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[RCT3] Crystal Town Amusement Park ~ June 3, 1997

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....It just looks painful, good lord. That seems like the worst ride ever created! (In a good way!)


Suspension of disbelief aside, I give some props for the creativity. I don't think many people would have thought of making a 250 ft tall Arrow looper. I'm intrigued by that first drop straightaway...thing.

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....It just looks painful, good lord. That seems like the worst ride ever created! (In a good way!)


Suspension of disbelief aside, I give some props for the creativity. I don't think many people would have thought of making a 250 ft tall Arrow looper. I'm intrigued by that first drop straightaway...thing.

Oh don't worry! I'll be posting a "preview" later this week on the ride. You'll see what it really is going to be!




Okay, so we have an exciting announcement! As consolation for not having a June update the magazine, Amusement Today Magazine, are allowing us two August updates! Well, to be precise, the 2nd August update is going to be all about our new roller coaster, Canyon Screamer. It's going to be expensive, and we hope to make it with money to spare!




I'm Jarred Kiva, and I am writing this photo report from my home in Dover, Delaware. I went with my 2 daughters, Hailey and Quinn. We went to the park and loved it! Every year we go to our cottage in Crystal Beach (a richer suburb of the Crystal Town) for 4 weeks, and we all go somewhere special! Last year we went to New York for 1 of the weeks. This year we're going to a lot of smaller places, and this is one of them!




This is me, the girl on the bottom is the older of the 2, Hailey, who is 9 and LOVES roller coasters. Quinn is 7 and still very mad at me from divorcing my ex-wife, Cassie. In my defense, she cheated on me with a co-worker!

As soon as the place opened we just HAD to go on this B&M coaster who's name I can't remember. At least the queue line had a good view.

Smooth, but not the best roller coaster I've ridden. My favorite part was the airtime hill after the cobra roll, ooh! You've CAN'T recreate that feeling!

*Sigh* The 2 towers were CLOSED FOR MAINTENANCE! They were one of the only reasons I wanted to come! I love me some of those drop towers!

At least it has some good rides that make up for it! Whee! Sea Pirate!

Ever since they announced that new ride, they've kept the station on display with the trains that arrived a few days ago. Looks nice... and bare. The park keeps doing those weird partly open stations, it's cheaper, but after a while it's kind of boring.

The Chair-swing is really fast and fun! It even goes up to 90 degrees up!!! Or your SIDEWAYS when your on it!!!

Scrambler spin! Ouch! At least it's better than the carnival ones, those have just a rope for a restraining device.

I don't know about you, but Ghastly Gulch is COOL! The actors messed up sometimes, but still, it was scary and FUN! I had to calm down Quinn after she had a panic attack after the ride.

Tilt-A-Whirl is like a Scrambler on drugs! G-forces and literal airtime! My kid's LOVED it!

"Prepare to lauch in 10. 9. Now." WHOOSH!

"OH! MY! GOOOOODDDDDD! WOO HOO HOO HOO! YEAH! HOLY ****!" "Daddy! Don't swear!" "Sorry Hailey!" That's the kind of conversation we had on Overture.

And the kind of conversation on Forest Singer in the back car: "DADDY! THIS IS THE BEST RIDE EVER!!! AHHHH!!!!!" "Please... Kill... Me... Oh- *BLARGH*!"

Afterwards... we got some peace and quiet on the train, and it gets surprisingly close to the other thrill rides. Ahh, peace and quiet...

This image is rarely seen! Well... we sort of snuck up on the roof, and got caught and reprimanded. At least we weren't kicked out...

Finally, we got chosen to go on this "backstage tour" throughout the park. Basically you go places you normally never could. This shot was the best in my opinion! Really shows the great drop of Forest Singer! That's all for this report! I hope my cute kids help get the spot!



