a VERY good thing.
  18. Word on the street is that it will be repaired.
  19. ^ Running into you on a Theme Park Site....of all places! How funny is that??!!!! I'll send you an email here soon.
  20. ^ Hmmmm.... Carrie? Art College.... yes! 32... Close 33! And yes, Rumblefest 2006 was a blast, but it took me about a week to heal from that.... and Holiwood nights by golly!
  21. Many of the big theme parks "looked" cleaner in the 1970's is because: A. Frankly, there were like 15 Big Theme Parks Built in the United States during that time, and were clean and shiney 2. The trees haden't grown in yet C. Many of the 70's picts we see are from Professional Photo Shoots But think about this... Most major parks had between 2 and 3 really big, high throughput rides and the parks still brought in close to the number of guests they do today. Imagine the lines with those slower-loading flats!
  22. The Star Trooper is built by the company called "Dartron" They also make the Zero Gravity, Downdraft and Cliffhanger. They make modern versions of the old Hrubetz rides, Im not sure if Dartron bought the assets of Hrubetz or how the whole thing came to be. But there you go! Heres a great site that gives you a ton of info on flat rides: http://www.flatrides.com/
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