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  1. Local news stations are now reporting on this, although no new information of course. https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/six-flags-reportedly-wants-to-merge-with-cedar-fair-which-owns-cedar-point-michigans-adventure
  2. Now CF is skipping the B. Riley FBR Annual Consumer & Media Conference, which I assume, is to potentially avoid Q&A discussions on the potential acquisition? At least, based on what some others have said (I am not familiar enough to know what these things mean, if anything). https://seekingalpha.com/news/3503666-cedar-fair-said-skipping-conference-today?fbclid=IwAR1oIBbFSTNrjZF-yY9r96Y1Z0Qlqsaitso7lT650CUB8lhioOUTQQlXSgk#email_link
  3. I don't buy all right turns being a design flaw. Or any part of this a design flaw. Improper maintenance, absolutely. Personally, the fact that this happened on two of these ride types, at this age, hint to me that fatigue failure was the culprit. Usually, failures like this occur with little warning unless inspections are thorough (via one of the many non-destructive testing methods). That being said, we don't know good/bad this park is with their maintenance program so it's all just speculation. After 35 years and likely well over a million cycles, while the trains may have been designed properly for such service, over time any corrosion, material fractures unseen with the human eye, damage to any welds, etc... Could lead to such a failure. If there was a real flaw in design, it would have likely occurred well before 35 years of service. Unfortunate incident, but it likely was completely avoidable.
  4. Some quick work with a few of my beers on tap that I have brewed. In order, top to bottom: German Pils Bamberg-Style Marzen Rauchbier Oktoberfestbier
  5. I can see the sentimental attraction for those who grew up with the thing, but no real loss here personally. It was a matter of time. Rode it once every few visits and that was enough for me. It will be a far more exciting plot of land with something better utilizing the space within a few years.
  6. I mean, you have to remember to put up a ride of this scale, they need land to position the cranes and other equipment to safely get the ride up. If you look up old construction photos of the beast, they also cleared the land immediate to the ride, naturally. It just had many, many years to re-grow back in. Also, they wouldn't need to clear as much land as it's just lumber versus having to stage large cranes capable of lifting very heavy components 300ft in the air! That being said, hopefully they will fill in the land again with new tree's and such once complete.
  7. +1. The finale is uncomfortable for me. Just like Storm Chaser, which is the only other RMC Hybrid I've ridden. Yeah, I agree on Storm Chaser. After that corkscrew or barrel roll, whatever you want to call it, it is just uncomfortable and borderline annoying. Sucks, because again, the front half is so damn good! Same with SV... I really like the ride up until that final barrel roll... The finale completely just kills it for me. I don't like the feeling i'm on a mechanical bull with those abrupt, tiny bunny hops. It doesn't help that due to my height, my shins are also pinned on those shin restraints and after the few rides on media day I took, my legs were destroyed. Even aside from that though, i'd take longer sustained floaty air over the abrupt ejector any day of the week. No contest!
  8. Just throwing it out there as it happens with each and every B&M installation... Track work will be done by Jan/Feb like clockwork and yet everyone will comment on how quickly the park got it done, lol. Don't forget the past year of land clearing and foundation work that is the big time consumer over the relatively quick assembly of the ride itself.
  9. To me, that part especially comes across as a design flaw IMO. It doesn't feel 'right' and doesn't add anything to the ride aside from feel weird and out of place. That is the start of the finale I absolutely hate, though. Nothing good comes out of that part forward on SV
  10. Aside from the initial whip on the first drop, maybe, Banshee is farrrrrr from snappy. It's like the anti-snap. It's still intense, but intense =/= snappy.
  11. We absolutely loved Toverland! The ‘charm’ was just too cool. We had more fun and enjoyed it more than we had expected to. Fenix was great fun and Troy to me was a highlight… I love GCI’s and this was no exception. Moved up to probably my #1 wood coaster, honestly! I also liked the racing GCI’s at Efteling (and the one at Europa wasn’t too shabby either!), but Troy took top spot. It also helped the day we were at Toverland, it was completely DEAD. Beautiful day, as well. But re-riding Fenix in front row, lap after lap (as well as Troy) was just awesome. We look forward to getting back to this park in the next few years!
  12. Banshee is plenty intense, but for me, not in the way I like my inverts. It also ranks as one of my least favorite B&M inverts (my favorite style). It's got a great first drop and some pretty intense G's, but the elements are just so BORING. The transitions especially have no 'snap' to them, awkwardly shaped (you seriously 'wiggle' side to side entering those dive loops... That's just weird to me) and that completely kills how awesome that same layout could have been... Done say, 10 years prior or something. I still like the ride, but in my mind, such a waste of a killer layout by designing the elements so terribly.
