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The Funtime Bell-ride at Prater

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Why would anyone build such an ugly ride with such low capacity? They should have designed it to hold 40-50 people around the outside edge of the bell. Also, it has that huge counterweight at the top. Wouldn't that slow the ride down and make it a lot more tame than a frisbee ride.

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Capacity doesn't really matter at the Prater.


I went there this Summer and most of the rides don't even run at full capacity. Due to the fact the rides are so stupidly expensive even though they do run better flat ride settings. (5 minutes on the Zamperla Discovery! and 5 launches of the S&S Spaceshot! )


There were only 4 other people on the Vekoma Boomerang train I was on.

And I rode the Zamperla Volare on my own. =] (Probally shows how good it is)

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lol I so would have gone on it if they added it last year! All the rides are prater were 4-7$ a ride but they give LONG rides.. 5min superflip... 8min energystorm 5mins on hoppla!


They also gave the LONGEST booster ride I have ever bene on! it went around like 12 times each way. 8)

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