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[PLC] Six Flags Cypress Adventures

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April 1984


Things aren't looking good for the future of Cypress Adventures. Rodeo and Big Wheel are still closed, but Skyrama and Runaway Express are also closed too with no word of reopening. I checked out the new Caribbean Port section of the park and it was pretty much deserted. No one cared about checking that area out which is a shame because it's a really nice area. I probably won't be visiting this park as much this year unless things turn around.


Skyrama with its cabin stuck up top.


Gunslinger was open with a long line


Rodeo still closed


Runaway Express closed with no word of reopening


Big Wheel still closed


Excalibur still has a lot of attention, unlike the new area nearby...


Lets check out Caribbean Port!


Octopus was relocated to Caribbean Port, which makes more sense theme wise


New kiddie ferris wheel




Ship getting attacked


Pirate Ship was a fun ride


it's set on a lake which adds to the fun!

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August 1984




Why did the park close early?[/b]

We didn't want to close early, but we had no choice given our financial situation. During this season and last, we had to close a few rides and lay off some of our staff because we were losing money fast. Ultimately, we have to close the park entirely for the time being.


Do you know what was causing your financial issues?

It mostly factors into our recent additions like Excalibur and Caribbean Port. We wanted to make Cypress Adventures a park as big as Disney, but our impatience for that is what caused these issues.


Will Cypress Adventures reopen for 1985?

We hope it will reopen for the next season, but it has to stay closed for now while we come up with a solution to our issues. We may potentially put the park up for sale if necessary.


Is this the end of Cypress Adventures?

I doubt it. We will try everything we can to keep Cypress Adventures alive for everyone for years to come.



Stay tuned for updates on Cypress Adventures


Cypress Adventures as of August 1984

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November 1984


Cypress Adventures put up for sale!


Just yesterday on November 18th, Chattanooga's theme park Cypress Adventures was put up for sale by the owners.


"We looked at several different options for us and the future of the park. We really wanted to keep the park, but putting it up for sale is the only option we have that can keep the park alive for years. We hope whoever buys the park will keep the charm it has now while also expanding it into a larger park than it is today." -Max and Rolfe Geffery, Owners of Cypress Adventures


Fans of Cypress Adventures are speculating who will buy the park.

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April 1985


Cypress Adventures still up for sale with no buyers


5 months after the original owners put Cypress Adventures up for sale, the park is still up for sale with no word on who would buy it, if anyone would buy it at all. As of now, Cypress Adventures remains abandoned awaiting its fate, whether someone would buy it, or if it would close down permanently.


One of our crew gained access to the park by officials just to see the current state of the park. Here are the pictures he took below.


Entrance sitting without families entering


Octopus's original location still empty


closed down shops


Excalibur's train awaiting its day it would thrill people again


Cypress Plunge's logs awaiting riders

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August 1985


Cypress Adventures purchased by Six Flags!


Six Flags, owner of several parks, purchased Cypress Adventures and they plan to reopen the park for the 1986 season. Six Flags announced they would add the "Six Flags" name to Cypress Adventures. In addition to it, they would add 2 new rides. A carousel in the castle section and a new stand up coaster, The Last Stand, to the park for 1986. Fans of the park are speculating what will happen for the 1986 season in addition to what was announced.


The Last Stand concept art

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  • 2 weeks later...

May 1986


I missed the grand reopening of the now Six Flags Cypress Adventures, but man is it great to be back! I rode the new Intamin standup, The Last Stand, and even though it had a little headbanging problem, it was a lot of fun! I can't wait to see what Six Flags has in store for this park in the future!


(by the way, you can now visit Six Flags Cypress Adventure! You can make your own trip report here if you want! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1632705117 )


Welcomed back with a new park sign!


I missed this view


hmm this one building is newly painted. I wonder what Six Flags is planning


Dragon Run sporting new colors


Castle section with new carousel


Close up of the new Carousel


I'm not the only one who waited to ride Excalibur again for a long time


Joust with a new coaster poking through the trees


Caribbean Port finally has attention!


This is the longest line I saw for pirate ship! It's better than no line at all!


From the entrance to the pirate ship


I wonder where this path leads to


The Last Stand!


Quite a long line. Expected since it's a new coaster


Entrance portal


The coaster zooms by the queue allowing for photo ops and to entertain us




About to take my ride on Last Stand!


One last photo of The Last Stand


Cypress Plunge cooling off riders


Twister from a new angle


Not a lot of people in line for Runaway Express


I picked up a park map on the way out!

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July 1986


Just stopping by Six Flags for some fun. Here's my report:


Cypress Plunge just reopened from a breakdown so I took advantage of the empty line because I was sweating a storm in this heat.


Twister still as popular as ever


More buildings has been recolored. I wonder if this has to do with the 1987 addition


Castle of Horror has its signage removed and its trains are visible outside. I think this ride is leaving.