Coaster Rankings:

Daydream Believer: Awesome! This was fun! 8/10

Overture: Best coaster in the park. 9.5/10

Forest Singer: Although I rode it in the back, which is known to be rough on all coasters, it is BAD. 4/10



That was a short update. But, at the same time, I honestly liked it due to it's sort of... nostalgia. I don't know how to describe it. It just seems, like that. Remember to check the late August issue for our 2nd August update! All about Canyon Screamer!

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THIS IS IT! The update you've all been waiting for! The update that will show the ride of a dramatically park changing ride. Arrow Dynamics' largest coaster ever made, 250 feet! 5,428 ft of length. 7 inversions. And a top speed of 73 MPH. This roller coaster will forever change us, and only put us on the map even more! We will re-define the term "Looping Coaster". We also will redetermine the term "custom coaster"!






The ride will 1st go up an agonizing 250 foot exactly hill, making a very slow, painstaking turn. Then going down a long, straightaway, before finally falling down a 235 foot hill at a top speed of 74 MPH!!!

Then, it shoots up a 225 foot hill! At a smaller tilt, it gives riders a VERY small time to catch their breath, before quickly turning around and sending riders RIGHT BACK into the action!

The ride then goes into not one, but TWO 130 foot vertical loops, the tallest in the world! They will surely pack a punch!

The train will then go into a hill/turning part of the ride! It is fitted with brakes on the way up as it would be much more painful on that turn!

Insanely enough, the next part is a heart-roll and then a turnaround RIGHT under the inversion! It looks really close on ride, but don't worry, it's VERY far in real life! We made sure of it.

After going through a bit of banked turns, the train will then maneuver through 2 seventy foot corkscrews! With the ride's seat being different from most arrow rides, it defiantly going to be smoother than most roller coaster's corkscrews!

For the grand finale (and a feature never found on other Arrow rides, it will go through a Zero G roll! Smooth, quick, and fun! I think it's the most unique feature of the whole ride!

The ride then goes into a final brake run and it's over! Now it's finally over and you can start breathing again! A whole 2 minutes and 20 seconds of your life you'll never get back! Just hope it's worth it...



I just know it's going to be a fun ride! See you with the September update! And keep waiting! 1997 is on the way! Just keep having faith!

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This update is actually more negative than positive, and we did this for a reason/ Well, we decided that not everyone is going to have an optimistic view on everything, so we're going to show you that everyone is entitled to their own opinions on these reports, and because of that, we have decided to put a "bad" review on this article. Hopefully this will only show you we are all entitled to our opinions and these ones do not reflect how we feel about the park! Also, this is the last update of the season!



Hello there! I am Kelly O' Donald, and I am here to write my review of my recent visit to the (what all my friends at work told me) "amazing" Crystal Town Amusement Park. Well, I had better expectations to it.




When I got out of the parking lot I was immediately escorted to these trams that were so sleek and modern! I loved it when the captain was telling us this interesting trivia of the park, and when I saw this entrance, my expectation level hit a 10!

The park wasn't that busy that day, so I automatically assumed it to be a "score"! I was shocked at this with the recent announcement of the Canyon Screamer.

The 1st ride I decided to try was this Inverter ride as it had no line. WHY would you spend any money on this? It's a catastrophe and DESERVES to be burned! It is so rough and uncomfortable that the park should be shamed for it!

Get this! There's this one roller coaster called the "Overture", it's a shuttle loop and it doesn't have a backspike! The explanation? Budget Issues. Yet you can afford all these other roller coasters??!?!? SURE, makes sense... It doesn't help that it's an awful ride either.

One of the very few things done RIGHT in this park is their now #4 best in the world wooden roller coaster by Intamin. It is so much fun! I absolutely loved it! I could ride it ALL day!

Again, one of the most amazing rides in the world! There is NO doubt why it is #4 and should be higher! This drop on the 2nd lift hill is my favorite! So much airtime!

This swing-like ride is TERRIBLE! I swear, it felt like the rope thing holding us was going to SNAP right off! There are reasons safety laws are in place people! Especially when we were going 90 degrees! That does NOT feel natural.

