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  1. Disneyland has announced that both parks will be reopening on April 30, along with the Snow White attraction renovation opening on the same day! Note: Based on reopening guidelines, this is for California residents for now. Magic is Back at Disneyland Resort! Theme Parks Plan to Reopen on April 30 https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2021/03/magic-is-back-at-disneyland-resort-theme-parks-plan-to-reopen-on-april-30/ After being closed for more than one year, magic is finally returning to the Disneyland Resort theme parks! Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure park are planning to officially reopen to the public on April 30, with limited capacity. You’ll soon be welcomed back to enjoy unforgettable attractions, see beloved Disney friends, shop for the latest merchandise, savor the world-famous food and drinks, capture fun photos and cherish special magical moments. Get ready to once again experience favorite attractions at both parks, from thrilling adventures like the new Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and the Incredicoaster to family-friendly experiences like Peter Pan’s Flight and Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. New magic will be unveiled, too, as the reimagined Snow White’s Enchanted Wish opens to guests for the very first time. -- Because theme park capacity will be significantly limited to comply with governmental requirements and promote physical distancing, the Disneyland Resort will manage attendance through a new theme park reservation system that requires all guests to obtain a reservation for park entry in advance. To enter a park, both a park reservation and valid admission for the same park on the same date are required for guests ages 3 and up. Theme park reservations will be limited and subject to availability and, until further notice, only California residents may visit the parks in line with current state guidelines. More details about this new reservation system will be available soon. Guests will also have the opportunity to stay in the middle of the magic as the Hotels of the Disneyland Resort plan to welcome guests once again, with a phased reopening. Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa plans to reopen on April 29, with limited capacity. Disney Vacation Club Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa will plan to reopen May 2. Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel and the Disneyland Hotel will reopen at a later date.
  2. Apologies, but I'm removing your video link: Above from the Terms of Service. Locking this thread.
  3. The implication is that the land will be around for long enough that all the foliage will eventually grow back in.
  4. I dislike it too. Some are speculating that trees were removed all around the layout to prevent potential clearance issues down the line without having to bring in maintenance to cut tree limbs every year, others are thinking that they are keeping the area relatively clear so that they can replace the rest of the Topper Track with I-Box track at a later date.
  5. This whole discussion reeks of "they slowed Skyrush down" and I really am NOT here for it.
  6. I'm surprisingly okay with this... The outdoor section was always the worst part of the ride for me. As for the layout changes... It's pretty much impossible to go from that second brake run to the bumps underneath the trellis... I'd bet that the spiral there is still part of the layout.
  7. That's correct! All "filtered" results - be it all wood, all steel, all B&M, etc only take into consideration coasters that meet the filter. The Intamin coasters' placement on the overall poll is based on preferences between them and all other coasters - RMCs, B&Ms, Macks, etc. When you take those coasters away and compare them apples-to-apples, the results can be different. When you ask yourself what the best Intamin is, you don't compare Intamins to RMCs, you compare Intamins to Intamins. We'll consider your request on the filtered results pages but that might end up being a next year thing! And as for the question on riders, we do have a rider count but it's internal. Remember that any coaster with 12 riders or more qualifies to get a numbered / ranked result.
