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Best first drop on a steel coaster?

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Best first drop? So far I would say Leviathan for me...simply for the sheer size of the coaster, the speed on the way down and the airtime. The tunnel also has a nice "head chopper" feel to it, brief as it is. I also like that it takes time to get to the top of the lift hill so there is that feeling of anticipation as you wait for gravity to take over. All this together makes the start of the ride the most fun part (imo).

I have not yet been on I305 (it is on the bucket list in the next couple of years) but from what I read and hear..that is pretty intense. I love Millenium Force....but find the quick ascent of the lift hill just takes away a little bit of the fear of what is coming....awesome though it is.

Of my top 5..I don't really have them ranked due to the first drop on any of them. X2...I was too busy figuring out which way was UP to worry about the drop!!

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This is a tricky topic for me. I find the dive coasters to have the most epic first drops, but then there are rides that waste no time in attempting to reach the top then tear you out of your seat (I-305, Maverick, Lightning Run). Then there's the Incredible Hulk Coaster, which comes out of a barrel roll before rocketing down the drop and into the next elements.


My top vote will probably be I-305, though, considering it's the tallest and fastest of them all.

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