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  1. I wouldn't take that information too seriously. I doubt we will see a full paint job happen but they are fixing up some smaller things right now so thats at least a start. If they do start painting the track again, I'll be amazed and shocked but at this time I haven't heard anything yet. So, we shall see
  2. You know the thing is, it wouldn't be so bad if Knott's did get a new attraction every once in a while but it just seems that what they take out is always mediocre or worst than what was put back in. The same goes with sticking to the plan of just building coasters and not trying to change things up a bit. I believe if Knott's was to decide on another coaster, make it worthwhile and build something to the scale of Ghostrider and stop building for a while; Not more coasters which are low capacity, destroy surrounding areas, and have a ride length of 30 seconds. I have said this before and still believe that Knott's could still change for the better but because of bad decisions, disregard of guest experience, etc, hold the park back from it's full potential.
  3. Everything in that building was gutted out. No hope for a return. That's not a bad thing though because something new in the future could be much better. Who knows.
  4. .....Words can't describe what I'm seeing here. Please burn those photos! My mind can't handle the pain of viewing a park in such horrible shape. I'm suprised that place is even allowed to operate
  5. I don't know even where to start, this all makes sense and is just an amazing piece of work, I congradulate you for your effort you did put into this. Pure genius.
  6. I believe the most interesting projects currently in the making for the 06' season are as follows: ( This is in my opinion) 1)The Voyage-Holiday World: This coaster is clearly a monster. It's a great layout and has some good features that will make this ride stand out from the rest. Also, because this coaster is a hybrid and built by Gravity Group, this is a hard test on the company and this could be one of their signature coasters with the future continuing on. With this said, this is my first pick. 2)Expedition Everest-Animal Kingdom: All I can say is "Wow" This coaster looks amazing and the mountain itself makes the original Matterhorn look like a "baby mountain". This ride is also breaking records too if you want to call it that. First, this is Vekoma's new track design which I say is a good choice to use this track system on this ride of this magnitude. Secondly, this is the largest project yet for Disney in WDW. Also, it just plainly makes me want to go and ride it myself. So, this will make my second choice. 3)Goliath- Six Flags Over Georgia: This is big news for SFOG and I believe it will be a great addittion to the parks line-up. It looks like it will have good airtime and a complete amazing expirence from looking at the layout. So, this design might not be nothing new but looking at it is making me put my hands up all ready. 4)_________- Six Flags Magic Mountain: Ok, there is still not a lot known about this Flyer but knowing SFMM, this ride should be a winner. It's also been rumored that this flyer will have something no other flyer will have and will only make the watching of the construction process even more interesting. This ride for sure will be something to watch and find outwhat this thing is going to look like. That's it as of right now for me. I know there are others for 06' but these are my favorite choices of interests. I'm glad to help out with this research and survey .
  7. Cali is awesome! Hint hint: The Theme parks Well, Florida too but I like Cali
  8. ^^The S:TE debate is almost like a completely ramdom rumor someone craeted or was it? I have high hopes and I have a "Hunch" that we will be seeing a new coaster at the mountain soon which will be amazing to see how well it will interact with the surrounding invironment and that's if this rumor is indded true for a new coaster. From the looks of it, I am almost positive now
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