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I just came up with this idea 30 seconds ago...an RCT2 park themed to Theme Park Review.


Although I don't even have RCT2 on my laptop, here's the general idea:


1. Baseball Bay - A bayside area themed to baseball, for Dan. iCafes allow you to Email Dan any time you want.

2. Religious Shenanigans - Where Max, Mark, Joey, and Dave can all share their different religious beliefs...together. Rides include "The Boxing Nun" and "Amish Paradise".

3. Cultural Classics - We have people from America, Australia, Canada, Germany, Europe, and a lot of other places...come to Cultural Classics and combine many different cultures - you can drink wine at a McDonald's that serves pasta where everyone is skinny.


I'm out of ideas...anything?




1. Millenniumguy

2. dragoncoaster1292

3. WDWliker

Anyone else?

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I am the world's stupidest person ever. How could I forget donkeys?


But yeah, I like the stupid credits idea. We could call it "Whore Land", and everyone but the big coaster freaks would stay away because they'd think it was full of whores, meaning that us big coaster freaks have less lines to wait in to increase our coaster counts.


I think I'll do "The Area From Hell" that includes an SLC, Corkscrew, Boomerang, recreation of Thunder Dolphin, and a Togo stand-up that doesn't loop.

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OK, this is going to be a community project. So, post "I'd like to join" if you want to be in it. I'll make a list on the initial post. After I get a few volunteers, I'll post a regular sandbox. Your goal? Transform it into a TPR-themed park.




You get 24 hours to do your portion. If you exceed 24 hours, we give you a one-hour waiting period and then your turn is forfitted.


You can either open a new land or work on an existing land. If creating a new land, all you can do is theming. If working on an existing land, you can create one roller coaster, one other ride, and five shops/stalls. Your coaster CAN interact with another coaster to make both of them more exciting. E/I/N can be anything rideable (so keep it under extreme, except for Excitement).


Do not edit/delete anyone else's work.


Put your username after all your rides. For example, "Togo Death Machine - Nemmy" or "Plain Pasta - SharkTums".


Well...that's it, I guess. Post "I'd like to join" if you want to join.

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