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4th Dimension and ArrowBATic (From the old Arrow website)

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Hi! I want to share with you some things I have found while searching on the web. They are from the old Arrow Dynamics website, and thought they were interesting. First, we are going to look to the 4th dimension coaster. They offered 4 models:


Delirium Quantum Mayhem Octophobia

Ride Height: 127' 92' 106' 92'

Ride Footprint: 168' x 647' 152' x 876' 223' x 558' 146' x 868'

Ride Length: 2529' 1988' 2258' 1962'

Ride Time: 89 sec 70 sec 79 sec 70 sec

Capacity: 1160 pph 1325 pph 1235 pph 1325 pph

Max Speed: 59 mph 52 mph 52 mph 50 mph

No. of Trains: 2 2 2 2




















I couldn't find any pictures of Octophobia, but here are the ride elements:


Skydive Downdrop

1 Twisting Backflip

1 Twisting Frontflip

1 Backflip


And then the ArrowBATic:




Since the initial Arrow Mad Mouse was developed in 1998, we found customers asking for a Meaner and Madder Mouse.


Rather than adding a drop and hill before the "S" curves, Arrow decided to take an extreme approach and offer the traditional Mouse ride in a different form, the ArrowBATic.


Arrow has taken the premise of the single vehicle offered on our Mad Mouse ride and engineered an inverted five-passenger vehicle. The ArrowBATic's single car vehicle allows optimum banking for tight turns, negotiating small elements, and executing 90 degree down drops.



These manueuvers are not possible when using a traditional coaster train. This provides a "free flying" ride experience as the single vehicle moves around the track path rather than being hindered by a long train.


Ride Packages


Arrow offers a family (non-looping) and an extreme (looping) ArrowBATic. Both versions can be accomplished utilizing a small footprint, therefore not requiring excessive real estate for ride placement as required by other inverting suspended rides.


Ride Summary

Family Extreme

Ride Height: 96' 152'

Ride Footprint: 110' x 240' 190' x 330'

Ride Length: 1710' 2484'

Ride Time: 80 sec 85 sec

Capacity: 900 pph 900 pph

Max Speed: 34 mph 59 mph

Vehicles: 8 8


What do you think? Maybe if Six Flags hadn't ask for such a big coaster (X) and had build one of these smaller models, Arrow would still be alive. And I found the ArrowBATic concept really intersting, and would have loved to see one of them in real life.

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We almost saw one of these coaster built. In Las Vegas. (In 2001). The adventure dome was looking for a new ride, and arrow had even drawn up full blueprints of an arrowbatic for them. The station would have been on the back deck with the ride footprint over the rear parking lot. CircusCircus did not want to fully invest in the price of the coaster and was in negotiations to have arrow partially fund the prototype and the. Be compensated at a later date. This of course fell through, and the adventure dome chose a chaos ride instead.


My future wife at the time was a secretary for the assistant head engineer. And after the plans were scrapped, the blueprints were given to me. (He knew I was a coaster nerd). I have no idea where they went though. I'm thinking in a box in the garage. Maybe one of these days I'll find them again and scan them in

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Yeah. I had several conversations with my wife's boss (Carl). He was excited about it, It looked amazing. Some if the elements off the top of my head. inversions like the first two on a SLC. A diving flagpole. (Blueprint reminded me of a chance tobaggen) And then Several heart line rolls

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I have no idea where they went though. I'm thinking in a box in the garage. Maybe one of these days I'll find them again and scan them in

Yes please, if you find them please post them here ! I'd love to see some ride blueprints !

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