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SIX Flags Season Pass


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I was not sure where this should be posted. Its more of a question.


Six Flags Season Passes for 2006 are now available and the website claims that the passes can be used for 2005 during the fright fest, which I believe is upto October 30 2005 . The website also says that the passes can be used at Six Flags theme parks worldwide.


I will be visitng Six Flags America in Baltimore this weekend. The season pass for 2006 for the Six Flags America is $50 and it also says that the pass can be used at parks worldwide. The pass for Six Flags Great Adventure is $75. Can I buy the season pass for Six Flags America in Baltimore and continue to use it in New Jersey at Six Flags Great Adventure for 2006?? Please advice.

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So I can use my 2006 Baltimore/ Washington DC pass this season and as long as I can get it processed at the same park in 2006 I will be able to visit the Greeat Adventure park in NJ anytime after that? I also got the impression that they will be processing the 2006 Pass right now when I enter Six Flags during the fright fest?


Once again, once I take my voucher to them and they process it ( give me my ID at the park), either in 2005 or in 2006, I will be able to go to any Six Flags around the country. Please correct me if I got it wrong.



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Bringing back a topic from the dead, but I have one question. Is it possible to purchase a regular 1-day admission ticket and use it to upgrade to a season pass at a later date?


I'm asking this because a friend and I were planning to go to SFDK today to get our season passes, but I applied for a job at the park and I do not want to blow off $70 if I end up working there which can get me in for free. This way I can pay half of the price to get in today, and if I don't get the job I can come back and just pay the price difference for the season pass.



Thanks in advance for any help.

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When I used to go to the park, a good five years ago now. There was a thing where you could upgrade your daily admission ticket to a season pass. However, I think you had to do it the same day you went to the park, and it wasn't just "paying the difference". You ended up paying more then you originally would have if you had just bought a season pass to begin with.


Granted this was a while ago, and they may have changed their procedure.


Hope you get the job!

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