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Photo Trip: hike


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To day I decided to take a hike over that little mountain you can see over our neighbour's house


It starts with this nice road


This is where I will come down when I have been at the top


As I go higher, there is still some snow left, and the road gets steeper


The road is going to end soon, and I will climb up there!


Here strarts the climbing


Half way up, some nice views up here


This is at the top!


Over on the other side of the top, I can see my town


After half an hour of climbing down the other side, I end up where I said I was going to come back down to the road

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Wow. That's exactly like what we have here as you go farther north of the city, towards Whistler Mountain Resort, etc. The major inlet up the Sunshine Coast with fjords and immediate mountain areas hugging the coastlines. And small coastal towns opposite, sharing the shore...



It's wonderful seeing the snow dusting the mountains there


You live in a very beautiful scenic area of the world.


Thanks for sharing where you live. Looks great!


(And that looks like quite the HIKE too, heh heh.)


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If you think this is nice, just wait until I go up here! We just have to wait till the snow has gone from there. It's 1426 meters above sea level and we go there a few times every year. It takes 2-4 hours to get to the top and it is extremely steep most of the time. Our legs has always hurt for a week after we've been up there



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