I remember a photo similar to this being taken during the construction updates, so I decided to recreate it! Things have changed, may I say!

I heard a rumor that they're other ride they did right, Ghastly Gulch, might close in 1997 or 1998. If it does, I am done with all this. If this is going to survive, the line has to get longer than this! :confused:

The night-vision on my camera is bad, but this is scene is the most scariest part! I think I peed my pants!

Daydream Believer has so much potential! Too bad it's just a head-banger. B&M where did you go wrong on this one?

Oh yes, as of when I went, they had completed the lift hill on the new roller coaster, Canyon Screamer, by Arrow Dynamics. I know it's not open yet, but this is not going to go over well with several riders...

The station for the ride was confirmed to change, I just hope it's better than the one they have now!

This drop tower called Orbiter was open and had the shorter line, so I took the opportunity to ride it, good view! The thing is, they need new OTSR on that, pelvis destroyer.

Roll O' Plane felt like it was going to collapse at any second! Ugh! Don't ride it. Especially if you hate strangers, I got put next to this one big guy and he MURDERED my airflow.

Chair-swings, the real ones, not that snapping-rope one. THIS is the real deal! And the good one too!

Dinner time! I really let time get ahead of me on this one! Hungry too! One of the major complaints is that they're aren't many drink stalls in the park, so I hope they change that.

These are the most vending machines I've ever seen, heck, if people want the drinks, why don't they buy it here? Stupid guests.

Time for another run on Ghastly Gulch!

(Finally! I got the night-vision working) This time the line was 1 hour! Probably because it was later in the evening. At least another thing this park did the right thing and put animated props and actors in the queue lines! One guy came out of the iron maiden and scared me so bad I think I just about had a heart attack!

*Gasp* Nightime already! Wow! I must have been waiting longer than I thought! Oh well, what are you going to do?

Goodbye Crystal Town and your overrated amusement park! Let's just hope that the Canyon Screamer does more good than bad for it! It's a good idea with some good rides, but they cut some corners in bad places.


Coaster Rankings:

Daydream Believer: Good layout, bad head injuries. 6/10

Forest Singer: EEE! Best wooden coaster ever!!! 10/10

Overture: One word: Ouch. 7/10




As they say, you can't win them all! We are so excited for next season and we will update you regularly during the off season! Until then, Lilly.

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Quick Note: The off-season updates are going to be non magazine form as if you were there as the conversations happened, and the photos will not be edited.




"Lilly, I know you JUST got back from your trip to Kingland Park for it's new thrill ride, but I thought you'd like to know that there are some sinister rumors about a new workers strike in relation towards the construction of Canyon Screamer. People are saying the employees are in fact getting upset over work condition issues, and as you know, the last time we had a worker's strike the final results of it were disastrous. These rumors have yet to be confirmed by the union but the large quantity of them shows they may be true."



"Andrew, I know for a fact that you were there when I said to everyone that we would NOT discuss what happened in 1994, we all know that we cannot have another happen and we HAVE to move forward with our park's time, and not dwell on a crime that happened 2 year ago."



"I know Lilly, and that was something of great tragedy and importance, but, the culprits still have 3 years left in Sing Sing, and so we may have a while before they could show their faces again any time soon."



"I know that, but, uh, wait a minute, what did you even call me down for anyways?"



"Yes, about that, well, we should get going now, the inspector's going to be here in 10 minutes. We have to show him the progress on the ride that we have made so far. That's why I called you in so early."



"OOH! So that's why I just came back from the airport from a 5:36 flight to Laguardia and drove about 3 more hours to get home, and in less than 30 minutes get called down to the park by 'Andrew Iearol' saying to come down to the park 'immediately'! Andrew, do you know what traffic is like during the holiday season? And that was all just for an inspection?"



"Yes, and yes. Lilly, I would love to hear this rant about this, but we have go NOW! Seriously, if we arrive late he'll leave and we automatically fail. Now come on!"



"So, I hear that you've completed the loops earlier? I saw something on it as I was pulling in the lot, that and people literally just sitting and watching the construction."