  8. Here come some top ten lists from the big three - B&M, Intamin, and Rocky Mountain Construction! Top 10 B&M coasters in 2020 Fury 325 - Carowinds Flying Dinosaur - Universal Studios Japan Orion - Kings Island Pyrenees - Parque Espana-Shima Spain Village Shambhala - PortAventura Park Nemesis - Alton Towers Mako - SeaWorld Orlando Katun - Mirabilandia Montu - Busch Gardens Tampa Leviathan - Canada's Wonderland Top 10 Intamin coasters in 2020 El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure T Express - Everland Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park Skyrush - Hersheypark Maverick - Cedar Point Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion Taron - Phantasialand Mega Lite coasters - Various parks Balder - Liseberg Goliath - Walibi Holland Top 10 RMC coasters in 2020 Steel Vengeance - Cedar Point Lightning Rod - Dollywood Untamed - Walibi Holland Outlaw Run - Silver Dollar City Twisted Timbers - Kings Dominion Wildfire - Kolmarden Medusa Steel Coaster - Six Flags Mexico Twisted Colossus - Six Flags Magic Mountain Iron Rattler - Six Flags Fiesta Texas RailBlazer - California's Great America
  9. Legoland Florida has announced a brand-new miniature theme park for 2022, themed to Peppa Pig! WORLD’S FIRST PEPPA PIG™ THEME PARK TO OPEN AT LEGOLAND® FLORIDA RESORT IN 2022 Merlin Entertainments Brings Partnership with Hasbro to Life to Create a Playful Place Perfect for a First Theme Park Experience WINTER HAVEN, Fla. (Feb 25, 2021) — Starting in 2022, families will squeal with delight as they jump into the playful world of Peppa Pig for an unforgettable day of adventure at the World’s First Peppa Pig™ Theme Park, only at LEGOLAND® Florida Resort. Designed to be the ultimate day for little ones, this all-new standalone theme park will feature multiple rides, interactive attractions, themed playscapes and water play areas—complete with “muddy puddles” of course—and fun live shows daily, all based on instantly recognizable locations from the globally popular brand. Families will meet Peppa and her friends as they snort, giggle and play to build their family’s first theme park memories together. Rides and attractions details for the new Park will be announced this summer. When Peppa Pig Theme Park opens in 2022, it will be a separately ticketed park. Unlimited Florida sunshine and wonderful weather will allow this new theme park to operate year-round. Annual Passes to Peppa Pig Theme Park will be available as standalone memberships or inclusive passes that will also grant admission to LEGOLAND Theme Park, LEGOLAND Water Park and other regional Merlin Entertainments attractions. Merlin Entertainments, a global leader in location based entertainment with brands including LEGOLAND, Madame Tussauds and SEA LIFE® Aquariums, has an exclusive multi-territory licensing agreement with Hasbro, owner of the Peppa Pig brand, to build and operate the Peppa Pig attractions, targeted at the preschool market, as part of its broader strategy to engage in partnerships with some of the world’s most popular brands. Fans and parents of future “little piggies” can be among the first to hear the big news by signing up for the Peppa Pig Theme Park emails on PeppaPigThemePark.com/Florida
  10. Please don't make three separate posts. You can edit your posts, y'know. I've merged them together. As for the change in speed, Lightning Rod was still the #2 overall coaster on the TPR Coaster Poll this year, so who freaking cares? I get flashbacks to when people were complaining about how Skyrush started slowing down as it crested the lift.
  11. While, yes, the rankings are important and make the headlines, I feel that it's the percentage preference that matters more. Medusa Steel Coaster may have dropped to 11 this year but it is still within 1.5 percent of El Toro, the current #1. The top coasters in general are all insanely close to one another, and our poll is but one data point in the coaster-riding universe. It's why some people like to create their ballots in groups or batches. Like you said, the top X number of coasters are essentially on the same tier. I would say that we don't end up in "questionable" coaster territory until well into the 300s.
