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  1. No. Should I go to steak n shake?
  2. ^ Likes Shrek < Wishes Shrek would DIE V Loves Diana Ross
  3. I love David Lanham. http://dlanham.com
  4. HAHAH!! Love you're avatar! It's the greatest I've seen.... p.s..... what does being christian have anything to do with that avatar?
  5. Maddy? Sounds horrible. They need a princess name. I say Renée Zellweger will do her voice, o.O?
  6. RIP Napster. P2P FOREVER!!!!1!!!111ELEVENTY!1!
  7. ^Wouldn't even second doubt that there is actually cheese in your shoes... V Was a late bloomer
  8. No. Myspace sucks. Do you have an iPod?
  9. ^Should get a Mac, cause Safari does spell check. V Needs a Mac.
  10. Actually. I do. Do you know any fairies?
  11. Disney Channel Original Movies. =( And Roller Coaster Tycoon. 1.
  12. I know you all wanted the n00dz, but I'll keep it safe for now. (yeah, i love sepia)
  13. I hope the stadium doesn't feel as claustrophobic as it looks! But I'm sure the BMG show will be awesome. Can not wait to see it. I wonder what they will do with the walk way to Hard Rock from USF....
  14. I hate people who can't understand that some people don't need a $2,000 Mac that won't do anything better then a $400 PC. (considering that not everyone needs to use photoshop,video editing,video chat,etc). the mac mini costs less than vista ultimate... the mac mini comes with ilife(amazing software package) and mac os x(the most advanced OS). 2,000?
  15. Me too...especially Honeycomb and Apple Jacks...I like to put them in my mouth and suck out the milk. Mmmmmm. Ew no. Fruit Loops is where it is at.
  16. Hi. I'm Skylor. I love Roller Coasters.
  17. Dane Cook and Margaret Cho FTW.
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