"Yeah, we did put them on the other day, and those people you saw pay the parking lot charge to sit there, just please don't ask about that, we've made money off of it."



"Oh, okay then, that is... uh... okay? *Gasp* Wow, I really was gone much longer

than August to December seems... and... this is incredible."



"Yes, yes, I know you've been gone for a while, and that it does seem to be a great progress we've made." (Ignore the turn, there is a catwalk there but a graphical glitch makes it look like there's nothing there, there are some visible lines of it)



"Look! There he is! That's... James Miles. Remember? He inspected us for last year's expansion."



"Right, and he was in bad mood when he inspected last year and he passed us so maybe he'll give us a very good score if he's in a good mood."



"Why hello Andrew and Lilly, I see that you're in good shape today. Now, let's get started on the inspection today? I have another more important meeting with some ride for Six Flags Magic Mountain, they're getting the larger ride in the world, you know."



"James, we know all about the new Superman ride, but now we need to our record ride for now!"



"Yes, Andrew's correct, we need to do this first."



"Fine, but my plane leaves in 2.5 hours so make this quick."



"Don't worry, we will! Andrew, where's Mason with the helicopter?"



"Oh, Lilly, you weren't here to know... I... I..."



"What? Did something happen to Mason?"



"Never mind. He's not here right now."



"Oh, okay then who is going to do fly us?"



"We got another pilot so don't worry. He's waiting at the air landing site. Come on, he's getting paid by the hour, so we can't waste time."



*They begin walking towards the airfield just east of the park*



"Oh yes, this is the entrance to Canyon Screamer, I thought it looked nice, what do you think Mr. Miles?"



"I'm not inspecting you on this but I think it's a modern fit! I'd pass it, at least."



*They arrive at the airspace and get into the helicopter*



"Mr. Miles, as you can see, we are beginning on our heart loop and the turnaround! The original plans for them to be larger than the double loops have been cancelled after an issue with the speed and layout, so now they're going to be smaller!"



"Okay! Good decision on that! But don't the trees get in the way of construction?!?!"



"Mr. Miles, Andrew and I can assure you that much of the layout in the tree area are low to the ground, and thus easy to travel in, so far we have no troubles with it yet. Still, it's not all built yet, so we may have to deforest the area for safe construction!"



"Okay, and over here..."



*Lilly and Andrew continue showing James Miles the construction overview of the ride, and continue to point out small features to impress him pretty soon, the helicopter lands and James says he will submit his review soon and leaves to the airport*



"... Lilly, I have something I should tell you, it's about Mason."



"Andrew, you said that it was nothing. Mason is okay, right?"



"Lilly, he is in no pain right now, I don't know if anyone's told you about it."



"But if he's in no pain isn't that good?"



"You don't understand... Mason King Iearol is dead. He has been for almost a month now."



"What? You're kidding right? But, what... he's dead? What exactly..."



"He was driving home from work that day, and he didn't see the drunk driver behind him. They... ran him off the highway overpass, rear ending him right over the guardrail, and the oncoming traffic was blinded by the dust, someone else hit him... now... he is only in our memories."






*Long silence as they walk back into the parking lot to leave*



"Andrew, he was your brother, I know this is hard, but he will be remembered as a great soul, and someone who was dedicated to their work."



"The person who hit him first was killed too, and they hit a tree as they sped off from the scene of the crime."



"... I'm sorry Andrew, soon, I hope you and your family can heal. I am sorry."






If you didn't like this kind of update, well, don't worry! The magazine updates will continue once the 1997 season starts again!


Thank you for reading!

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Don't worry, TheCoasterGod3, Canyon Screamer is in no way being called off! For now, anyways.