  12. Deviations in rankings within the Top 25 Coasters' Parks This is a ranking of the parks with coasters in the Top 25, organized by deviation. The deviation is how much the difference is between a park's best coaster and its worst, according to the overall rankings. Keep in mind that a park's "worst" coaster might still be pretty good! Kolmarden is excluded because it only has one rankable coaster on the poll. Walibi Holland - Untamed vs Condor - 97.,55% Everland - T Express vs Rolling X-Train - 92.81% Kentucky Kingdom - Storm Chaser vs T3 - 91.50% Six Flags Mexico - Medusa Steel Coaster vs Batman The Ride - 91.57% Hersheypark - Skyrush vs Sidewinder - 88.45% Six Flags New England - Wicked Cyclone vs Flashback - 88.44% Lake Compounce - Boulder Dash vs Zoomerang - 85.28% Carowinds - Fury 325 vs Carolina Goldrusher - 84.27% Cedar Point - Steel Vengeance vs Cedar Creek Mine Ride - 82.38% Kings Dominion - Twisted Timbers vs Anaconda - 80.98% Phantasisland - Taron vs Temple of the Night Hawk - 76.67% Six Flags Magic Mountain - Twisted Colossus vs Gold Rusher - 72.92% Knoebels Amusement Park and Resort - Phoenix vs Black Diamond - 72.17% Six Flags Great Adventure - El Toro vs Runaway Mine Train - 78.02% Dollywood - Lightning Rod vs Blazing Fury - 68.26% Silver Dollar City - Outlaw Run vs Fire In The Hole - 62.51% Warner Bros. Movie World - DC Rivals Hypercoaster vs Green Lantern Coaster - 50.9% Holiday Park - Expedition GeForce vs Sky Scream - 31.67% Universal Studios Japan - Flying Dinosaur vs Space Fantasy - 24.03% Liseberg - Helix vs Lisebergbanan - 20.57%
  13. It's okay, that's probably been the question that's been asked the most. All traditional wooden coasters have steel running rails - Rocky Mountain Construction basically just says, instead of doing three separate little rails on top of the stack, we're just going to use a single thick steel rail that all the wheels can run on. If Great Coasters were to ever build a coaster completely out of their Titan track system, we would classify it as a Steel coaster alongside the Rocky Mountain I-Box coasters.
  14. The cutoff is there to ensure that there is at least some consensus to a coaster's ranking. As a coaster gains more riders / rankings, its placement each year on the poll should become more and more stable, or "accurate". Likewise, the less riders / rankings a coaster has, the more volatile its rank is from year to year. What affects a particular coaster's placement is how much it is preferred over other coasters on the same ballot, or how other coasters are preferred over it. Everything is totaled up across everyone's ballots, and the more people that end up saying, "I like coaster X more than Playland's Coaster", the lower it goes. It is a bit complicated to explain, but the result is legitimate.
  15. The 2020 coaster poll results are LIVE! Discuss! EDIT: It should be noted that Liseberg was listed as "USA" on the original graphics, this has been fixed. Apologies for this error.
  16. And finally... Everyone's favorite part! 2020 Top 12 Worst Coasters Overall. Coaster Express - Park Warner Madrid Cobra - Tivoli Frieheden Anaconda - Walygator Parc Big Apple Coaster - New York New York Hotel and Casino Rolling X-Train - Everland Bandit - Movie Park Germany Grizzly - California's Great America Zamperla Volare coasters - various parks Goudurix - Parc Astérix Arrow Dynamics Loop & Corkscrew coasters - various parks Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril - Disneyland Paris Ninja - Six Flags St. Louis 2020 Top 10 Worst Wooden Coasters Coaster Express - Parque Warner Madrid Bandit - Movie Park Germany Anaconda - Walygator Parc Underground - Adventureland (Iowa) Little Dipper - Six Flags Great America Grizzly - California's Great America Wildcat - Lake Compounce Ghoster Coaster - Canada's Wonderland Arkansas Twister - Magic Springs & Crystal Falls Coastersaurus - Legoland Florida 2020 Top 13 Worst Steel Coasters Cobra - Tivoli Friheden Rolling X-Train - Everland Big Apple Coaster - New York New York Hotel and Casino Zamperla Volare coasters - various parks Goudurix - Parc Astérix Arrow Dynamics Loop & Corkscrew coasters - various parks Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril - Disneyland Paris Master Thai - Mirabilandia Mad Mouse - Valleyfair Vekoma Tornado coasters - various parks Comet - Walygator Parc Dragon - Ocean Park Western-Expressen - TusenFryd Thanks again to anyone and everyone who took the time to vote in the 2020 poll. Look out for us to keep the thread going with fun, interesting, and random stats! As always, please comment / post if you have any questions, and we can't wait to do this again next year once everything gets back to normal! What additional fun and interesting "top" lists do you want to see? Leave a post!
