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Complete The Track! Round 1

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This is the first round of a new game that uses RCT3.

First, you download the pre-built track (It's in a scenario) it has a roller coaster that is not finished.

You need to complete the Roller Coaster, You only have one week to complete it, send your entries to:



The winner of the currnet round will get to choose the next

roller coaster type for next week. (But it's mostly for fun)



Here are the rules for this week's round:


2.Dont delete the pre-built track.

3.The deadline is 12/3/05

4.Trees can be removed if needed.




Steelworx Custom Supports



List of Roller Coaster Facts:

Name:Round About

Height:100 feet (Or higher if your add on a larger hill)

Type:Steel looping coaster


This week you will be judged on how you keep the circular pattern when it is finished.


Here is the download to get started:


It has the screen shots inside the folder.

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^ This is something completely different.


In the thread you're talking about, people added onto the coaster, making it a never-ending ride.


In this thread... it's pretty much a contest to see who can complete the unfinished coaster the best.

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I think it is all going to be one track. You just pick up where the last one left off. Make sense?


Gah, no. You don't pick up where the last one left off. Everyone that wants to participate downloads the coaster and COMPLETES the coaster in their own way.

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Yes, but mine won't work unless u have ALL the scenery that I have. Stupid RCT3


Yes I also have all those scenery sets. But before you send in your entry, be sure to save your finished scenario(with the track in it) to save it as


Example: Nintendo Ds's Entry

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