Okay, before starting, I'd like to catch you up, since Mason's death in December, the construction of Canyon Screamer was done in early March, aside from fears of another strike, only 4 workers attempted a strike. For a while, Lilly and the new construction manager, Andrew, thought that they were all off the hook for a bit. But yesterday, April 13, 1997 Leandra Piosso, the woman who runs CEO of Crystal Town Construction Union, called Lilly for a chat at the local cafe, Sandwich House International. A popular place for meetings and eater's. She goes, and as soon as Leandra Piosso shows up, the conversation begins... and it is not something to take lightly.




*Lilly waits by her table as the sounds of plates, sizzling food, and laughter is heard throughout the restaurant, the clock on the wall read 10:37 AM.*



*As she sits, a waitress walks up to her*



"Uh... are going to sit here and order something... or are you still waiting for other people or, what?"



"Don't mind me, I'm just waiting on an old friend..."



"Okay then, I'll be your waitress once she comes."



*Leandra walks into the room, her expression is a smile, but it has some deep, darker undertones to it, as Lilly sees this, she is uncomfortable*



"Hi Lilly! I haven't seen you in a LONG time! Now hasn't it?"



"Yes, it has. Leandra, I need to know the truth, why did you call me down here? I don't recall any complaints from the Union, so why are you here?"



"You are going to be under a close eye by us, Harringstone. If you can't control your park guests, the union will take matters into our own hands."



"Leandra, what are you talking about? Our park is very safe and fun for the whole family! Why wouldn't it be?"



"You are fully aware of the events now aren't you? There are so many of them that it's hard to miss any of them. They all prove the same thing, that Crystal Town Amusement Park is an unsafe, uncaring tourist trap that don't care about anything but their patrons money."


"This is an outrage! I have to know, if you and your union employees think that my company's park is a money hogging death trap wh--"






*Multiple people stop eating and look over towards the pair with expressions of anger and disapproving*



"I just mean to say, Leandra, if you and people at the union think it's unsafe to go there, where is your evidence? All claims have to be supported with evidence."



"There's a lot of it, if you didn't know, I brought a folder for this."



*Leandra takes out a folder and in it there are some papers in it, fumbling around for one, she takes it out and starts reading*



"Well, here's a good one! On August 2, 1995, your park's 1st season, a worker at Crystal Park Restaurant was assaulted with serious injuries by 4 individuals, they apparently were graduated seniors at a high school while the worker was someone from the same school, going into 11th grade. The people said they did it as a "hazing" situation, although this is unknown why it took place here. Many witnesses say they jumped the counter and began tackling and assaulting her. They also say that no security were nearby and the assaulter were pulled off by fellow employees. I think that explains itself, you had no security on scene, and a worker had to get multiple stitches and casts."



*Waitress arrives to wait on them, and they order*



"That attack was what caused us to employ far more security members that we did not have before! You learn from mistakes!"



"Oh really? Let's read about something that happened the exact same year, just a month later. Great example of your 'heightened security' Harringstone."



"September 19, 1995, a woman, named Cassie Morgan, jumped off the top of the station for Daydream Believer, and fell nearly 80 feet in the process. She sustained critical injuries and was in the hospital for months. Witnesses say she hopped the fence surrounding the ride, searching for a way to the top, once she found a ladder, she climbed up it. At the top, she threatened suicide by jumping. After 10 minutes of unsuccessful negotiations, the 21 year old jumped off, and would have died if it weren't for a tree branch catching her on the way down, slowing the fall... Lilly, how could she have gotten up there with no one seeing her? That's it, multiple people saw her searching the ground. Where was your park's security in all of this? No where, because what you promised for better security was for the next year, and not immediately."



"Leandra, I appreciate your concerns and I am fully aware of the situations at stake, but we did in fact have a very low crime/ejection rate for 1996."



"Thanks for reminding me! The final nail in the coffin for security flaws! Let me get it out for you!"