I like this shot


More buildings redone


This building has been stripped in preparation for a redoing


I'll get to you soon Last Stand


Riders about to experience Excalibur


Up the lift they go!


Ending this report on The Last Stand

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  • 2 weeks later...

August 1986


Six Flags announced that they are going to announce the 1987 addition next week. I decided to go to the park to check out what was going on with fantasy village before the announcement.


More buildings have been repainted. I really wonder what this is going to be...


They cleared some of the trees in front of the train


Dragon Run also had trees cleared. I never really realized how open the area in the middle of Dragon Run was till now.


Castle of Horror is getting demolished! Guess they won't reuse that building again.


Last shot of Fantasy Village. Any guesses for 1987?


Ending the report here. They renamed Big Wheel to "Grand Wheel" and repainted it white!

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  • 2 weeks later...

New for 1987!


Six Flags Cypress Adventures introduces the all new Looney Tunes Town! Featuring your favorite characters such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety, and more! New rides includes Road Runner Express, Bugs Bunny Fort Fun, Daffy Duck Bucket Blaster, Tweety Tea Party, Taz Twisters, and several shops and stands!


Looney Tunes Town concept art

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March 1987


So Looney Tunes Town opened on time for the opening weekend of Six Flags Cypress Adventures. Castle of Horror, which was standing but not operating since the park opened under Six Flags, was demolished to make way for 2 of the new attractions in Looney Tunes Town




When the park opened its doors for the 1987 season, many people rushed to check out how much of Fantasy Village changed




The most popular ride in the new Looney Tunes Town was Roadrunner Express, which used to be called Dragon Run




Theme elements were added to the coaster to immerse you into a Looney Tunes cartoon




Bugs Bunny Fort Fun is located in the area that used to be occupied by Castle of Horror




Daffy Duck Bucket Blaster is also located in the spot formerly occupied by Castle of Horror. This ride was relocated from Caribbean Port.




Fantasy Fling was repainted brown and renamed Taz Twisters




And lastly, Excalibur got updated PTC trains.



Looney Tunes Town was a success and people complimented how colorful and bright the buildings looked compared to the previous Fantasy Village. Looney Tunes costumed characters were walking around the park to take pictures with families and to promote the new area. Of course this was just another step for the big plans Six Flags had for Cypress Adventures in the future...

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May 1987


~The Allison Family


Our two kids (ages 5 and 7) just got out of school, so my wife and I decided that we should celebrate the start of summer by going to Six Flags since they opened a new area for our kids to enjoy this year! Here's how our day went:


Clear skies. Perfect theme park weather!


My one complaint with this park is that this path from the entrance to the new Looney Tunes area is quite empty and uneventful. I hope they add something to it someday.


Look at how colorful this area is!


I think I remember a haunted castle ride that used to be here. I'm not sure though.


My kids loved playing on the playground and riding the Daffy Duck ride!


My 7 year old son is tall enough to ride Excalibur (my favorite ride!), and he was excited to ride, but once we approached the coaster, he chickened out and begged us to ride RoadRunner instead. Maybe next time...


Taking the train to the other end of the park!


My 7 year old son was willing to go on the mine train since he said "It doesn't look like it has any big drops". Boy is he in for a surprise at the end...


My son loved the final big drop of the mine train and told me he wanted to ride Excalibur! We started to head that way, but we decided to ride the log flume since we were kind of hot. We also got burgers at the food court area near the ride.


My 5 year old daughter got sick and threw up, so we had to cut our day at Six Flags short and missed out on Excalibur. We had a lot of fun today! We will be back again someday Six Flags!

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October 1987


The season came to a close with rumors stirring up about whats to come for 1988.




Last day of the season!




Site being cleared and dug for 1988...




Site formerly occupied by the kiddie ferris wheel which now has a home in Looney Tunes Town. Anyone have any guesses for this new ride?




Riders taking their last stand before it closes for the season




Medieval Village at night




Overview of the park before it goes into off season hibernation. Tune in soon to find out what's coming in 1988!

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Six Flags Cypress Adventure is debuting SplashWater Falls! This new water ride will guarantee cool you off in the hot summer days! Also coming to Six Flags Cypress Adventure is the all new Six Flags Fright Nights Halloween event coming in October of 1988! It'll be all fun and games in the day, but get ready to face your biggest fears at night!


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  • 2 weeks later...

April 1988


Six Flags Cypress Adventures made a few changes in the off season




Many fans of the park are rumoring that a new entrance area will be added in replacement of the current one




A sign was added to promote Fright Nights coming in October this year




Unfortunately, 1987 marked the end of the infamous double up hill on Excalibur. In its place is one simple hill




The trick track section of Excalibur still remains




Lockers were added to The Last Stand. This is the only ride that has lockers you can rent, but more lockers will be added for the 1989 season




And lastly, SplashWater Falls was testing all day. Looks like they will meet their Memorial Day opening deadline on time

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  • 5 months later...



