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  1. I'm straight. I have no problems with gays, transexuals, lesbians or bi's.. I'm sorry to say this, but if you fancy necrophilia or petophelia... I could never be freinds with you. Sorry, but as of being the age of 13... I find it frightening that somebody would want to steal a young person's innocence. And necrophilia... I just have no idea whatsoever why somebody would want to (blank) somebody deseaced. To me, that is like disgracing their body after tragity has already occured. As for gays ect, as long as you don't force it on me (I'm too ugly for anybody to like anyway ) but it makes it more obvious to me if you tell me you like me you're lying. Even if you were a guy who told me I was nice looking I wouldn't beleive you. But, that doesn't mean I think the same about others . I like females... but it seems they dont like me
  2. A Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 park I made long ago, and never thought to post. I was around 9 when I made this park, and my skills [in RCT2] have developed much since this. But I'd thought I'd show you one of my first parks in RCT 2! The story is that it was an old fair that was so popular the company started to expand and eventually made a theme park that stayed full-time. It Got larger and better and eventually turned into a thriving amusement area! Reversify's Awesome Station. I'm still amazed about how well I did on this at tnine. I saved this park on my old Windows 98 SE computer then and realized I still had it on my old computers hard drive and never deleted it. I put it on a compact disc and transfered it to my laptop and took some pictures. (Thanks Aoshi for telling me how) I love this ride and station too.. To bad RCT3 doesn't include these awesome support structures. I could do so much with them. So unrealistic, but so cool. I titled this coaster "Lunar." I should import this into RCT3 because it looks like it would be a blast to ride. An overveiw of the midway, with some more recently added "Amazing Earl" rides. I have worked on this park slightly since I started it, but I had forgot about it till about a week ago. All I did was add rides though, the theming is the same as it was previousely. And if you notice, the flat rides have almost no theming. I still love this station, and nothing will change that But anyway, I hope you enjoyed one of my first parks! Have a greeeeat time.
  3. Hey, thank you for the advice! I will try the best I can to put it to use! I don't really understand Elementary or the Automatic Heartline Generator so I have to use plain NoLimits to smooth, and it has became quite hard.
  4. Here's the worst I could dish out newtrack.nltrack OUch wee ouch ouch ouch weeee ouch ouch ouch weeee ouch ouch ouchh... O GOSH the pain!
  5. I posted this for no reason other than advice to make a decent track. This is NOT a good coaster, I warn you... so if you are very picky and dislike helping others learn how to run the game better please, do not hesitate to state your opinion. This is my first attempt at a NoLimits track and I know that, that is no excuse for it being bad and I'm not going to use it as a defence mechanism for critisism. I can take critisism well, and I won't argue based on your opinions. Please just try to help the best you can. And yes, I know the name has already been used , I was in a rush to name it when I saved it though. But I also realize that is no excuse... I will name it more originally next time, If you think I deserve a next time, because again, I warn you, this IS really bad. Scream!.nltrack See, I told you, its the WORST NoLimits track in history.
  6. I thought that it only pulled 6 Gs when it ran the full length trains. It pulls less Gs when the removed a car after the accident. Still a very intense ride though from what I hear. oh, yup. 5.2 now. Its still DANG intense though. Very, very scary ride. Second roller coaster I ever went on I've heard of people blacking out of the third loop its like Goliath's helix but upside down
  7. You dont think Galaxyland is a good park? Mindbender is... amazing. ALthough I do agree, I have no idea why I chose calaway park for my name lol, the only good rides are chaos and the log ride... Anyway, great post! Thanks. No I know that SOB truely does suck
  8. Galaxyland in West Edmonton Mall is just plain amazing. Worlds tallest, largest and fastest indoor roller coaster, and it has three loops! You pull Six G's on that baby and its like 20 feet lower than Goliath at La Ronde-- but it's indoors. I find that pretty cool. The helix near the end is INTENSE. Plus, Solar Flare gives your ground rush, Galaxy Twister (INSANE freakin top spin) does this thing where it's tame at the beginning, does a wave motion mid-way (One arm goes down while the other says level) and then it just turns plain mean... it makes you flip like 60 times in a row. Advice: Don't and I mean DON'T sit in the end seets unless you like your feet being pushed into the back of the ride so hard it feels like they are being meshed into it... Space shot is like... wow. Worlds tallest (Isn't this sounding like an indoor Cedar Point?) indoor shot ride at 120 something feet high. Riding at night is insane because its indoors-- you cant see a thing.. then you reach the top and it plays a strobe light sequence, then freeeefaaallll, then lauch again and repeat, except the strobe lights only show once. The rest of the ride at night is in almost total darkess. I could go on and on about how great these rides are but you guys have to see the park for yourself. Its awe inspiring. Plus, Mindbeder is Schwarzkopf
  9. Oh God, I second that!!! I absolutely ADORE those rides! I've never been really scared on a ride...
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