  17. 2020 Top 25 Overall Coasters DISCLAIMER: Note that these results may not be consistent with the Top 25 wooden and steel coasters - the wooden results only count wooden coasters, and the steel results only count steel coasters. Some steel coasters are preferred over high-ranking wooden coasters, and vice versa. For example, Steel Vengeance was preferred more over Untamed when wooden coasters were taken into consideration, placing it at #3 over Untamed's #4. This is not the only example of this happening. These results are mainly for reference purposes, and as a data point for our poll for aggregators that use combined wooden / steel results, such as The Roller Coaster Index. El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure Lightning Rod - Dollywood Steel Vengeance - Cedar Point Untamed - Walibi Holland Outlaw Run - Silver Dollar City Maverick - Cedar Point Skyrush - Hersheypark T Express - Everland Twisted Timbers - Kings Dominion Wildfire - Kolmården Wildlife Park Medusa Steel Coaster - Six Flags Mexico Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park Helix - Liseberg Phoenix - Knoebels Amusement Park and Resort DC Rivals Hypercoaster - Warner Bros. Movie World Twisted Colossus - Six Flags Magic Mountain Fury 325 - Carowinds Millennium Force - Cedar Point Taron - Phantasialand Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce Flying Dinosaur - Universal Studios Japan Wicked Cyclone - Six Flags New England Balder - Liseberg Storm Chaser - Kentucky Kingdom Coasters that did not meet the ridership requirements The TPR Coaster Poll requires a coaster to have twelve (12) rankings, or "riders", to qualify in the results each year. This is to help get to a consensus - and to prevent single ballots from skewing results in one direction or the other for a particular coaster. Coasters that do not meet this requirement are given a provisional result but are not included in the official ranking. Notable coasters that did not meet the requirements for 2020 include but are not limited to: Hakugei - Nagashima Spa Land Zadra - Energylandia Taiga - Linnanmäki Extreme Rusher - Happy Valley Beijing Python in Bamboo Forest - Nanchang Sunac Land Ultra Twister - Rusutsu Resort Bullet - Selva Mágica Soaring with Dragon - Hefei Sunac Land Gravity Max - Lihpao Land Starry Sky Ripper - Joyland Dauling Dragon - Happy Valley Wuhan Storm - Etnaland Mystic - Walibi Rhône-Alpes F.L.Y. - Phantasialand Junker - PowerLand Wood Coaster - Knight Valley Dynamite - Freizeitpark Plohn Wood Express - Parc Saint Paul Panic Coaster Back Daaan - Tokyo Dome City Roar-O-Saurus - Story Land If you want to see any of these coasters ranked on the poll, be sure to go out and ride them once their parks open back up!