As part of the ride rotation program, Six Flags introduced an "all new" coaster Z-Force for just 1 year only. It was rumored that a Schwarzkopf looping coaster would be built, but instead it turned out to be the unique Intamin Space Diver coaster.



Here's the limited time only Z-Force coaster


The first riders ever on Z-Force, Six Flags is experimenting with the train colors as you can see here.


The Space Diver structure is pretty compact.


Z-Force may be popular, but it looks like the neighboring Intamin coaster, The Last Stand, is still more popular




(On a side note, I am no longer doing the trip report style updates because I feel like its getting too repetitive.)

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  • 4 months later...



As popular as Z-Force was, it only lasted one season. As part of the ride rotation program, it was relocated to Six Flags over Georgia under the same name. In its place, Six Flags ordered a new Schwarzkopf shuttle loop called Tidal Wave which is the park's first launched coaster.






Tidal Wave fits perfectly in that spot!




Is the train travelling forwards or backwards?




Despite the popularity of Tidal Wave, its next door neighbor, The Last Stand, did not lose any popularity.




Also as a bonus, Six Flags decided to repaint Twister to brighter colors to give it a fresh, non outdated look.

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After a successful season with the opening of Tidal Wave, Six Flags took a break for the 1991 season with the addition of a flat ride and general park improvements.




A generic flat ride: Breakdance was added near Tidal Wave. It became very popular among families.




The most significant change to the park during the 1991 season was the removal of the iconic trick track section on Excalibur. Fans of the coaster were upset at the change, but they still agreed that Excalibur was still a great coaster without it.


The 1991 season came to a close with an announcement that the park was getting a Vekoma boomerang called Viper for the 1992 season.




Viper opened memorial day weekend in 1992




Enthusiasts did not like Viper due to its roughness, but despite that, Viper was a popular addition.




(Heres a bonus overhead shot of Six Flags Cypress Adventures in the 1992 season)

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Nothing new was added for the 1993 season. The only thing that happened in 1993 was the construction for a new land started. The land was announced as Gotham City with 2 new rides: A clone of the popular Batman the Ride and a flat ride called Joker's Spinsanity.




Overview of the all new Gotham City section of Six Flags




Entrance to the land




Joker's Spinsanity. The queue goes through the Axis Chemical Plant where Joker became Joker




Batman the Ride's entrance. This B&M became one of the most popular coasters in the park, just behind Excalibur and The Last Stand




Signature crashed police car in the queue




1994 also marked the end of Octopus for good this time. A new flat ride will be replacing it in 1995

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Octopus was sold to another park during the off season and in its spot, Six Flags added the popular Intamin looping starship ride creatively called Looping Starship.





Since Six Flags built the Looping Starship right in the middle of the Caribbean Port area, Six Flags (lazily) merged the Castle, Caribbean Port, Gotham City, and the area in between into one area and decided to call it "Studio Backlot" to stop the complaint about mismatched themeing.




To enhance the "studio" theme, Splash Water Falls was renamed "Studio Splash Effect" And the station was themed to look like a studio warehouse.




Flashing forward to 1996...


Six Flags added a HUSS Top Spin called "Buzzsaw"




To adding onto the "studio" theme that the area supposedly has, Six Flags built a Studio Shop and a McDonalds near The Last Stand and Tidal Wave





Fast Forward to 1997, Nothing new was added to the park, but at the end of the season, Six Flags announced that they're removing the carousel by Excalibur's entrance and replacing it with a new ride for the 1998 season. Land clearing was spotted before the season ended



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For 1998, Six Flags added an indoor coaster called Runaway Mountain and installed it by where the carousel used to be, but they took out the carousel to make way for the entrance and exit of the ride.




They made the queue area more scenic with the addition of a pond




Six Flags purchased a Pinfari Mini Mighty model for Runaway Mountain, as the layout shows here




For the 1999 season, Six Flags introduced an upcharge attraction, Thunder Racers go karts.




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Entering the new millennium, Six Flags didn't add anything to Cypress Adventures, the only change to the park happened towards the end of the 2000 season, where they chose to close and scrap Skyrama, the park's observation tower.




At the start of the 2001 season, a new tower took place of the former Skyrama spot.




Six Flags installed an Intamin gyro drop tower, called Acrophobia similar to Six Flags Over Georgia's new drop tower. The only difference between the Tennessee and Georgia version is that the Tennessee version has regular seats while the Georgia one has stand up seats.




For the 2002 season, Six Flags expanded the Looney Tunes town section with 2 new rides.




Elmer Fludd's Weather Balloons




Speedy Gonzales




Another change for the 2002 season is that Batman the Ride received a new color scheme. Instead of being completely black, Batman the Ride now sports blue track and black supports.



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