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  1. Fascination does rock! Plus the prizes don't *completely* suck. One of my frustrations with theme park games is the plush overload... who on earth needs more plush!!!!?!?!?!
  2. So there are some rumors floating around that RCCL will have an unlimited alcohol (basically well drinks) package for $55 a day on all ships and also an unlimited internet package as well! Unlimited internet could be pretty awesome unless they can't keep up with the bandwidth.
  3. ^ I don't feel that adding more legions is really the answer, but having actual scare zones that are themed made more of a difference than they realized!
  4. ^ Wow. Like crystal clear sense. How much do you want to bet that has been the idea all along and the negotiation and false starts were all charades.
  5. ^^ Norwegian did that one night on one of the NCL cruises I was on. Not sure if they do it currently on their ships though!
  6. It's interesting that there was a Book of Mormon reference in Bill and Ted in Hollywood. They removed the lady dressed up as a Mormon behind the "Epic Rap Battle Debate" in the Orlando one!
  7. ^ Because the maintenance costs on the train are greater than the guest dissatisfaction from the added wait.
  8. That is exactly how I feel about NCL as well. We have done it twice, both times were OK... even GOOD in some regards, but there are just so many better options. I would do NCL again for an amazing deal but thats really the only reason why.
  9. That POV is *amazing* - the more I see about Ocean Park, the more I want to go when I eventually make it to HK!
  10. This. Do I think there are some "blue sky" plans? Yes... But I would be shocked if they didn't wait to see how Potter 2.0 did first.
  11. Keep in mind that the studios park is VERY different from the LA version. You should be fine on Monday 11/19. I would be very surprised if it is busy at all. Have fun!
  12. My Order.... Dragster Millenium Force Magnum XL-200 Raptor Wicked Twister Blue Streak Mantis Iron Dragon Gemini Mean Streak Wildcat Mine Ride Corkscrew Disaster Transport Woodstock Express
  13. With some of the conversation about building new Stand Ups - I thought this would be a good question as well! I love the old-school suspended coasters...and it is a unique "family" experience. What do you guys think?
  14. ^ Agreed - perhaps they added a 0 by accident?!!?! I feel like the Hard Rock Park Investors are going to show up in the next story about this..
  15. ^ I agree! Everything old is new again. I really don't like stand ups, but they are a unique experience and I think to the GP they are something that they will want to try again. Look at the popularity of Green Lantern!
  16. So far this month I have ridden Rip Ride Rocket and the Wacky Worm at Old Town.... It's a tough choice...
  17. ^ They have done beer flights in the past. Thanks for the report Adam, the event looks amazing!
  18. ^ I have to agree. I never really have thought of Cedar Point as a beautiful park, but you have captured some great angles which make me reconsider my opinion!
  19. ^ *We* know superflight is horrible, but the GP eat it up because it looks like a unique and interesting ride and they can charge a higher ticket amount for it.
  20. The whole beer thing is really bizarre - is the Pittsburg area really that conservative when it comes to issues like that? Most major parks sell beer without any issues so I am surprised that they are making it seem like such a big one there!
  21. ^ I have to say "Yes Please!". Loving all of these unique views on this unique trip!
  22. ^ Hello! Just a few questions - Are you visiting both Universal Studios park and Islands of Adventure or just Islands? Also, what week in November are you going... most Mondays will be *VERY* slow with the exception of the days near the Thanksgiving holiday.
  23. My number 1 has to be Space Mountain in Florida...but would Expedition Everest count as "Dark Roller Coaster" since it has dark portions inside the mountain?
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