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  1. It's been a while since I've posted a review of a coaster or park on here, but I figure I'll give my $0.02 on AF1. We road tripped it from Orlando to Atlanta on Saturday night the 22nd. We got there a little bit later than we wanted to, but still with about 2 hours to go before park closing, around 8PM. When we arrived, we purchased our wrist bands and eagerly headed over to ArieForce One. As it came into view, a train was going up the lift hill...then it stopped. Uh oh. The ride ended up being down for about 40 minutes after that, and from what we heard, it had some difficulty running Saturday. The staff ended up having to take a train off to resolve some kind of block issue, but we got three rides Saturday night, covering the cost of our discounted wristbands. It was moderately busy after AF1 opened, but that was to be expected for a Saturday night. Fast forward to Sunday, we got to the park again around 7PM after spending most of the day at Six Flags over Georgia. The ride experienced no downtime, running one train, and was mostly a walk-on. The staff also allowed re-rides without walking around, which was a nice touch. We got about 10ish rides on Sunday in various rows, including front and back. My review of the ride: I think this is an excellent addition for the park. I'd rank it somewhere in the upper middle of the RMC coasters. Great first drop, the raven truss dive turn was a bit underwhelming but the airtime hill after it was great. The outward banked hill after the zero g stall was great in the front row, a little underwhelming in the back. The double up, followed by single drop is the best part of the ride in the back row. The rolls and quick directional changes are best in front row. I love the ending hills, they provide outstanding airtime in all rows. But I'll echo what others say- those brakes hit HARD. If you're in the back row, brace to be punched in the stomach. For me, the only uncomfortable part of the ride is the extremely quick slow-down. The ride is a good duration and length, the airtime strong and enjoyable. The only RMC coaster I think I've ever felt was "too much" in terms of airtime being painful was some rides I had on Twisted Timbers in the back car on a hot day; moving up to the third-to-last row fixed that. It's so awesome that these intense machines exist and the more parks build them, the better. Our Saturday night view just before the dispatch and breakdown. Our view of the queue shortly after arrival on Sunday night. Sunday night, just as the sun was setting. Night rides on this coaster are awesome. I'm not sure when we'll be back, but hopefully some time soon. Occasionally, we road trip through the mountains to take the scenic route to Pigeon Forge. This would be a great stop to break up the drive. If you're asking yourself "should I get out there and ride this?" the answer is yes.
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  2. It was a fantastic time. Awesome place to see a show.
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  3. You went to Phish at the HB? Awesome. I'm jealous.
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  4. Typical RMC. I think this same exact thing about Vengeance, Twisted Timbers, Storm Chaser, etc.... The endings are just too much, too abrupt and it's just terribly uncomfortable. I don't "get" it, personally. The endings are the worst part of most RMC's. That is why Iron Gwazi is an easy top RMC for me... Larger elements, don't need 50 abrupt little bunny hills to snap my shins in half. It also gets super repetitive. Ever since Arie was announced, the ending looked horrible to me. The first half looks really great, but that finale sequence is a big nope.
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  5. Almost every last bit of it all is a money game that you can't win. None of these companies politicians really give a shit about your stance, or mine. Their directions are allowed to go whichever way they believe will benefit them financially in the long run, disguised as progressive, conservative, or occasionally neutral. One example of current events: Bud Light's Dylan Mulvaney can is released. Conservatives protest. Anheuser Busch (AB) takes an actual surprising financial hit. AB releases a ton of conservative advertisements. AB releases conservative leaning statement about their brand to kiss ass. Republicans, who claim to be in support of the conservative efforts, call to support AB conveniently after the statement, because the RNC gets a shit load of donations from AB. The world is fucked, because there is such a complex system of dollars floating over your head, through your phones, and pumped into every aspect of your life to influence your social behavior, you'll never be able to follow. Every political/social stance movement has some kind of dime backed agenda behind it. No amount of capitalism, socialism, communism, anarchism, or any ism' can save us at this point. We're all increasingly radical, and we all despise each other. As long as we're divided, the 1% (including the people in positions of power who pretend to be against the 1%), are going to mind fuck you into insanity and get you to do exactly what they want you to do. Don't drive yourself crazy. Cheers.
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  6. Awww...I mean, it was sooooo bad it was almost fun?!!??!
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