  18. The 2020 Coaster Poll Results are in! https://coasterpoll.com/ The Theme Park Review Coaster Poll is an ongoing effort by myself (A.J.), Chase (Comeagain?) and Robb (robbalvey). We're continuing to work hard to develop THE definitive annual ranking of the world's roller coasters! The reason why this poll exists is because the Mitch Hawker poll, which was considered by many to be the quintessential roller coaster poll for nearly 20 years, had kind of fallen into a black hole leaving few polls or awards that exist that we would put real faith into the results. This year, we had over eight hundred people submit ballots! We would like to thank everyone who took the time to submit one - you're helping fulfill the poll's mission! The way Mitch’s poll worked is that instead of being a “popularity contest” of “he who gets the most votes wins”, it actually ranked and weighted people’s real life riding experience against each other. It took into account how many coasters you’ve ridden and how those rankings compare against others with similar experiences. It also meant that no matter if you’ve ridden 50 or 500 coasters, the results were “fair and balanced.” As a refresher, these are the rules: To qualify for the poll, a coaster has to be the size of a wild mouse or larger, with a select few exceptions To receive a numbered ranking, a coaster must have been marked "ridden" and ranked by at least 12 (twelve) people; any with less than that are given a provisional ranking and not included in the "top" lists Individual installations of roller coaster clones (Vekoma SLC, Mack Blue Fire, etc) do NOT count in rankings; Instead, their votes are all averaged together, and they are ranked as a single entry; A clone is defined as any coaster with three near-identical installations or more Any coaster that is standing but not operating (SBNO) is not ranked Normally, the additional rule is that a coaster must have operated for the majority of the previous season (2020) to qualify for the poll. However, due to current world events, we have taken 2019 season operation into consideration as well. Are you excited yet? Here come the results! Wooden 2020 Results Steel 2020 Results Complete 2020 Results 2020 Top 25 Wooden Coasters El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure (+1) Lightning Rod - Dollywood (-1) Outlaw Run - Silver Dollar City T Express - Everland (+1) Wildfire - Kolmården Wildlife Park (-1) Phoenix - Knoebels Amusement Park and Resort Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce (+1) Voyage - Holiday World (-1) Colossos Kampf der Giganten - Heide-Park Resort Balder - Liseberg Ravine Flyer II - Waldameer Water World (+1) Goliath - Six Flags Great America (+1) Coaster - Playland (at the PNE) (-2) Mystic Timbers - Kings Island (+1) Wooden Coaster Fireball - Happy Valley Shanghai (-1) Mine Blower - Fun Spot Kissimmee (+1) Shivering Timbers - Michigan's Adventure (-1) Renegade - Valleyfair Tremors - Silverwood Theme Park GhostRider - Knott's Berry Farm (+1) Cú Chulainn - Tayto Park (+4) Gold Striker - California's Great America (-2) Troy - Toverland (-1) Comet - Great Escape (new to top 25) Wodan Timbur Coaster - Europa Park (-1) 2020 Top 25 Steel Coasters Untamed - Walibi Holland Steel Vengeance - Cedar Point Skyrush - Hersheypark (+4) Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park (-1) Maverick - Cedar Point (-1) Medusa Steel Coaster - Six Flags Mexico (-1) Twisted Timbers - Kings Dominion (-1) DC Rivals Hypercoaster - Warner Bros. Movie World (+1) Twisted Colossus - Six Flags Magic Mountain (+3) Helix - Liseberg Fury 325 - Carowinds Taron - Phantasialand (-4) Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion Millennium Force - Cedar Point Flying Dinosaur - Universal Studios Japan (+2) Wicked Cyclone - Six Flags New England (+5) Storm Chaser - Kentucky Kingdom (+5) Twisted Cyclone - Six Flags Over Georgia (+2) New Texas Giant - Six Flags Over Texas (+5) RailBlazer - California's Great America (-5) Goliath - Walibi Holland (+2) Superman The Ride - Six Flags New England (+3) Iron Rattler - Six Flags Fiesta Texas (new to top 25) Hyperion - Energylandia (new to top 25) Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster - Six Flags Fiesta Texas (-6)
  19. And... We're closed! Thanks to everyone who participated! Look out for the results sometime in the next week!
  20. One thing that people like to do is group their coasters in batches. So, you have your top 25. Then, for your next batch of coasters that you really like but can't put in order, mark them with rank 35. Then the next batch 45, the next 55, and so on.
  21. They've also posted a full overview of the current (?) progress of the land, including the other coaster (Vekoma family boomerang like the one Farup just opened) and the flat rides: I have no idea what you're talking about, Daniel and I were basically dry in the back!
  22. I have to disagree with you here... Taron hasn't lost its uniqueness. To all "normal" guests and 95 percent or more of enthusiasts, the Taron clone does not exist. I can't think of any other combinations of impressive theming, intricate rockwork, and two (!!) intertwined coasters (one of them being world-class) anywhere in the world - except for Phantasialand, of course! I'm not going to go to a random Sunac park in China to ride Taron, I'm going to go to Phantasialand! Why wouldn't I?
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