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Why coasters boost attendance at some parks but not at other

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After hearing rumours that the CGA expansion is delayed cause the RMC raptor didn't boost attendance like they hoped. Got me to wondering why some parks coasters draw people to the park but at other parks it fails to bring in many people.


This is the main problem, listening to rumors. Cedar Fair is investing $150MM into CGA by buying the land underneath it. CF has also expressed it's intent to upgrade the front entrance. A major coaster is not a priority right now, but as rides reach the end of their life cycle and space is freed up there will be a plan.


Joey summarized the correlation between new coasters and attendance best. There are too many variables.

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Canada's Wonderland is also the only major theme park in the Toronto metropolitan area.


You are basing your whole analysis on a RUMOR. That seems silly.


Take CGA out of the analysis then. It still applies to Kings Island and Cedar Point. The last 2 coaster additions did little to spike attendance compared to what Levaithan did for Wonderland.


Aa far as Cedar Point goes, Gatekeeper and Valravn had a bigger spike in attendance then Steel Vengeance did. I am getting these numbers from TEA.


The whole point of this thread was asking why that happens?


Did you miss the part where I said Canada's Wonderland is the only major theme park in the Toronto Metropolitan area?


Cleveland and Cincinnati combined don't have the population of Toronto.


I didn't miss that part cause size of population has nothing to do with a new coaster giving an increase in attendance. Look at Cedar Point, they saw a bigger increase in attendance with Gatekeeper and Valravn then they did with Steel Vengeance. None of that has to do with size of population.


If you go by TEA Kings Island didn't see much increase in attendance with their last 2 coasters added. Again nothing to do with size of population.


Market size and your positioning in that market absolutely play a role in attendance. Having a market of 6 million people to yourself certainly doesn’t hurt a park....especially when your initial comparison was to CGA, a smaller metropolitan area with more competition. CGA sees direct competition from SFDK and SCBB plus Disney and universal marketing to the area to get people to road trip down to so cal. If you can’t understand this, you’re never going to find an answer to your question you’ll be satisfied with.


Cedar point is more of a Midwest vacation destination, so it makes perfect sense that there would be larger increases in attendance when major additions are spread further apart (gatekeeper was first major coaster since maverick; valvran 3 years later) than the 2 year gap between valvran and steel vengeance. The diehards will come back. The family planning their one major vacation might not have the time and money to visit every 1-2 years.


I’ll Also say this again: there is no accurate way to answer your question because every market and park is unique. It isn’t as simple as new ride=huge boost in attendance. The market your in, the competition you face, the marketing you do, the promotions and pricing you offer, the operating schedule you have, and so on are all variables that play an impact.

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A lot of people have said I305 didn't draw the crowds because it doesn't get long lines etc., I think its big effect lasted 7 years, and on. I see KD at times of minimum crowds, and 2009 was really dead a lot. 2010 brought the gigacoaster and not a huge jump, but was followed by several years of increase during a run of non-coaster improvements and no I don't think it was just those things, the new coaster was the base. 2017 was weak and then they did TTimbers.

2009 (and even 2010) were exactly good years economically. I think every entertainment industry saw a drop.

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