  13. They also did a straight drop on Invadr, but I agree it's very rare for them. Joris en de Draak at Efteling as well!
  14. Looks fantastic! It's nice to see another brand new GCI go up. Seems like everyone is after RMC, but this more exciting to me personally. Looks like I will finally need to get to this part of Texas to visit (and SFFT of course)! Yay for new wood coasters!
  15. Nope. Not in my experience, especially the past few years as it's gotten more and more busy (on Friday's in particular which used to be very low crowds). Not to mention the lines for the mazes are very, very slow moving. What should be a 5-10 minute wait end up being 45 minutes due to small groups, spiel to each and every group, etc...
  16. Me. I don't love Steel Vengeance and much prefer rides on MF.
  17. My best guess: 1.) Raptor 2.) Millennium Force 3.) Dragster 4.) Gatekeeper 5.) Maverick 6.) Steel Vengeance 7.) Magnum 8.) Valravn 9.) Rougarou 10.) Blue Streak 11.) Iron Dragon 12.) Wicked Twister 13.) Gemini 14.) Cedar Creek Mine Ride 15.) Corkscrew
  18. Crowds have shifted at CP the past few years. You can basically go anytime in May, June or July now and it's never THAT bad. But come late August through October, good luck. With the pass promotions (including free fastlane), bring a friend free, Halloweekends, etc... Even the glorious Fridays in September are thing of the past unless weather is bad. Sundays are picking up as well, as those ticket and free fastlanes are only available Fri/Sun for use. They have filled up what used to be their slower days. I miss those dead Halloweekends Friday's! Could always count on a dead park... Easily my absolute favorite times to go to CP. Now, as an example, last year the second Friday during Halloweekends I believe it was, I had to turn around and go home as the wait to get into the park was across the entire damn causeway! In the past, you would be surprised if the lot was more than maybe half full. Good for the park, though!
  19. Stopped by the park yesterday evening, arriving around 6pm to a 2/3 full lot. The only thing we really waited for was Valravn, at 1hr which was sad because it should have easily been half that. They stacked each... and... every... train. I couldn't believe how terrible this crew was the entire time we were in line! Running three trains and constantly stacking all three. Oy. Six Flags operations here! Last ride on Raptor had another issue, where a rider was sick/fainting or something and waiting for EMT to arrive. Crew never announced anything, so the station got a big rowdy. To the point a guest nearby was practically insulating the poor girl on the ride for not getting off (who was fainting and/or sick),yelling that that the park is closed, she ain't stuck, etc... Quite rudely. The girls friend was basically yelling back at this guy, it was getting fairly heated and totally unnecessary. Felt bad for the girl. Sad thing is, there was an officer in the station who did nothing except stand there, on top of the ride crew not even as much as informing the guests there was a medical issue and awaiting EMT before continuing operation. So it just fueled this station of people basically verbally insulting this girl awaiting EMT's. Could have been handled so much better... Aside from that, all was great. Everything else we rode was 5-10min... Blue Streak, Magnum, Rougarou, Gatekeeper and our rides on Valravn and Raptor... Enjoyed a lap on the train and the antique cars. Beautiful weather, perfect evening. So aside from the horrendous Valravn crew and the incompetence at Raptor, great visit!
  20. Houston... We've got burnt ends. Brisket finished around 13hrs... Put the flat away to rest a few hours, cubed up the point and that is what is pictured above. Currently smoking after being re-seasoned and sauced.
  21. Brisket for today! Started it about 8hrs ago, probably another 4 to 6 hours remaining before it's 2-3hr rest. A massive 20 pounder pre-trim! Once it hits temp, flat will rest while the point is prepped to become the best food known to man, burnt ends! Will have brisket leftovers for a while... But nothing a vacuum sealer and some freezer space can't handle! Smoked primarily with Mesquite and Oak, with a little Hickory.
  22. Banshee wishes it could be as awesome as Raptor! (I like Banshee, but no contest for me!) This giga looks like great fun. I don't love the ending, but the rest of it looks awesome. Not a big fan of Diamondback, so i'm excited to have this at the park to pair up with Banshee, Mystic Timbers and Beast. Quite a collection they have now compared to pre-CF days!
  23. This weekend, did my first tri-tip! I did a reverse-sear, using my Weber Smokey Mountain. Smoked it at 225F for about an hour over charcoal and pecan wood. Then once the meat hit 110-115F, pulled it off and put my grate directly over the coals to turn into a grill. Had it on for another 2-3 minutes each side to sear the exterior and pulled the meat at 135F internal temp. (Next time, I’ll pull a hair earlier by a few degrees). Let rest for 20 minutes and then sliced. I rubbed the tri-tip with salt, pepper, chipotle, coffee and onion/garlic. Let’s just say tri-tip became one of my new go-to’s! Flavor was incredible!
  24. Honestly, look at is as a blessing in disguise. Park has been mobbed as of late. A chance of storms rolling through for an hour or two may be worth far lower crowds.
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