"June 28, 1996. Daniel Beaumont was sighted climbing up the supports of the straightaway for Overture and forcing his way onto the catwalk surrounding it. Once there, he was quickly noticed by multiple patrons to the park, but at the time, it was too late. The operator, oblivious to what was happening, launched the train at normal force, thinking the screams of true fear and terror were joyful screams. As soon as the train was in motion, Daniel jumped in front of it, but, he jumped from a railing, and not head on, his leg was hit and instantly shattered by the head rest of a seat, and he fell over the other side of the railing 20 feet down where he lay bleeding for several minutes until medical personal arrived on site. No one is sure of how he got onto the railing... Now it's not just the security workers oblivious to dangerous situations, it's the ride operators!"



"Leandra, I appreciate your concerns, and I can assure you and all of the union that we are going to do our best to make 1997 and on-wards the safest the park will ever be."



"Well, just think about it, I like to call it the disaster scenario."



*Waitress arrives with food and they begin eating*



"What do you mean the disaster scenario? What would happen in this scenario?"



"Thanks for asking! I'd be happy to say! Think about this, Opening Day 1997. Lines are packed, rides are operating, and soon it's time to open your Canyon Screamer ride! It's new, and there is a large crowd waiting to begin! I hear on your website there is a contest to be the 1st riders on it I hear?"



"Yes, that is correct, please continue."



"Now, once those riders are over, the ride opens to everyone, and I've visited the park in the past, and opening day is always a rush to get in. This time, you have the same security as last year, and everyone wants to ride at the same time at once, think about it. People rioting to ride, vandalism, assault, and in the worst case, deaths. I saw the expansion area and the line, and Lilly, it's small to say the least. It is a recipe for disaster, and you must take this seriously. Someone could get hurt on opening day."



"I understand, and my staff and I are the 1st things when it comes to safety, it's the most important feature of the industry, and we will hire extra security for opening day, so thank you with your concerns."



"Yes, I hope you take this under consideration."



*They eat in silence for the rest of the visit, and once they are done they take the check and leave*



"Lilly, I know you are about to have a great celebration, and I hope everything works out, but just remember, the union will be there, and if you can't control your park, we will."



*Lilly nods and Leandra drives away. She then whispers to herself.*



"Thank you for your suggestions, Leandra, and I hope you realize that everything will be under control. Until then, see you later."



"I just hope that it will be a successful opening day. I mean, it's certainly going to be a good ride."




What will happen to the park and Lilly after these ominous words by the CEO of the Union herself? We'll just have to find out in the next few seasons...



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All I got to say is that....this is pretty damn cool. I've made some timeline parks before as you can see by my park Tennessee's Great America, but I would have never thought to have added such an engaging storyline to it! Yeah, my park has a story but none as engaging and creative as yours!


Keep at it by all means!

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^Thank you so much!




Welcome everyone to 1997! With such a groundbreaking year we cannot over say the importance of opening day! We had 10,000 visitors throughout the day, with 7,500 people in the park at the highest peak! Why, you ask? Well, only for the opening of CANYON SCREAMER! The greatest roller coaster in the east! And it only can be found at Crystal Town Amusement Park! Today's magazine entry comes from Delores (It's a boy though) Jones. He specifically says in it that he only came for the opening of Canyon Screamer, and you'll get to see so many pictures of it starting right now!




My name is Delores Jones (I'M A BOY!) and I wrote this for the awesomeness of the opening day for Crystal Town Amusement Park's season 3 opening day! I'm 13 and I can't wait to ride their newest roller coaster, Canyon Screamer! It looks AWESOME! The construction was featured on a Travel Channel special on large engineering feats! I got like, NO SLEEP last night so it'd better be worth it!




As my mom was driving to the park I saw this as we drove into the entrance road and I must have screamed so loud that people at the tickets heard it! There are no words to describe the excitement of seeing this!

Psh! I'll see you later, Daydream Believer.

Turning the corner towards it, I got this photo, you can really see how large it is! This is only the 2nd hill too!

The owner, Lilly Harringstone, gave a short speech about how "incredible" this "monumental' moment was for her and the park. She then talked about the whole process of the construction of the ride but I didn't hear that because I was sort of blanked out at this point so yeah, I don't know much.

