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Florida this November!

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I am going to be down in Florida November 23rd to the 27th and i'm going to be going to BGT 2 of the days. And i just had a few questions.


1) Will Fastlane be needed for Thanksgiving crowds?

2) Will we be able to hit all the rides in two days without the fastlane?

3) Where is a good place to eat there? LOL!

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1. BGT does not have a fastlane system, first come first serve. When really crowded both SheiKra and Rhino Rally have a single-rider line though.


2. Yeah you should have no problem riding all the rides in two days (you probably will be able to do it in one), just make sure you get to the park before it opens and head to Sheikra or Gwazi (slow dispatches) first thing.


3. The new stakehouse by SheiKra isn't bad.

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Yeah I can speak from experience here...


Thurs - Empty

Fri - Empty

Sat - A bit more crowded

Sun - Decently crowded

Mon - Crowded

Tues - Crowded

Wed - BAD

Thurs (Thanksgiving) - Crowded

Fri - BAD

Sat - BAD

Sun - Not too terrible



I swear, when we were there for the wedding it was like some sort of locust swarm on Saturday and Sunday as people started arriving for the Thanksgiving week. I never saw the parks go from so completely dead to so crazy so fast! And then we went to BGT on the Monday after Thanksgiving and seriously, less than 800 people in the park. 500 of them were over the age of 65. It was probably our best day at BGT EVER.

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I have been to BGT like a lot of times because I only live like 20 miles from it The lines are very long no kidding but you would probably want to go on Gwazi and Sheikra first because they take FOREVER to get on but put in a wonderful ride so do those first. You might want to bring your bathing suit because the rides get you soaked! TheThe flat rides don't take long to get on. Timbuktu is by far the most crowded place in the park because of it's compactness and punch of thrill rides. Python and Scorpion take too long to get on no matter how many people are on the ride. If you LOVE thrill rides I would suggest you go to Timbuktu first because it has the Phoenix... A looping Thriller!!! Like Ellisa's Crowd Chart I believe that is very accurate because Mondays at BGT are always empty but that Monday it may be a little more crowded than usual. Remember Elissa... people have moved into Hillsborough County since you and Robb have been married. It is soooo crowded down here that we have school capacity problems. If you were to ride Kumba be prepared because I hit my head on the harness going through the Cobra Loop. That hurt soo much. I would say Montu and Sheikra are the best roller coasters at BGT and Phoenix in Timbuktu is the best thrill ride. I am pretty sure you could do the rides in one day, too. BGT ROCKS!!!!!


For more info you should go to http://www.buschgardens.com/buschgardens/fla/default.aspx




those are really cool websites that are packed with info.


-- Randall "I did all this in less than 10 minutes :shock: " C.


Here is a small pic of Shiekra

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You'll be fine. I dont' know exactly what he's talking about with Scorpion. It's a great ride, should NOT be missed, and as long as the queue isn't into the switchbacks go ahead and wait, it will not be more than 15-20minutes even with the normal one train operation.


Ride Shakira first, then go back to Gwazi. Even though Shakiras line does indeed move, when we were there on a pretty dead Friday a few weeks back we got on right as it opened, ran right back around and had to wait 25 minutes. That line will get to 45 - 1hour easy.


If it doesn't open with the park, keep an eye on it. As soon as it starts testing, it's usually open within 25 minutes so haul ass over there!

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