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Coaster Shows on TV

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Don't think it was from 02 as a few rides featured debutted well after that time frame.Destination america is one of discovery's newer networks that basically airs all the old stuff from their channel lineup that we no longer see thanks to their marathons of just one "reality" show 24/7 these days.


there must have been more than one show with Elissa on it, since this one had the date of 2002 on it, and while they were at Knotts, it was prior to Xcellerator, SilverBullet, and Sierra Sidewinder.


the only coasters they went on at Knott's were: Jaguar, Montezooma's Revenge, and Ghostrider.


I'd assume they had already closed Windjammer (didn't that close 2001). . but who knows why they didn't show those. . but certainly they would have gone on Xcellerator, or SilverBullet if they were at Knotts at the time of filming?



I think I know what show your talking about. You can tell It's really dated. Elissa only mentions "Being on Over 270 coasters," Nowadays that would be "Over 1000"

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This is where there is a big gap in the market. Coaster shows, by coaster fans, for coaster fans. To be honest i think a lot of the shows are made by simple producers who perhaps don't know that much about the coaster world and so the shows come off seeming quite shallow and childish (Did anyone see the "roller ramping" show a few years ago??).

I think that with the correct connections someone could really corner the market and make a TRUE coaster show. Actually i've been kind of looking into this kind of thing....All i'll say is watch this space!

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