"And they're off!" Lilly then shouts, as the 1st train of passengers goes out of the station, and you could HEAR the shouts of the people on ride as they went up the lift-hill. Man, I wish I could have won that raffle >:(.

As soon as the train rounded the corner after the lift, it goes into a straightaway where it slows down before the big drop, and once you drop you go up another hill and once at the top you turn around and hit the 2 largest loops in the world!!! I got this as they were going through them ,

I skipped the line as no one would want to see me wait 2 hours to get on. Stupid people who want to ride. Did you know the ride has 2 gate loading stations?

"Welcome back riders! How was your ride?" AHHHHHH!" "Great, now please exit to your left, and take all valuables from the lockers before leaving." ALRIGHT! This is it! Here we go!

At the very top of the ride, during the straightaway, there is this AMAZING view of the park! I managed to snap a picture before the drop!


This ride has the most AWESOME head-choppers I've ever seen! There are so many parts where I think I'm going to torn to shreds by a tree branch! The park really outdid themselves on the psychological terror on this ride. I mean, really, you're flying past these at like 65 MPH. There is like no words to describe it. It's was absolutely brilliant! Sorry they're blurry, it was going too fast!

Honestly, once you got away from the Canyon Screamer area, the rest of the park was dead... I mean really, there wasn't barely anyone in the rest of the park. Seriously this was the busiest I saw on this side of the park, everything was a walk on, walk off, including the coasters, this place needs love and expansion!

Oh well, my mom and I have season passes, so we left for the day! It was only like 2 PM though. We can come another day, I mean, we live only like 20 minutes away! As we drove away, I could still hear the screams of riders on Canyon Screamer! Also, there are more staff in this photo than guests...



Canyon Screamer:It was awesome! Definitely the BEST roller coaster the park has ever made! 10/10

Daydream Believer: Modest, but somewhat rough. 8/10

Overture: It has a bad reputation for a reason... 5/10

Forest Singer: Loving it so much right now! 8/10




Well, there you go! Crystal Town Amusement Park now has 4 roller coasters! A great feat in only 2 years! We will continue to bring great entertainment to the masses! So remember to buy your tickets early and ride on! Next time people, if you're going to choose which on ride photos you're going to put in, please try to make them as least blurry as possible.

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^ Thanks! I'm not sure what exactly I'll be doing, but I'll keep that in mind! Although I already have an idea...




Recently, Crystal Town Amusement Park has hit a massive milestone! 125,000 visitors so far this season! Last year, we had 107,524 visitors, and we wanted to top that by about twice as much! And now, we have more of them than this time last year! Our researchers have predicted by the end of the season, we may have 600,000 more visitors in 1997! That will be about 6 times more than last year! Anyways, our next report comes from Alicia Geoffrey of England.




Hey people of Amusement Magazine! I'm Alicia Geoffrey, and I'm 17 and about to go into my final year of Secondary School back home. For June, my family and I are going to take an east coast tour up and down the US! We're starting in Crystal Town and ending in Boston. We're going to be able to take 1 stop in every city (5 in NYC!) before we go home on July 2. For here, we went to CTAP! I loved it! You'll read all about it!




First, we got in line for the new ride, Canyon Screamer! It's the #1 roller coaster in the world right now, beating Superman: The Escape! If you can beat that, you know it's got to be a good ride! Too bad it's a 2 hour wait in a hot queue... also, I didn't get a picture of it, but everyone's looking at a fight near the entrance. They were quickly escorted away.

Oh yeah, the queue has these signs that tell you some interesting trivia about the ride. My camera made it sort of hard to see, but if you squint you can read it.

This is me as taken by my dad during the ride! I think it was taken at the top of the 2nd hill, where it's slower, but I wasn't smiling like this for long! All those head-choppers and airtime made me screaming like a madman! You can see how long it is by the station in the background.

Afterwards, my family and I won a raffle to be in a background tour of Canyon Screamer. Well, you can really see the trees and how close they are to the track on the corkscrew! No hands up...

In the tour, this had to be my favorite part of the ride! This heartloop then turnaround was awesome! It was so smooth too! Which is why it was awesome!

And there they go! I swear I had seen my long time friend, Daisy, on the ride, but it was just some look-a-like! Idiot girl, why do you look like her? At least she's riding the right kind of ride.

Like I said earlier, so many head-choppers on this ride. It's fine to keep your hands up, but it sure does NOT look like it!

When we left the tour, Voyager/Orbiter were far too busy for our liking, so we went to Daydream Believer, and it had no line. Like, for real, it was a walk-on. It is so thrilling though? What, does NO one like it now?! There was seriously only 1 freaking other person in the line!!! For real...

Overture does not deserve the bad reputation it gets, I mean, it's a great ride! Not as good as Daydream Believer, but more people want to ride this more than that for some reason.

Woohoo! Forest Singer was a brilliant screaming good time! Sure those turns were a little out of it, but it still had amazing airtime! It does have some tree head-choppers like Canyon Screamer, but none near as terrifying!

Aerodynamic was closed today, and it's a real shame too! It looks like it'd be a completely different experience than the chairswings back home! Too bad IT WAS CLOSED.

Except it's little rougher cousin, Tilt-A-Whirl, was up and running. Not what I'd replace it with but it's suitable. It gave me a headache.

After waiting an hour for Ghastly Gulch, the ride freaking had to be evacuated! I heard some hooligan decided to break the restraints and broke some props. Great... at least I got the probably rarely seen photo. Ghastly Gulch, with the lights on!

After that disaster, we rode a few more rides, ate some dinner, and then it was closing time already! Oh well, at least I got this picture, pretty good if you ask me.

By the time we got out of the gates, got on the tram to the parking lot and actually found our car, it was 45 minutes later. Even at 10:45 PM, people were still riding Canyon Screamer! I read online the line was still an hour when this photo was taken! Lucky people! This is the Zero-G roll at the end of the ride, it's quite unexpected and is a shock when riding it for the 1st time!



Daydream Believer: It had NO line! I rode it 5 times in a row! And loved it! 8.5/10

Canyon Screamer: WOO! So worth the wait! Everyone in the universe should ride! 9.5/10

Overture: Underrated and fun! 7/10

Forest Singer: Love the forest theme! 8/10


Overall, it was a great experience and I cannot wait to go again sometime in the future! I love this park, it's brilliant! If only they could get some maintenance under control. That way all the rides could work properly.




I love it when someone from another place comes and loves this work of art. Also, please know that the July update will be a compilation of updates. Our favorite submitted reports will be featured. If you don't know what this means, we will take parts of different reports that we like and will make it 1 big report.

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Hey guys, it's Cullvion, and I have some very unfortunate news, recently, my park has been crashing on the computer. I've had this issue since about the middle of November, but at that time there was about 30 minutes before crashes, and now it's worse. It's weird, as for a while it runs fine, for about 5 minutes, and then it simply crashes. It doesn't lag for the first few minutes, but about 30 before it dies it gets incredibly laggy. It hasn't done this ever before, and if it doesn't stop, I might have to stop the park. . I can't believe it's doing this. Also, really, I think the park wouldn't have lasted more than 5 more seasons. Honestly, I didn't really like multiple parts of it that much, and I really was displeased at some of the placement of things, and now more than ever, the park is starting to leave us. I've been having so much fun along the way creating this, and I've really improved since I began, but, unless I can fix this lag, my all time best creation so far, Crystal Town Amusement Park, may be no more. I've also experimented with getting rid of different rides, but it's all the same result. I might only be able to do 1-2 more updates before I might have to cancel this park, and to everyone who's been reading since the beginning, thank you. Also, I think I'll be starting a new park in the next few weeks if I can't save this one. Anyways, thanks for reading, and the park may be on it's last legs. I also have to say just one more time, thank you all for following and reading this! It's a great honor, and maybe I can salvage a few more updates. I just hope I can fix this crashing, or the park is done.

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